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Developing Yourself

Green BooksThe man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after. I wouldn’t want anyone to try to convince you  that they will guarantee your living. I want you to realize that there is plenty of opportunity in this country for you to achieve success. But whether you win or lose depends entirely on your own character, perseverance, intelligence, creativity, imagination and a capacity to work hard to achieve your goals. And all these characteristics of who you are, are not fixed, they can be developed.

Perhaps the starting point in helping businessmen and women is to simply say that we are talking about increasing their awareness that they can in fact discover their underlying purpose in life. The happiest people that I’ve met are those who have contributed to the welfare of others. Unfortunately that purpose can get buried under the failures in life. This accumulation of losses tends to confirm that you don’t have the capacity to succeed, that life is just like that, one loss after another.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your purpose is always there and is just as strong as the day you conceived it.

After discovering your purpose and rekindling it, there are two arts you must focus on, the art of learning and the art of communication.

“The world wonders, admires, idolizes, and it illustrates what others may do if they take hold of life with a purpose. The miracle, or the power, that elevates the few, is to be found in their industry, application, and perseverance under the promptings of a brave, determined spirit.” Mark Twain


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Being on Purpose

ImageWhat we call energy in an employee is the product of physical vigor, or health, and of a purpose, or result clearly conceived and strongly desired. In a Chiropractic office an employee who hasn’t fully adopted the purpose to help as many people as possible obtain optimum health, will stop the expansion of that practice. Those are harsh words, but true. Here’s why.

The employee who is on purpose will take the initiative to arrive early, get the practice setup to accept a large flow of patients and then go ahead and fill the office up. She will answer the phone cheerfully and listen to what the new patient is saying and by her tone alone the new patient will know that they have called the right office. She will be caring, interested in the new patients symptoms and will encourage that new patient to make an appointment as soon as possible because she knows that once her doctor get his hands on that patient, the patient will immediately start to get well. And she won’t let that patient fall out of care when the symptoms go away as she knows that the condition the patient has needs to be corrected and that if the patient leaves before that, those symptoms will return. She knows that the patients have to arrive for each of their scheduled appointments and that if they miss one they need to make it up. Keeping appointments is the only way to get healthy. She is considerate of the patient’s needs and will take the time to talk to a patient when the doctor can’t and will ensure that the patient’s concerns are given to the doctor and spoken about at the very next visit. She knows that if a patient asks to cut down on their visits that the patient is in fact dropping out of care and will schedule the patient for a re-examination on their next visit. She also knows that patients need to pay for their adjustments at the time of their visit as this avoids problems, wasted time and energy in the future.

Being on purpose allows her to talk freely about Chiropractic while outside the office and to be emphatic that a person she meets with symptoms should turn themselves in and get the care they are desperately looking for. She listens for when patients express improvement in their health and asks them to write up a testimonial and gets the names of one, two, three of the patient’s friends who need chiropractic care. She calls those referrals and sets up a time for the doctor to call and give those people a complimentary phone consultation. She role plays the basic procedures with her other staff and ensures that the systems are in place for educating patients so they don’t fall out. Taking the initiative and coming up with ideas for Workshops in the clinic, promoting them and ensuring they are well attended is something she looks forward to and enjoys. By now you’re probably thinking that this type of employee doesn’t exist and I’ve made it all up. I haven’t. This is exactly the type of person you need in your office if you ever expect to succeed. There are probably more attributes that this person has that I haven’t mentioned. Well here’s one more. She will stay with you for years no matter what you do because she knows you are saving the lives of those people you adjust. She takes pride in the fact that she can help someone who is genuinely helping others.

If you don’t have an employee like this, the best way to find her is to start the hiring process and test the applicants using the Personnel Potential Analysis, IQ and Aptitude tests and she will magically appear. Visit to do these tests.

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You are before you are

B.J. Palmer was a great businessman, promoter of Chiropractic, a world class salesman, a riveting speaker, but he didn’t become those things, he was those things and once he had discovered his purpose to help as many people as possible reach an optimum state of health, he had an outlet for all these innate abilities.

Purpose is the driving force that allows you to overcome your barriers to promoting yourself and your practice. To release these abilities you have to discover the purpose you formulated as a young man or woman and it is often a general statement that you want to help others or to be a doctor or to heal those around you. I’ve seen this many times when working with clients. Their purpose was there before the talents appeared. I can give you an example of my two year old granddaughter. She’s going to be an entertainer, or public speaker or teacher and possibly all those things rolled up into one. Last week she got up on a stage, looked for the mic and when one wasn’t there she improvised with a mic cable and just started to sing and to perform. You can watch her natural talent on my FaceBook page. She didn’t hesitate and she knew what she was doing.

