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Amino Acid Therapy for Depression and Weight Loss

I’ve republished this article in its entirety because of the revolutionary approach of Amino Acid Therapy to psychiatric disorders. It is a must read for anyone suffering from a psychiatric disorder or anyone with a child that has been labelled as having such a disorder.

Mary Beth Ackerley MD, MDH, ABIHM is a Harvard and Johns Hopkins trained board certified psychiatrist. Her focus is on Mind Body Spirit using natural therapies and emphasizes an integrative approach to wellness. In an interview with psychiatrist Dr. Ackerley, the topics of anti-depressants and the effectiveness of amino acid therapy are explored.

Question: Welcome Dr. Ackerley. As a psychiatrist what are your thoughts on the effectiveness of anti-depressants?

Dr. Ackerley: First it’s important to understand how anti-depressants work. They recirculate neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that are required for mood regulation and hormonal function. The downside is that these drugs are only able to work with neurotransmitters that we currently have in our systems. If we are already depleted we may receive a mild amount of relief but with minimal long term benefit. Since prescription drugs fail to increase levels of neurotransmitters needed for vibrant health a person exists in a deficient state.

Question: Are you saying that anti-depressants fail to increase neurotransmitters?

Dr. Ackerley: Yes. Sadly these drugs actually exhaust and deplete neurotransmitters. Anti-depressants stimulate the circulation of available neurotransmitters which is why patients initially experience mood elevation. Eventually though, the small pool of neurotransmitters become worn out and no longer function. This is why patients often switch to a different drug to gain relief.

Question: There are a lot of people using anti-depressants. Are many of them just treading water and not really getting a whole lot better?

Dr. Ackerley: Unfortunately this is true. Anti-depressants act as a safety net that provide initial relief and management of symptoms. Patients are reluctant to stop using them because they are terrified of returning to prior states of hopelessness and despair. And with insurance coverage the incentive to seek alternative treatments is low.

Question: This outlook seems rather bleak. Is there a way to find relief from depression?

Dr. Ackerley: Yes there is. Thankfully there is a breakthrough in treatment that has emerged in the last few years. It is natural, safe, and it fits in with my mission to provide wholesome methods for achieving wellness.

Question: That’s exciting. Why hasn’t this come out sooner?

Dr. Ackerley: Doctors are discovering different concepts of brain chemistry. Our understanding of the role of neurotransmitters has dramatically changed. It is exciting because it means there is much more that can be accomplished in our treatment of depression. Instead of just recycling low levels of neurotransmitters to attain limited benefits through the use of drugs, we can build higher levels of neurotransmitters with amino acid precursors. This is a radical shift in the treatment of depression. I am pleased because doctors are able to safely provide beneficial brain nutrients to their patients without the use of harmful drugs.

Question: That is a big accomplishment. How does this actually work?

Dr. Ackerley: Neurotransmitters have many functions in the body. Low levels affect our moods. They also influence appetite signals, hormones, and weight regulation. There is a well known correlation between the use of anti-depressants and weight gain. Some people may gain as much as 15-20 pounds, most likely from neurotransmitter depletion stimulating the appetite. Women are particularly affected by this.

Question: That makes sense. Are you saying this new amino acid therapy helps with weight gain, depression, and hormonal issues all at the same time?

Dr. Ackerley: Exactly. The woman who has hormonal issues, has added unwanted weight, and is depressed from depleted neurotransmitters, has a lot to gain by increasing amino acids levels. In the past researchers have been aware of this requirement so this is not new but the breakthrough came from understanding the hierarchy in the bio-chemical chain that creates neurotransmitter production. By supplying the right balance of amino acid precursors and cofactors we can increase the available pool of neurotransmitters. Drugs that treat conditions like Parkinson’s disease have side effects because they end up tipping the ratios of neurotransmitters. It is important to maintain the right proportion.

Question: Are you saying that this new protocol is a way to supply the right precursors to make the essential neurotransmitters which operate our many biological systems?

Dr. Ackerley: That’s correct. The precursors are part of the equation. However, there are two things required to get everything working properly. First, neurotransmitters need vitamins, minerals and other precursors to come alive and do their job. Secondly, they need to be in the right ratios otherwise they can’t work properly. That’s the key to this protocol. Once balance is established hormones are regulated, we lose weight, mood is stabilized and other things like PMS disappear.

Question: That’s remarkable since it helps a number of different conditions. So then why isn’t this better known?

