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office 1Every child should be taught to expect prosperity, to believe that the good things of the world were intended for him. This conviction would be a powerful factor in the adult life if the child were so trained.

Wealth is created mentally first; it is thought out before it becomes a reality.

When a youth decides to become a doctor, he puts himself in a medical atmosphere just as much as possible. He talks medicine, reads medicine, studies medicine, thinks medicine until he becomes saturated with it. He does not decide to become a physician and then put himself in a legal atmosphere, read law, talk law, think law. 

So if you want success, abundance, you must think success, you must think abundance.

Now if that youth comes into your Chiropractic office and shows interest in what you are doing as a physician, take the time to tell him the benefits of Chiropractic, Nutrition and exercise and encourage him to look into the profession of Chiropractic and have him weigh the pros and cons of both professions. We need a lot more Chiropractors if we are going to help all the sick people whose number seems to multipy each year.

Yours in Health,

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