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Heal Thy Self or Healthy Self

I came across this description of why the body stores fat while searching a new greens product that I’m trying. It makes total sense. 

“Life’s daily functions, such as digestion, stress, exercise, and the consumption of processed foods, coffee or alcohol all form acid. When your body’s pH is in the acidic range, it retains water to dilute the acidity and stores fat to protect the body’s organs from the acidity.” ref: Amazing Grass Raw Reserve.

I’ve been eating a lot more raw whole foods lately with a resultant loss of fat. I’m using a high powered bender that allows me to quickly extract all the nutrients out of the food. I’m using Stevia as a sweetener and couldn’t be happier. My wife even caught me singing in the shower, my workouts are more intense and I have much more energy. Plus there is the not so obvious benefit of not getting a disease somewhere down the line.



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Patient Education

Why should you educate a patient in a fashion that allows them to fully understand what you are about to do? Simple, to solicit their help in the healing process. A patient who understands the process they are undergoing, assists with the process. A patient who doesn’t understand, misses appointments, drops out completely, doesn’t do their exercises or follow advice. Without the patient fully on board no sustained healing takes place.

Those patients that give you the most trouble are the ones that don’t understand how a chiropractor, physical therapist or nutritionist can in actual fact heal the person they are administering to. This is a proven fact, spiritual healing does take place between therapist and patient and the conduit is simple education and the application of a workable technique.


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Healing the Sick by D.D. Palmer

We are living in an age of wonders. Every day we are surprised at some new invention and yet many of these new ideas are so simple and easily understood that we wonder why our grandparents did not know of them.

The healing art has made the least advancement of any of the sciences; and yet we need knowledge in that direction more than any other. Why not progress in the healing art? As soon as our loved ones are taken sick we call the doctor, and, too often, in a few days they are laid away out of sight; or, perhaps, they are left with us crippled or diseased for life. The medical science, so called, is no science at all; it is mere guess work.

Often cures are made by chance which seem miraculous. Thousands are cured by faith cures, Christian science, mind cures, magnetics, mesmerism, massage, etc. etc. But by what means none can give an explanation that would be received by the thinking masses. We know there is a cause, for every effect has its cause.

To-day we have a comprehensible explanation of the fundamental principles upon which all these cures are made. To-day the cause of diseases are located and those causes corrected just as surely as any mechanic would find the cause of inharmony or wrong working in a piano, wagon, watch, engine, or other machine.

A human being is a human machine and, like a machine, would run smoothly, without any friction, if every part was in its proper place. If every bone, every nerve, and all the blood vessels, muscles, etc., were just right, there would be nothing wrong. We look the human machine over and find what parts are out of place, why the blood does not circulate freely to all parts, why the nerves cry out with pain

Disease is the effect or result of some part of the body being disarranged. To put them in their proper place, would give the diseased person ease and allow nature to rebuild without being obstructed.

I do not go to the drug store nor ransack all creation to find a remedy. The remedy is in righting the wrong. The cause of the disease is in the sufferer, and the cause must be corrected. Often the circulation of the blood is obstructed at some place, causing some of the numerous blood diseases. If so, would it not be much better to remove the obstruction than to throw into the circulation one of the many poisons used by the medics for such a purpose?

If every part of the human body was in its natural place there would be no friction, no inflammation, no fever no weakness. If all was right, there would be nothing wrong. I often find an injury in some part of the human frame caused by a fall, a strain or shock, a partial dislocation or some nerve unduly strained, stretched, pinched, or something wrong which must be righted.

The human body is a bundle of fine sensitive nerves, passing over, under, and between the 200 bones and the many muscles and ligaments. These nerves are liable to be pinched, strained, stretched, or pulled out of place by the displacement of any one of the bones, muscles, or ligaments, causing any one of the many nerve diseases. When these nerves cry out with pain and distress, what should be done for their relief? The drug doctor would give some paralyzing drug, such as aconite, bella donna, digitalis, opium, morphine, bromide of potassium, by thrusting it down the throat or introducing it into the body of the poor patient. Why not remove the pressure, adjust the framework, and take the strain off of those sensitive nerves?

Diseases such as pneumonia, diphtheria, croup, inflammation of the bowels, brain fever, etc., are often cured in one or two treatments. Chronic diseases may take from two weeks to two months to effect a permanent cure.


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The Truth about the Power that Heals the Body

The Truth

“We Chiropractors work with the subtle substance of the soul.  We release
the prisoned impulse, the tiny rivulet of force, that emanates from the
mind and flows over the nerves to the cells and stirs them into life.  We
deal with the magic power that transforms a common food into living,
loving, thinking clay; that robes the earth with beauty, and hues and
scents the flowers with the glory of the air.

