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Human Peak Performance

In order to understand human performance, you should study automotive performance or horsepower. How does one increase horsepower in a car engine?

There are three interactive components of horsepower, air, fuel and exhaust. If you want to increase horsepower you have to increase the air flow, then you can increase the fuel amount and then you have to increase the exit flow of exhaust.


If any one of the three is restricted then the horsepower will not increase. So if you want to hot rod a car or motorcycle, the first thing you would do is replace the air filter system with a free flowing system. Then you can adjust the amount of fuel accordingly (on new cars you have to change the computer settings to properly balance air, fuel and exhaust). Then with increased air and fuel you can’t have a restricted exhaust system so you change that out for a free flowing exhaust or dual exhaust and now you are really increasing the performance of your car or motorcycle and you would probably increase the gas mileage as well.

Now, what does this have to do with Peak Performance of the human body. Well it has three interactive components just like an automobile or perhaps the automobile is really a mechanical human.

Peak PerformanceThe three interactive components of the human body are oxygen (air), food (fuel) and elimination (exhaust).

If you want to increase your performance you have to take in more oxygen by exercising, then increase the quality of your food, and then you better improve the elimination of the byproducts of combustion by elimination. Eating foods with a lot of fiber helps elimination. Eating foods that are of high quality is the most important component of health and performance.

Now what is the fastest and most destructive way to destroy an automotive engine? You add a pound of sugar to the gas tank each time you fill up and the sugar will clog the fuel lines. Run an engine with sugar in the fuel and it will eventually have to be rebuilt from top to bottom.

And what is the fastest and most destructive way to destroy the human body? Add sugar to it’s stomach and run it on sugary foods. In a short time that body will lose performance, tire out, and eventually fail. I understand that the one substance among many that causes cancer is the consumption of sugar. In fact when the medicos are testing to see if a person has cancer in their organs they have the patient drink a sugar solution with radioactive dye in it and the cancer cells are attracted to the sugar and show up on the CT scan.

So cancer cells love sugar. Or is it that sugar causes cancer? To consume sugar or not to consume, that is the question.

Paul Turnbull


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Living Man Is?

Book: Evolution or Revolution by B.J. Palmer 

Chapter 2: Living Man Is?


LIVING MAN—is the original and first internal, automatic, autonomous, auto-mobile.

—has a spiritual, mental generator and batteries (brain), wire system (nerves), spark plugs (peripheral ends of nerves), trillions of motors (muscles).

—is a chemical laboratory, mixing proper and right quantities and qualities of ingredients, acids, and alkalis, at proper places, at correct times, to meet every necessity, to produce its own internal gasoline-gas.

—is the original internal combustion engine, producing a liquid and gaseous heating and cooling systemic system for all its parts;

—from which there is a carbon-dioxide exhaust, which is transported thru tubes to mufflers (lungs), which silently convey it to outer space.

—has a complete series of individually independent and inter-dependent muscular sets of movements producing internal locomotion automation.

—has a complete inter-communication system notifying all parts when, where, how, and why to inter-relate their activities;

—all of which have been tried, tested, developed, constructed and reconstructed many times, many ways;

—all of which have been in the making and working in unity millions of years in millions of duplications;

—produced in the largest, finest, and longest continuous working assembly line of any production factory, assembling millions of duplicated models, all alike, season after season.

—is a spiritual, mental, electrical, chemical, mechanical inter-related, inter-locking, integrated system, into one harmonious whole, without conflict, each part of which works at proper place, at right time, in normal quantities, with natural directions, both efferent and afferent, all of which works under one consistent guiding intelligent factor, all of which works as one total unit producing a movable healthy living man.

—has perfect locomotion as the ONE most perfected machine conceived and never duplicated by education in any part, the sum total of which makes a movable automobile.

Every intellectual, mental, electrical, mechanical, chemical factor known to science is first found in and working in living man,

—there being but 310 known mechanical movements in man-made devices, all of which are first found in living man, which educated man tries to artificially duplicate.


SUPPOSE—one such complete unit had some one or more parts that weren’t working at par; paralyzed

—had some one or more chemicals unbalanced, solid or liquid, acid or alkali

—had “cold feet” or “fevered body”

—and some part or parts refused to be automobile,

COULD YOU, by education gathered and garnered in school, college, or university

—from here or there,

—from birth to adult life,

—direct any or all of this coordinated locomotion —to restore any absent inactivity?


IF all this is internally independent of, and is not under the direction, control, or regulation of external medical science (?) or medication, of what use is IT when sickness appears and medical education (sic) thinks IT ALONE has EXTERNAL wisdom and power as great or greater, to pursue its arbitrary programs to modify, change, and can prescribe some compound or inject some deleterious injection into the machine which hopes to bring cosmos out of chaos, increasing or decreasing these internal functions which are solely under the intelligent, self-sustaining, self-perpetuating INSIDE SOMETHING within, which originated them?


Educated man primitively and durably lives a divided exis­tence between the top Innate above and immaterialistic function in the materialistic body below. He knows there IS a source greater than his education and he does see the manifested expression. He knows, educationally, he cannot know the Innate in its infinity, yet in spite of this he thinks he can educationally do something, somewhere, some way, to aid, help, direct, and improve upon ITS physical products in that body.


He knows the Innate is at all times, in all ways, normal and natural. At the same time, he educationally sees, studies, diagnoses the inferior physical abnormal, unnatural sicknesses and diseases. Without making allowances for the controlling source—factor of Innate, he educationally tries to patch, change, modify, and correct the abnormal TO normal, the unnatural TO natural, by ignoring source above, hoping to improve the finite physical diseases. He hopes to increase normal quantity OF SOURCE above, of abnormal quantity of physical expression below, by stimulating or inhibiting abnormal quantity below.


Obviously, education, being an abstract of a lower semi­source order, cannot observe or sense the infinite Innate itself as an abstract of a higher and unreachable order. This kind of incorrective thinking is equivalent to trying to whip a rundown, tired old horse at the bottom of the hill, hoping to FORCE the sick horse to pull an impossible load to the top of the hill. Medical education senses the sick horse, does NOT know WHY the horse is tired; nor does he know the difference between “able” and “tired.” Not knowing any difference, he proceeds to WHIP THE SUBSTANCE, MATTER, BONES, and MUSCLES of the horse. He knows no other way of trying to increase the ability of THE PHYSICAL horse.


Because medical abstract EDUCATION cannot see, direct, modify, or change the INVISIBLE source; and because medical abstract EDUCATION CAN see, modify, and change the VISIBLE matter, they proceed to try to do so in multiple ways, thinking that IS THE WAY to improve the invisible IN the visible.


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Paul Turnbull



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