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Apple Cider Vinegar

apple-cider-vinegar-600x391Went to a restaurant last night to celebrate my granddaughter’s graduation from Grade 1. I ate vegetables and noodles, soup and salad. A pretty safe meal. However, when I went to walk out my left big toe was acting up making it hard to walk. I can only assume that there was MSG in the food causing arthritic pain.

This morning I woke up with the same pain. So I juiced 4 apples and added 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Now it was a bit tart but boy did it turn on the energy. I then did a full 45 minute workout with no pain! The magic of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Paul Turnbull, Purpose Consultant


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What do all Healthcare professionals have in Common?

ImageWhat do Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Dentists, Massage Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, Veterinarians, Dietitians, Opticians, Home Health Aide, Paramedics, etc. have in common.

The willingness to help others and a willingness to express their ability to heal.

Do they have another thing in common? Yes! During their education they were rarely taught how to run a business. Most of these professionals fail in business because of this.

There skill as a healthcare profession is such that more and more people want their services but these professionals, in the main, don’t know how to meet this demand so they fail or struggle to survive. Some of their professions are dying. This is a major problem for them and for their patients. With an aging population these professions need to thrive.

I do know of a solution which not only applies to health care professionals in private practice but all entrepreneurs. There are many companies that offer Hubbard Management Technology. One of them is Measurable Solutions, Inc. in Clearwater, Florida that has courses for all professions. Here’s their number and website: 1-800-491-2828,

Give them a call and find out how you can put this technology to work in your business.


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Alternative Health Care Professionals are saving lives!

eating disorderOf course, I’m allowed to say that you are saving lives because I’m not a health care professional. Even a medical doctor can’t say he can cure or heal anything. But what if that statement was the truth? That alternative health care professionals cause miracles in their practices on a daily basis.

The only way I can prove this is by listening to their patients. They tell the practitioner that they have “magical hands”, “that they gave them back their life”, “that if it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I would be today.” I have been a part owner in a couple of Chiropractic clinics and I was the one responsible for getting the patients testimonials and putting them into print. To say the least, those testimonials defied all know scientific law. According to medical law, their isn’t a cure for certain diseases, but here are patients that no longer have them and they are living a full life again. According to medicine they should have been medicated for the rest of their lives, received in some cases toxic treatment and then in a large majority would die anyways.

What can an individual do to avoid such a tragic end. They could transition to a healthy lifestyle by first and foremost, eliminating sugar from their diet, start exercising moderately to begin with, eat more live organic foods and drink a lot of pure water.

Unfortunately, those people that are sick have a hard time believing that it could be that simple.So, the only thing they should do is turn themselves in to an alternative health care professional and ask to be guided by them.

Then there would be hope! It would also be helpful if that professional had a simple health program that the patients could adopt.

Email me through FaceBook if you want to learn more about transitioning to a healthy lifestyle or make a comment below and I will get back to you.

Paul Turnbull, Purpose Consultant


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The Master of Health

Pam 1The Master of Health is setting the stage for a new form of awareness of health care in the minds of the populations of earth. Each human being occupies a certain place in his group. He is shackled to it by mental chains. The Master of Health breaks free of these physical, mental and spiritual bonds despite financial strain, persecution or perhaps, even scandal among his ranks. He doesn’t believe there is any opposition or obstacles to his forward progress. He has a feeling of closeness with each and every person he meets despite their shortcomings. He knows innately, if he can relieve these people from their pain and suffering, they too will rise up and become Masters in their own endeavors.

The only downfall for the Master would be his unwillingness to help those who sincerely wish to be helped.

The Master of Health is capable of finding in the midst of a crowd the person whom he must meet. He knows his message is too important to keep within. He communicates to this person certain knowledge about their personal physical condition that will cause that person to want to be helped by him.

The Master is fully aware at all times, what he can do for the populace at large. He extends out from himself, self-confidence that is observable by all. His courage drives him forward. A purpose exists within him of such intensity that it is unmistakable. He exhibits no fear of failure, shyness or stage fright. He takes command of a situation and acts. He has no doubts. His negative traits and decisions have long since been washed away.

He strikes out into his community and defeats suffering and despair. He will not ever go as low as to think he will not succeed. He succeeds at every step of his contact with people and their education on the truth about health.

He perseveres despite his patient’s unwitting desire to quit their care before correction is obtained. He ensures they become healthy without concentrating on the limits of time and money. Overcoming these limits is his specialty.

He desires that the person in front of him will get well and he sees that they do. He knows that a miracle a day will keep the medical doctor at bay.

As an educator he knows that preconceived ideas about health care are what are stopping most people from charging into his office and demanding their health. He overcomes the bombardment of false ideas expressed in the text books and media by extracting them on first contact. He invariably asks in a forthright manner, “What have you heard about my type of health care?” He doesn’t flinch or shy away from their answers but addresses them with his self-confidence intact.

He might simply say, “No, that is not true, especially in my office!” thereby convincing this person that he is the therapist for them.