In the dim, dark, distant long ago, when the sun first bowed to the
morning star, this power spoke and there was life; it quickened the slime
of the sea and the dust of the earth and drove the cell to union with its
fellows in countless living forms.  Through aeons of time it finned the fish
and winged the bird and fanged the beast.  Endlessly it worked, evolving
its form until it produced the crowning glory of them all.  With tireless
energy it blows the bubble of each individual life and then silently,
relentlessly dissolves the form, and absorbs the spirit into itself again.

And yet you ask, “Can Chiropractic cure appendicitis or the flu?”  Have
you more faith in a knife or a spoonful of medicine than in the power that
animates the living world?

                                     –B.J. Palmer, D.C., Ph.C.

universeIn my last article I quoted the definition of Innate Intelligence. B.J. Palmer also expressed the following description of Innate Intelligence in his book “The Science of Chiropractic,” 1906. This material is not for you to educate your patients with but for you to get a full understanding of the power that you are releasing by adjusting the skeletal frame of the human body:

“Man is a dual entity. He is composed of the mortal and immortal—the everlasting—that which always existed, and always will.”

“The Innate Intelligence, known by the names, soul, spirit, nature, instinct, subconscious mind and intuition, has the duplicate senses in Educated Intelligence.”

 “Innate has its own consciousness; it is not dependent upon the body for its existence, any more than we are on the house that we live in; its immortality, its external existence, does not rely upon the life of the body it inhabits. It is invincible, cannot be overcome by material changes. It is invulnerable, and not subject to wounds or injuries.”

“Innate is not the mind, the thinking quality with which we are familiar. The functions of the brain, upon which the mind depends for outward expressions, are like other functions, under the control of Innate. It is behind thot and expresses itself by that means. It can set aside for consideration, the sensations, emotions, passions, desires, or any other mental phenomena, or physiological functions, and thereby receive educational impressions through it.”

“Innate is self-existent, remains unchanged, is not a part of mental or physical manifestation; but instead controls these, when not hindered by diseased conditions, caused by displacements of the skeletal frame.”

“The life, of which we are acquainted, is of the physical which exists as long as Innate occupies the body. To be able to perform the functions of the body, is to live.”

“Disease consists in deranged functions. Functions may become so extremely abnormal, that Innate cannot maintain control, making the body untenable. The dissolution, we call death.”

I’ve also taken parts of a chapter in a book by Ralph O’Day entitled “Real I Zation” dated 1943 because he gives a good description of the power that you are releasing during an adjustment of a patient. I’ve edited these paragraphs so they align with what B.J. Palmer has stated above.

“Science defines energy as an inherent capacity for work, a potential force. It says that force is that same energy in action; or the activity of energy. It further states that power is force applied to objects with the purpose of moving or changing them. Scientists differentiate the ideas of energy, force and power, and in this fine distinction, we find a clue to the understanding of Innate Intelligence. What science calls the one, source of universal energy, we simply call in the individual, Innate Intelligence.”

“But energy is not force, unless, or until, it is set into motion. It is potential, at rest, until released. Waterfall, wind, gravitation, and earthquake, are examples of force, which is energy in action. Force is destructive, unless controlled and directed by intelligence. When the force of moving water, or of electricity, is controlled and directed by engineers, it becomes power. Power is simply applied or directed force.”

“Electricity will rush over any wire available, toasting a piece of bread for your pleasure, or electrocuting you with equal abandon. When intelligence and will are used in connection with force, it is directed into constructive and helpful channels. When no understanding, no will-power, no faith, nor other faulty guides force, it is blind and destructive. That is because it is impersonal. Sunshine and rain fall equally “on the just and the unjust.” Gravitation, electricity or water operates unfailingly to bless or to destroy either the saint or the sinner.”

“Innate Intelligence is a potential energy source; but energy must be set free, to work. Then it is force, which may be either constructive or destructive. Force either builds up or tears down—more often tears down. But when the Chiropractor who understands the activity of Innate Intelligence, and releases it by removing nerve interference, that force becomes “the power to heal.”

“What power causes the suns and planets to mover in their orbits? Spirit, the only power there is. What power lifts your little finger? Spirit, the only power there is. What force sweeps through the forest, leaving only charred ashes behind? Spirit, of course, for that is the only force. But, in that case, it was not directed by intelligent will to a constructive end.”

“What force can be blocked within the body resulting in the destruction of the cells and tissues? Why Spirit, of course, for that is the only force there is. But, in that case, it is not directed by will or understanding, or even faith. When you know that the same force directing the course of all the stars in the heavens is the force that moves the blood through your body; digests your food; breathes in your lungs; and that it can be directed, controlled, and made to work perfectly, you are coming near to the truth.”

“Innate Intelligence, the totality of energy, force, and power, manifests itself in many ways. It builds up and it tears down, to prepare for new and better forms. That is why the whole universe is constantly changing. Everything is in a state of flux. Everything is becoming something new and better. This constant change is always toward improvement. It is controlled, or can be controlled, by Innate Intelligence; therefore it is not to be feared when this is understood.”

