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Immortality by B.J. Palmer

“What is life, disease, death and immortality?”

“These questions have been asked of savants of all ages. They have remained unanswered until the advent of Chiropractic, which will, in time, lift the curtain that hangs between this life and the one beyond. This science has given an intelligent explanation of disease, and now, I shall attempt, for the first time, to give a comprehensive explanation to the other three questions.”

“What is life? How did it create this human mechanism, and continue it as a living entity? From whence does it come, and whither does it go? What is it? ”

“We are acquainted with the outward manifestations of life, disease and death, but these are only the symptoms of something real which the human race has desired to know. We have an instinctive longing to get back of these. We want to know comprehensively the cause of each.”

“Last, but not least, we possess an inherent craving, an aspiration to know what there is beyond this life, what of the immortality of the soul, spirit, the Innate conscious living intelligence, that never had a begin­ning, nor will it have an ending?”

“Man is a dual entity. He is composed of the mortal, and immortal – the everlasting – that which always existed, and always will.”

“The Innate Intelligence, known by the names, soul, spirit, nature, instinct, subconscious mind and intuition, has the duplicate senses in Educated Intelligence.”

“Innate has its own consciousness; it is not dependent upon the body for its existence, any more than we are on the house we live in; its immortality, its external existence, does not rely upon the life of the body it inhabits. It is invincible, cannot be overcome by material changes. It is invulnerable, and not subject to wounds or injuries.”

“Innate is not the mind, the thinking quality with which we are familiar. The functions of the brain, upon which the mind depends for outward expressions, are like other functions, under the control of Innate. It is behind that and expresses itself by that means. It can set aside for consideration, the sensations, emotions, passions, desires, or any other mental phenomena, or physiological functions, and thereby receive educational impressions thru it. ”

“Innate is self-existent, remains unchanged, is not a part of mental or physical manifestation; but instead controls these, when not hindered by diseased conditions, caused by displacements of the skeletal frame.”

“The life, of which we are acquainted, is of the physical which exists as long as Innate occupies the body. To be able to perform the functions of the body, is to live.”

“Disease consists in deranged functions. Functions may become so extremely abnormal, that Innate cannot maintain control, making the body untenable. This dissolution, we call death.”

“Immortality is the life entered by Innate at its birth. The former birth being that of the physical, the latter of the spiritual.”

Excerpted from the book The Science of Chiropractic by B.J. Palmer – 1906

What if you are immortal? Would that change anything in your life? I would think so.


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