Dr. Ackerley: Up until recently little attention has been paid to naturally replenishing neurotransmitters because the mechanisms were not well understood. So we are just catching up to this now. With Parkinson’s disease we know that dopamine helps to regulate and calm down hand tremors. Giving the patient dopamine helps with the tremor but the side effect is depression because the serotonin levels are thrown out of whack. When serotonin and dopamine levels are supplied in the right ratios with amino acid therapy, depression is no longer an issue, and hand tremors disappear. This is saner than treating isolated symptoms with drugs, creating another side effect, and then treating the imbalance with more drugs. I believe medicine will make more headway when it focuses on the cause of illness instead of various stray symptoms.

Question: It seems this could have broader benefits. What other conditions can be helped by amino acid therapy?

Dr. Ackerley: There are many applications. We know that obesity is quickly on the rise in our population. Obesity has many interrelated deleterious effects. It affects the heart, leads to diabetes, stresses our joints, and reduces productivity and enjoyment of life. The use of amino acid therapy has been shown to reverse diabetes.

Question: Wait a minute. This is a revolutionary statement. Is there any evidence of this?

Dr. Ackerley: There are over 1.4 million patient hours recorded on a database at the University of Minnesota. This is the single largest data base they have ever seen. It clearly shows that amino acid therapy leads to safe and effective weight loss. Weight is a well known requirement that diabetics need to stabilize and reduce in order to halt insulin dependence.

Question: What other conditions are affected by amino acid therapy?

Dr. Ackerley: I recently spoke with a practitioner in Dallas who treated a seven year old child with ADHD. She administered the amino acid therapy and the child was completely clear of ADHD within two days. Many months later the child is still symptom free.

Question: Did they do anything else in addition to the amino acids?

Dr. Ackerley: No. They were happy to have these results of course. But often this sort of thing happens with little publicity. Humanity is moving forward all the time. It is evolving, changing and growing. We learn new information each day. Eventually it filters out to the greater population and then it receives more attention. Right now I am pleased to know there is more room for advancement in the realm of healing and that this new method holds so much promise.

Question: Thank you. This has been very informative. How might you be reached?

Dr. Ackerley: My website is It is dedicated to natural health and wellness. The site is evolving and designed to be an educational forum. Also I can be reached at my clinic in Tucson. The number there is (520) 299-5694. If you want to read more about the neurotransmitter research studies on depression and ADHD mentioned here, please go to


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Shock Treatment of Child was Torture


The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center is a facility that provides services for children and adults with “severe developmental disabilities and emotional or behavior disorders”. In the past decades, the Center garnered negative criticism due to its use of aversives such as electric shock, the withholding of food, spanking with a spatula, pinching of the feet and forced inhaling of ammonia.


The recent release of disturbing footage from the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center – featuring a restrained teenager who gets electroshocked 31 times – brought the controversy to a whole other level. While the Center claimed that the use of electroshock was a form of “therapy” to change behavior, the footage shows an all-out torture session under the watchful eyes and laughs of Center employees.


I would not recommend watching the Fox News footage of his torture as it is so appalling that you may disbelieve that it actually took place. Unfortunately this type of heinous treatment of children and adults has been going on for years and is supported by the US government which pays this facility $250,000 a year per child.

Please check similar facilities in your city and have them investigated if you feel that there are any treatments that harm in the name of mental health.



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Memorial Day for our Children

You would think the following stories were coming out of Russia or China but they are not, they are coming out of America. This is all within the last month

1.  A mother doesn’t want to have her 13 year old daughter drugged with psychiatric psychotic medication. She refuses to allow this but the school persists and calls Child Protective Services to take the child from the mother and drug her. The mother again refuses and locks the doors of her house to protect her daughter. A swat team is called who then surround the house and smashed down the door, take the daughter and arrests the mother. Who has this kind of power, it appears that the school psychiatrist does, the school does, Child Protective Services does, the police do, the court system does but the mother doesn’t. She wanted to treat her daughter holistically. Welcome to the New Health Care Police State.

2. Mental Screening of College students in Florida is getting a lot of TV coverage. Psychologists and Psychiatrists believe that all college students should be screen for stress and then drug them. I know first hand that they do this in Clearwater, Florida because I went with a protest group all the way to Tallahassee to get them to stop screening and drugging our children. I heard the testimony of a 13 year old girl who completed a screening questionnaire, and the police were called, she was handcuffed, placed in a police cruiser, incarcerated in the psychiatric ward of Morton Plant hospital and drugged without an attending physician. Her parents were denied access to her while this was going on. She was released after 24 hours and because of intervention by The Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

3. An expose was in the paper last week revealing the fact that the doctors of the Juvenile Justice System have systematically drugging underage detainees with psychiatric drugs without the consent of their parents or even their parent’s knowledge that this was going on. Over 400,000 doses in the last year alone.