The only way she would lose this talent is if her family members or teachers told her she had to be quiet, well behaved, and don’t be outspoken. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this stop a chiropractor or healthcare professional who had all the talent in the world, but it was unexpressed. Imagine telling your child never to speak to strangers. Now as an adult he or she would have to talk to strangers in order to introduce new patients to Chiropractic. Well as long as that person held onto the idea of “Never speaking to strangers,” he or she would be a failure.

So have a look and see if you have any self imposed barriers that are limiting your expansion and success. Contact me and I will help you if you are having any difficulty in this area.

Paul Turnbull

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Chiropractic Practice Management

There is no shortcut to becoming an executive. It entails study and practice, based on sound principles and knowledge. But how gratifying the achievement a well-organized practice is that helps sick people get well. For many years while attending college, Graduates have spent much time and energy wondering how they will build their practices to accommodate as many people as possible. They were so awed by the prospect of being in practice that they approached this all-important phase of their career in fear and trepidation.
Now they must drop their timidity and take up the study of the principles and procedures of running a successful practice with confidence and delight. While planned primarily for the Graduate, the book, “The Graduate and the Master” is of inestimable value to those who are, or have been stagnant in practice, or those who wish to break through a plateau to a new higher level.
Academically trained in the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic, these Graduates must now master the principles of management without which they will inevitably fail. The need for a more thorough knowledge of practice management is evident
in the requests for help I have received from many Chiropractors. In the days of D.D. Palmer it was imperative that Chiropractic be thrust forward into an ailing society. This they did! However, this thrust must be permanently etched in the mind of every Graduate and Master.
The great men of Chiropractic have already done the observing, thinking, discussing, listening on the subject of the Spirit, Mind and Body, and techniques have been developed to put the resultant principles into practice.

What has been missing from the curriculums is the art, science and practice of management.

This book is designed to get the Graduate and the Master into the right frame of mind to realize that they do not know all there is to know about being in business.

Why reinvent the wheel! Study this book, attend practice management seminars and receive personal consulting so that you truly excel in practice, minus the stress, aggravation and self-doubt so evident among the ranks of today’s practitioners.

May this be the greatest step you take in your life and the many lives of the others you will surely help.

Let Chiropractic be the number one health care choice.


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Cells of the Body

Every cell has an intelligence, giving it personality and purpose. The overriding intelligence which influences the cellular personality obviously comes from the mental and physical health of a person. Cells need to be divided into two main classes; those which are concerned with purely physical needs and those which are activated by thought processes of the person and it is these which are prone to cancer.

It was stated that there are three known causes of cancer; namely, by virus, by chemical means and through radiation. It was said that there is no uniformity in the structure of the nucleus within cancer cells and that they vary with each individual. It is important to keep this fact in mind. The scientists have not found the answer as to why this is so.

Another fact to be noted was that when the chromosomes are subjected to radiation, such as an electrical charge, they become distorted and the cell dies.

We need to remember, that we influence the genes within the chromosomes by the manner in which we conduct our lives and outlooks. Also there exists a kind of intellectual link-up between our minds and the mind of a cell. Human evolution, physically, mentally and spiritually is dependant upon this.  The function of the chromosomes is to contain the genes, so that on reproduction the purpose and personality of the cell is duplicated. The reproduction thus carries with it whatever influencing it receives from life’s experience.

With the insane cell, when it reproduces itself, it brings into being, another insane cell. This is a common denominator with all forms of cancer.

This leads to the conclusion that the primary cause of cancer is psychosomatic. It is not a product of virus infection. Is it that cancer has not a physical origin at all? Is it that the cause of cancer is psychosomatic? If it is, then all the equipments and microscopes are useless for this special purpose. One cannot put emotion and frustration under the microscope.

Harry Edwards 1965


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Who’s in the Room with the Patient?

headacheI had the opportunity to consult a husband and wife team this weekend. He is a Chiropractor and she is a Physical Therapist. Both believe that man is spiritual in nature and that if you remove nerve interference the body will heal itself naturally without drugs. They both have their own techniques and these techniques complement each other. Both receive patients only after they have gone the full medical route without results. The majority of their patients, these medical failures, see an allieviation of their symptoms in a short period of time under the technical expertise of both the Chiropractor and Physical Therapist. Continued care results in the correction of the cause of their disease.

If this is the case, why do some Chiropractors and some Physical Therapists malign each others ability to get sick people well. Isn’t that the purpose, the technique being secondary? I believe that both professions can and do get sick people well and do create miracles in their practices on a daily basis and to the surprise and joy of their patients.

Personally, I have never attended a medical lecture or read a medical book. I have studied anatomy in an elementary way and what knowledge I possess has been gleamed during my years of consulting.

