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Chiropractic Education

BJ PalmerEDUCATION IS USEFUL IF IT IS SIMPLE. IF EDUCATION IS SIMPLE IT IS USEFUL.Chiropractic was BORN a simple principle and practice. When ChiropracTIC was simple and ChiropracTORS WERE simple,Chiropractic and Chiropractors were getting sick people well.Those that lived simple Chiropractic succeed.Those that lived complexed fail. Simple makes;Complex breaks!

(Book: Up From Below The Bottom by B.J. Palmer)


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They Denied Chiropractic

One chiropractic college saw fit to dispute the possibility of a vertebral subluxation, producing pressure, interfering with nerve force flow, as THE cause of diseases contending the intervertebral foramina WERE SO LARGE and the NERVE SO SMALL that no pressure WAS possible.

Why a chiropractic college should deny the fundamental on which CHIROPRACTIC was premised is beyond understanding. If this issue remained unchallenged, CHIROPRACTIC at tap-root was denied. In THEORY we proved such because cases GOT WELL. In SCIENCE, somebody had to prove this statement right or wrong. Who else but ourselves could or would?

After seeking places in America, we were compelled to go to the Spalteholtz Labs in Dresden, Germany, to prove or disprove our foundation principle and practice.

There, we raised this question: “With a vertebral subluxation, can there be SUFFICIENT occlusion, with SUFFICIENT pressure upon nerves, which could and would interfere with quantity flow of nerve force thru the intervertebral foramina?”

This was A NEW question IN SCIENCE, neither proved or disproved, altho denied by medical men. Drs. Spalteholtz, Guenther, and Mueller accepted the challenge. This was THE FIRST time THIS question ever had been anatomically and physiologically raised in any lab, and particularly in this greatest of all world-wide research labs.

We proposed proving it on cadavers. We were promptly told this approach would prove nothing, because:

(a) bones, being the hardest substance, DO NOT shrink

(b) brain and nerves, being the softest body substance, DO shrink

(c) 40 to 50 per cent within 24 hours after death

(d) upon death, bodies are embalmed in formaldehyde, which further shrinks them

(e) cadavers are dissected in rotation, some as long as 18 months after death

(f)  by that time, bones have shrunk less than 1 per cent

(g) brain, spinal cord, spinal nerves as high as 85 per cent

(h) thus, dissection COULD NOT prove the answer we needed.

There was only ONE way this question COULD BE answered:

(i) thru quick deep-freeze process IMMEDIATELY AT DEATH

(j) special permission from the German government was necessary to do this work on such bodies

(k) this made possible sawing out frozen sections AT ONCE before ANY shrinkage COULD take place

(l) this we did

(m) our quick deep-freeze process on many bodies proved brain FILLED cranial cavity; spinal cord FILLED neural canal; desiccated nerves FILLED intervertebral foramina

(n) therefore ANY sufficient occlusion COULD produce pressure and interference with normal quantity flow of nerve force

(o) this was THE FIRST TIME this problem had been SCIENTIFICALLY proven

(p) the Spalteholtz Labs then issued a report on their findings, proving Chiropractic was scientifically premised

(q) from the date of the publication of this Spalteholtz Report, the medical profession has NOT denied this anatomical

and physiological conclusion of the Chiropractic premise

(r)  it cost us $5,000 to clarify this one disputable question.

(The one wet specimen in The BJP CC Osteo Lab, and fotografs of this work, are in a special frame. We suggest you study these at your


B.J. Palmer – book History in the Making (1957) page 30.


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Chiropractic Education

Today we have the “Pinched Nerve Model” which easily explains the idea of Subluxation. The model to get is the one that changes from a green fast pulsating light to a slow red pulsating light when subluxated.

When you’re out on the town and you don’t have your model with you, you could simply take a person’s finger and tell them to imagine it is a nerve going to their stomach. Pinch the finger at the middle joint with your fingers and ask the person “What is happening in your stomach because of this pinched nerve?” Get them to describe the symptoms that would be going on in their stomach if they had a pinched nerve, i.e. indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, ulcers, etc. Ask them, “What would I have to do to correct this condition?” They will say, “Remove your fingers!” Then tell them the same thing happens in the body wherever you have a “pinched nerve” or “Subluxation.”