People in general want to be cared for by the ideal therapist. They have their idea of the traits he should possess. You should use the traits mentioned above to help as many people as possible reach their optimum state of health!


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Cash Practice

The insurance companies are raising their deductibles and the average could be as high as $5,000. The patient must meet this deductible amount before their insurance will cover them. If they don’t intend to use more than $5,000 in medical care in a year, it would be less expensive for them to simply pay cash.

They usually come into your office knowing that they have a high deductible and yet they seem surprised that their insurance won’t cover their care. It takes a lot of education of the patient to handle their misinformation about insurance and on why they should accept care from you.

I’ve educated patients on spinal decompression which is not covered by most insurances. The patient is told that they are not covered before they come into the office. When they arrive, they are shown the spinal decompression machine, allowed to talk to patients who are already receiving it and they are educated with a flip chart that clears up all the terms they probably already heard and misunderstood. They get a clear picture of the benefits of spinal decompression before the see the Chiropractor or Physical Therapist.

They are then asked questions on a thorough medical history so the patient can recall and rediscover all the ways in which they injured themselves. Then a physical examination is done so the patient becomes aware of the extent of their injury. They should at this point be fully aware of their condition and why spinal decompression is the answer. They are obviously there to avoid surgery and this is one of the ways to do so. They are shown their MRI which confirms the need of care.

The Chiropractor or Physical Therapist then tells the patient how many treatments they will need based on all the information gathered. Then the patient rep goes over the finances and possible ways of payment using different forms of financing like CareCredit etc. if necessary.

The patient then starts immediately on their care. A testimonial is gotten when the patients is out of pain and meets all the criteria set by the attending physician or therapist.


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Who’s in the Room with the Patient?

headacheI had the opportunity to consult a husband and wife team this weekend. He is a Chiropractor and she is a Physical Therapist. Both believe that man is spiritual in nature and that if you remove nerve interference the body will heal itself naturally without drugs. They both have their own techniques and these techniques complement each other. Both receive patients only after they have gone the full medical route without results. The majority of their patients, these medical failures, see an allieviation of their symptoms in a short period of time under the technical expertise of both the Chiropractor and Physical Therapist. Continued care results in the correction of the cause of their disease.

If this is the case, why do some Chiropractors and some Physical Therapists malign each others ability to get sick people well. Isn’t that the purpose, the technique being secondary? I believe that both professions can and do get sick people well and do create miracles in their practices on a daily basis and to the surprise and joy of their patients.

Personally, I have never attended a medical lecture or read a medical book. I have studied anatomy in an elementary way and what knowledge I possess has been gleamed during my years of consulting.

It is said that a mind that is free from fixations is often able to assess a problem more clearly, and it may be that, my mind being unemcumbered with medical data, I have been able to form the conclusion advanced in this article which I hope you will consider on its merits and without prejudice.

The whole purpose is to get sick people well. How you do it should be secondary. All understanding should come from the results produced in the patient and to what the patient thinks has happened. If the patient states that she has had headaches for 18 years, tried every form of medical care and the headaches continued to worsen then you have to believe that. And, if she then states that the headaches vanished while under your care, then you have to believe that you were the cause.

The next time you’re in the room with a patient, ask yourself, “Who’s in the room with this patient?” Who palpated the patient? Who found the nerve interference? Who applied the right technique to that interference? Who removed the nerve interference? What then happened in the patient? If the patient improved or got well, it must have been you! If you don’t believe that ask yourself again, “Who was in the room this the patient?” Eventually you will realize you are a healer.


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Art, Science, Philosophy and History of Physical Therapy

beautiful woman flowersIt is the belief of Physical Therapists that each human being is a uniquely organized and functioning combination of body, mind, and spirit. They believe that health is a state of complete physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

They believe that each individual is responsible for his or her own life and possesses the power to achieve an optimum state of health and empowering individuals to achieve this optimum state of health is the core purpose of health professionals.

They believe that all human beings are deserving of interactions consistent with an inherent respect for their dignity and recognition of their unique cultural and social beliefs and values.

Physical Therapy best supports these beliefs and is a profession dedicated to service, to people and society, and physical therapists practice in an artful, competent, compassionate, caring, legal and ethical manner.

Physical therapists practice mindful of the art and science of their profession.

Physical Therapists commit to lifelong learning and to searching for the evidence that supports and advances practice. Critical thinking, problem solving, intellectual perseverance and courage are all essential characteristics of the successful physical therapist.

Physical Therapists are involved in health promotion, prevention, and rehabilitation of individuals and populations throughout their lifespan.

Physical therapists diagnose movement dysfunctions based on skillful examination and evaluation regardless of the cause and provide skilled therapeutic intervention to foster improvement in physical functioning and maximizing overall quality of life.

Physical Therapists provide the initial access into the health care system for persons with impairments and functional limitations amenable to physical therapy and engage in referral relationships with other health care professionals.

Physical Therapist’s role also includes that of case manager, teacher, researcher, and consultant. [Courtesy of Samuel Merritt University website]

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