It is said that a mind that is free from fixations is often able to assess a problem more clearly, and it may be that, my mind being unemcumbered with medical data, I have been able to form the conclusion advanced in this article which I hope you will consider on its merits and without prejudice.

The whole purpose is to get sick people well. How you do it should be secondary. All understanding should come from the results produced in the patient and to what the patient thinks has happened. If the patient states that she has had headaches for 18 years, tried every form of medical care and the headaches continued to worsen then you have to believe that. And, if she then states that the headaches vanished while under your care, then you have to believe that you were the cause.

The next time you’re in the room with a patient, ask yourself, “Who’s in the room with this patient?” Who palpated the patient? Who found the nerve interference? Who applied the right technique to that interference? Who removed the nerve interference? What then happened in the patient? If the patient improved or got well, it must have been you! If you don’t believe that ask yourself again, “Who was in the room this the patient?” Eventually you will realize you are a healer.


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Discovering Your Purpose

Woman - reachingIf Life Coaching is a method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills, it really means that the coach is taking responsibility for the development of the intelligence level of the person or people he is coaching.

The real skill in Life Coaching is to ask questions of the person I’m coaching that directs them to the realization they need to have in order for them to change their mind, give up old ideas or to create an entirely new future.

Life changes when you change your mind. Oftentimes the person receiving the Life Coaching doesn’t know the barriers they have created for themselves. They believe what they’re doing is correct even when the results of what they are doing indicate that it is not going to lead them to succeed at the goal they set for themselves.

My father worked at the same steel company for twenty-five years as a machinist. So when I started High School I wanted to be a machinist just like my dad. I even convinced him to teach me machine shop outside of school so that I would have an edge and I did. When the school board came around to do a film on machine shop practice they chose me as the demonstrator of the machinery. When the local steel company representatives came to the school to interview and see the capabilities of the students for their Apprenticeship program, I was chosen by the two largest steel companies in Canada. I went to my father who worked for one of those companies, and asked if I could be his apprentice and he said, “No.” So I started with the other company and lasted only a year.

I took a short break from work and then went looking for another factory job. Why, because that was what you did in a factory town. You grew up, went to school and then got a job in the factory. I lasted three years at the next company and worked my way up in status until I was managing the production for the entire plant at the tender age of twenty-one. I was a success, had my own parking space inside the plant, my own office, a new sports car and a new Harley-Davidson.

Then one day I was standing watching a man on the line rivet a piece of metal and I said to myself, “I can’t wait till I retire!” Now that was the mentality of all the workers in the plant, work your forty years and retire with a good pension. It was like someone hit me in the back of my head with a shovel and I realized that there must be more to life than working in a factory. I went home and told my dad that I was quitting. He couldn’t believe it because I had a better job than him and my whole future ahead of me.

I did quit and went back to school and my life has been more successful and more rewarding than I could have imagined. Now, a lot of people do what I did and succeed. A lot don’t. Those that can’t change their mind need to be guided by someone who knows where the person should be headed by discovering that person’s purpose in life and working out a plan of action to live and achieve it.

So, the moral of the story is discovering what your purpose truly is and then doing it without regard to what will happen if you do or what may happen if you change your life totally.

You often hear it said of a man, “Everything he undertakes succeeds,” or “Everything he touches turns to gold.” By the force of his character and the creative power of his thought, such a man wrings success from the most adverse circumstances. Confidence begets confidence. A man who carries his very presence an air of victory, radiates assurance, and imparts to others confidence that he can do the thing he attempts. As time goes on, he is reinforced not only by the power of his own thought, but also by that of all who know him. His friends and acquaintances affirm and reaffirm his ability to succeed, and make each successive triumph easier of achievement than it predecessor.

His self-poise, assurance, confidence and ability increase in a direct ratio to the number of his achievements.

So, you need to discovery your purpose and set your mind toward the thing you would accomplish so resolutely, so definitely, and with such vigorous determination, and put so much grit into your resolution, that nothing on earth can turn you from your purpose until you attain it.

If you doubt your ability to do what you set out to do; if you think that others are better fitted to do it than you; if you fear to let yourself out and take chances; if you lack boldness; if you have a timid, shrinking nature; if the negatives fill your vocabulary; if you think that you lack positiveness, initiative, aggressiveness, ability; you can never win anything until you change your whole mental attitude and learn to have great faith in yourself.

Your purpose must first be discovered or it will never be a reality; and a strong, vigorous concept of the thing you want to do is a tremendous initial step. The very intensity of your confidence in your ability to do the thing you attempt is definitely related to the degree of your success.

Contact me when you want to discover your purpose.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842



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