There are three constants in the above data, psychiatrists, government officials and psychiatric medication manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

If you are brave enough or mad enough to do something, the first step would be to find out what is being done to your own children. Then how about your neighbor’s children, and then look into the juvenile system and find out what the government is doing to those children either in your local schools or jails. Yes, they have children locked up like criminals and drugged into a stupor so that they are easier to look after.

I’ve said enough. Do something before they come for you and yours.


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What Industries would I invest in?

What industries do I think I should invest in? Rightfully, I should invest in those industries that create jobs for more people and hopefully those industries that also benefit rather than harm the general public. As an investor I have a choice in who I wish to invest in.

I for one would not invest in the pharmaceutical companies because of the number of side effects of their products that are increasing the ill-health of the general public rather than improving their health. I would not invest in the oil or auto industries because of the amount of pollutants they are putting into the air that again result in ill-health and the destruction of the environment that I so love. I would invest in the new electric vehicle industry because it is replacing the internal combustion engine and as far as I know it will decrease the number of pollutants in the air. Along with that would be the investment in solar energy that harvests energy from the sun. I would invest in the organic food industry and not support chemical companies that again pollute the air, water and earth. The beef, chicken, pig industry is not one to invest in because of the way they again use chemicals to force grow these animals and from the consumption of them increase the ill-health of those eating them. Meaning me as an investors as well as the general public. I would of course invest in naturally grown animals that contain no chemicals or hormones. Now the psychiatric and psychological industry is also suspect because of their use of chemicals in the form of mind-altering drugs. Who would invest in this industry if it meant that you or your family members might become the effect of those drugs? That leaves me with the industry of mass destruction also know as the war machine. Why would I invest in the destruction of other countries and the death of their peoples and my own? That leaves the educational industry, private schools etc. Should or would I invest in those? The answer is yes because I have. I chose to send my daughter to a private school that didn’t allow the drugging of our children and they feed those children well with food that was organically grown. Nor did this school allow psychological testing of our children because it was found that students on drugs couldn’t learn or retain what they were taught and nor could they produce products once they graduated. Oftentimes they became a burden on society.

What does that leave me to invest in? The largest borrowers of money are governments. Are there governments for the people or are they governments based on enhancing the wealth of the few to the determent of the many.

That leaves me very few industries to invest in. So what am I to do? I would think that the sane thing to do would be to invest in businesses and industries that are in my local environment and my selection of those businesses would be based on the product they were producing and the effect it had on the environment and the people within that environment. Plus I would benefit directly from my investments as my environment would improve first and expand out into a greater sphere of influence.

I would invest in health care professionals that use no drugs and had a tendency to teach their patients how to eat natural foods that would result in a higher level of production for those patients. Industries like Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage and of course those industries that use natural remedies rather than drugs. I like these industries because they have a goal of getting their patients off their medication and drugs. I have known great medical doctors as well who have risen above the normal and have moved into the area of nutrition rather then drugs.

What industries would you invest in?

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Electro-Convulsive Therapy and Pregnancy

Please pinch me because I think I’m in the middle of a nightmare! I thought I was up on all the crazy ideas that psychiatrists have to make money by swindling their patients. Then someone told me that psychiatrists are giving electro-convulsive therapy to pregnant women. So I did a google search for “ect and pregnancy” and found a blog written by a psychiatrist giving all the whys and wherefores of how and when you should shock babies and women. One of the main topics was whether or not it was proper procedure to sedate the fetus before the atrocity was performed! Then he goes on to state that out of 339 patients of which there exists 25 reports, 11 of the fetuses died! To avoid these death the proper protocol would be to raise the right hip of the pregnant woman to avoid the deaths.

This is for real, I couldn’t have made this up. And to top it all off his blog title is “Dr. Shock, MD, Phd.”  Look him up at and be prepared to scream at the top of your lungs as I am doing now.

What will they do next? They are already drugging our children and now they are going after the unborn babies!


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Psychiatry and Big Pharma

Miami Herald


Miami psychiatrist defends his record over prescriptions

A state senator said a Miami psychiatrist `should be a poster boy’ for tougher enforcement, while the doctor says he’s been unfairly targeted

January 16, 2010

By John Dorschner

A Miami psychiatrist who wrote 284,908 prescriptions over the past six years has cost Florida taxpayers $43 million, and a state senator said Friday that “he should be a poster boy” for a legislative inquiry into whether “tougher enforcement provisions are needed.”