Another way to get them to adopt your point of view is to palpate their neck and find a Subluxation. Ask them, “How did you injure this area?” or “How did you whack your head?” Have them give you all the injuries they can remember for that subluxation. Then palpate for the next one and ask the questions over again. By the time you reach the low back the person will be saying, “Boy I’m really messed up!” or “I didn’t realize how many times I’ve been injured!” or “I forgot about that roller skating accident, do you think

that is what’s causing my headaches?” This method should also be used on a new patient as part of your examination. Palpate first then confirm with any other test you may want to do. The purpose is to raise the awareness of the person or patient that they have been injured and they are subluxated.

Chiropractic Education


“Chiropractic was BORN a simple principle and practice. When ChiropracTIC  WAS simple and ChiropracTORS  WERE simple, Chiropractic and Chiropractors were getting sick people well.”

“Those who lived simple Chiropractic succeed.” “Those who lived complexed fail.” “Simple makes; Complex breaks!”

Excerpt from the book Up from Below The Bottom by B.J. Palmer pg. 704

Making anything really simple is difficult enough; but keeping it simple is just about three times as hard. Someone is eternally at it to add to, amplify, or in some fashion complicate any idea or product or service or plan. So-called “improvements” seem to attach themselves, like barnacles to the hull of a ship. A case in point is the simple Brain/Body/Diagram. It was designed by him to simply demonstrate to the patient how the body functions. Because of its simplicity, the patient would retain the information and when asked, could draw it back. This ensures that the patient will draw it for others and get them interested in Chiropractic. Any complication of this diagram defeats its purpose.

One Doctor when drawing the Brain/Body/Diagram would go into cell division. This caused his patients to go into a coma or shut off mentally.

“Simple makes; Complex breaks!”

Are you making your educational steps too complex? Do you show patients videos that do not define the terms that are used? Have you ever quizzed your patients to see if they actually understood the material you explained to them?


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The Big Idea – B.J. Palmer

slipA Thought from the Developer of Chiropractic.

A slip on the snowy sidewalk, in winter, is a small thing. It happens to millions.
A fall from a ladder, in the summer is a small thing. It also happens to millions.

The slip or fall produces a subluxation. The subluxation is a small thing.

The subluxation produces pressure on a nerve. That pressure is a small thing.

The pressure cuts off the flow of mental impulses. That decreased flowing is a small thing.

That decreased flowing produces a dis-eased body and brain. That is a big thing to that man.

Multiply that sick man by a thousand, and you control the physical and mental welfare of a city.

Multiply that man by a million, and you shape the physical and mental destiny of a State.

Multiply that man by one hundred thirty million, and you forecast and can prophesy the physical and mental status of a nation.

So the slip or the fall, the subluxation, pressure, flow of mental impulses, and dis-ease are big enough to control the thoughts and action of a nation.

Now comes a man. Any one man is a small thing.

This man gives an adjustment. The adjustment is a small thing.

The adjustment replaces the subluxation. That is a small thing.

The adjusted subluxation releases pressure upon nerves. That is a small thing.

The released pressure restores health to a man. That is a big thing to that man.

Multiply that well man by a thousand, and you step up the physical and mental welfare of a city.

Multiply that well man by a million, and you increase the efficiency of a State.

Multiply that well man by one hundred thirty million, and you have produced a healthy, wealthy, and better race for posterity.

So the adjustment of the subluxation, to release pressure upon nerves, to restore mental impulse flow, to restore health, is big enough to rebuild the thoughts and actions of the world.

The idea that knows the cause, that can correct the cause of dis-ease, is one of the biggest ideas known. Without it, nations fall; with it, nations rise.

The idea is the biggest I know of.

By B. J. Palmer, D.C., Ph. C

Paul Turnbull (727) 643-8376

President, EP Management, Inc.


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