The practices of Fernando Mendez-Villamil, who has an office on Coral Way, came to light last month when Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, complained about him to federal authorities for writing prescriptions at a rate of 150 a day, seven days a week. Grassley, like many in Congress, is concerned about reducing America’s high healthcare costs to reform the system.

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration has released data showing that those prescription-writing practices were expensive, too — since the patients had Medicaid, the state-federal insurance for the poor.

State Sen. Don Gaetz, R-Destin, chairman of the Senate healthcare committee, told The Miami Herald on Friday that the Legislature has “a tough law already on the books” that requires state regulators to investigate outliers like Mendez-Villamil, who writes twice as many anti-psychotic drugs as any other doctor in the state. But his case may mean the law needs to be tougher.

Mendez-Villamil prepared a lengthy response to Grassley, defending his record. He said he is a dedicated doctor helping many poor patients, often working 11 or 12 hours a day, six days a week.

“I may be an oddity as a physician because I do not play golf, I do not have a boat and I seldom leave my practice for extended vacations,” Mendez-Villamil wrote in the letter provided to The Miami Herald by a publicist. “That is not to solicit sympathy or to appear `noble.’ I am simply committed to my patients, profession and enjoy what I do and do not seek distractions.”

Mendez-Villamil also disputed earlier Herald stories, which said that he was under investigation by state regulators and that Medicare, the federal program for the elderly and disabled, had stopped paying his claims because of the investigation.

“The information received from this agency [AHCA] advised that I am not under any sort of investigation,” Mendez wrote in a letter dated Monday, Jan. 11.

However, AHCA on Friday forwarded The Herald a letter sent Thursday to Robert Pelier, the doctor’s lawyer, stating “an agency investigation is underway.”

Pelier told The Herald on Friday that AHCA was sending out mixed signals. He pointed to the first Herald story on the doctor, published Dec. 17, in which an AHCA spokeswoman said the high prescription rate does not “indicate that there is anything improper regarding his prescribing.”

A day later, the state told The Herald there was indeed an investigation.

Mendez also wrote: “I was very surprised to read in The Miami Herald [in a Dec. 18 story] that Medicare had supposedly stopped payment for my services; and I am very pleased to confirm with Medicare officials that this was NOT true.”

Pelier, Mendez’s lawyer, said Friday that the doctor as late as Dec. 21 had received a Medicare payment.

Medicare spokesman Peter Ashkenaz said Friday, “When I said he wasn’t being paid back in December it was because we were reviewing all of his claims. It’s likely that he received a Medicare payment, but nonetheless, we are continuing to review all of his claims because he has not been excluded from Medicare by the OIG,” the Office of the Inspector General.

The Mendez-Villamil case comes at a time when reformers are seeking to reduce the nation’s healthcare costs, which are twice as much per capita as in European countries. Reformers believe these costs can be reduced without affecting quality of care.

Grassley has pressured the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which provides Medicare and Medicaid funding, for an explanation on how one doctor could write so many prescriptions. So far, HHS has yet to respond to the senator.

On the state level, Sen. Gaetz said he has long been concerned with Medicaid expenditure patterns that seem to make no sense — such as the average Miami patient getting five times as many home healthcare visits as a similar patient in Ocala.

Gaetz said he views the Mendez-Villamil case as a way of revealing whether the present law is adequate of if it’s an “enforcement problem and the state agencies are not doing enough.”

If the law needs tightening, “then we will tighten the screws as many times as necessary” because “providers like him should not be draining money out of the pockets of taxpayers,” Gaetz said.

Pelier, the attorney, said that the state was wrongly preoccupied with saving money on the atypical anti-psychotics, which can cost more than $800 for a month’s supply per patient. He said that only 1 percent of the doctor’s patients are hospitalized. If they weren’t taking the drugs and ended up in the Jackson psych ward, for example, the cost to taxpayers would be far higher.

State records indicate that Mendez-Villamil was paid $46,238 by Medicaid to see patients in 2007 and $31,735 in 2008. He received $14,579 in the first quarter of 2009, but then payments dropped down to $3,472 in the third quarter.

“I want you to know that I take very good care of my patients,”’ the doctor said in his letter. “My top priority is to improve their conditions. In more then 10 years of practice I have worked with thousands of afflicted individuals.”


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Drugging our Children

Here’s a photo video I did about Drugging our Children.

Paul Turnbull


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