“We can intelligently direct the power of Spirit to every part of our bodies, and to every condition in our affairs, just as we direct water through pipes, or electric power through wires. We can do this when we understand the nature of Spirit as the Dynamic of the universe.”

“Here we begin to get a clue to the working of Spirit or Innate Intelligence in healing the human body. The density of bodies is in direct ratio to their vibration rate, the faster the vibration rate, the less dense the body, because the space is greater between the electrons composing it. When a man is sick or unhappy he says he is feeling ‘low’, which is fact, for his body vibration is slow, and his density and weight are increased. You even hear folks complain of ‘heaviness’, which again is true for them at the time. The principle has been explained by Professor Einstein, who claims that a fast moving object, a bullet, for example, weighs less when in motion than when at rest. This body, which we have thought to be a dense, physical object, may be just that, under certain conditions, when the atoms making it up are moving slowly.”

“Take heart. Have no fear. All things and conditions in your environment are of much lower vibration than you. You can cut through them when you know that all the powerful machinery of the universe is back of you; that you are here for the special purpose of handling the situations confronting you; and that you have been tempered and sharpened to the highest degree in order to do the job.”

So deliver your adjustments to your patients and speed up their vibrations. Lift up their awareness so they can laugh and buzz right through every condition they meet. You can not fail as a Chiropractor, when you realize you are releasing a universal power in the human body called Innate Intelligence.


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“If one educationally labors long and no satisfactory solution appears, he will experience frustration. Creative people, writers, artists, composers, research scientists, Chiropractors often feel completely blocked off. If you have this experience, forget the whole business for time being, turn to something remote and entirely unrelated. Your education will continue to operate because Innate knows you seek an answer. This diversion period will help remove mental and emotional blocks that kept Innate from giving you the answer. From diversion comes illumination. You may be riding on a train, sitting on a park bench, walking down a country road, when suddenly comes that most exciting and rewarding of all human thrills—insight! It is one of those so-called “mystic” glimpses into the secret hiding place of all knowledge—a clear and sudden understanding that has always baffled mankind. And when it comes, grab it quickly, make a note of it at once. Don’t let THAT answer get away. Shakespeare called it the moment “when imagination boldly comes forth in forms of things hitherto unknown.” It came to Isaac Newton when the apple fell and he saw the law of gravitation.”


B.J. Palmer, D.C. Ph.C.

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Knowing Chiropractic Philosophy

People live by their philosophies of life. Without a philosophy, no one has an adequate basis for arriving at conclusions as to what should be the procedure in the problems of life. The person who understands the philosophy of chiropractic has no limits at all upon what he may do, except in his ability to apply the principles of chiropractic to the circumstances. Without the philosophy of chiropractic, one would not come to the conclusion that vertebral adjustment is necessary. Few chiropractors ever reason out the science of chiropractic unless they get fundamentlal philosophy in their early study of the subject and, therefore, they cannot apply the principles in practice.”

T.F. Ratledge, D.C.

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What do you actually do for your patients?

I have often asked my clients to list out the answers to the following question: “What do you actually do for your patients?” These are some of the answers:







  1. Reduce or eliminate nerve interference.

  2. Reduce or eliminate structural abnormality.

  3. Increase immune system resistance to disease.

  4. Restore body to optimum health.

  5. Enhance the enjoyment of life.

  6. Reduce anxiety.

  7. Alleviate headaches, neck and back pain.

  8. Restore normal gait.

  9. Reduce and eliminate scoliosis.

10. Increase endurance.

11. Allow the body to heal itself.

12. Prevent disease.

13. Prevent or eliminate the use of drugs and unnecessary surgeries.

14. Give them natural alternative care.

15. Its inexpensive compared to other forms of treatment.

16. Its safe.

17. Results are usually immediate.

18. Increased energy.

19. Increased productivity resulting in increased income or saved income.

20. Increased sex drive.

21. Fertility.

22. Increase in quality of life.

23. Increased intelligence.

24. Decrease of arthritic activity, disk disease or degeneration.

25. Prevents injuries.

26. Increased awareness and alertness.

27. Decrease of trigger points.

28. Sleep better.

29. Reduces stress.

30. It gives the patient their life back.


The list could go on and you should add your own miracles to this list. The next question you should ask yourself is: “What is all this worth?” The answer is that it is “priceless.”




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Living Man Is?

Book: Evolution or Revolution by B.J. Palmer 

Chapter 2: Living Man Is?


LIVING MAN—is the original and first internal, automatic, autonomous, auto-mobile.

—has a spiritual, mental generator and batteries (brain), wire system (nerves), spark plugs (peripheral ends of nerves), trillions of motors (muscles).

—is a chemical laboratory, mixing proper and right quantities and qualities of ingredients, acids, and alkalis, at proper places, at correct times, to meet every necessity, to produce its own internal gasoline-gas.

—is the original internal combustion engine, producing a liquid and gaseous heating and cooling systemic system for all its parts;

—from which there is a carbon-dioxide exhaust, which is transported thru tubes to mufflers (lungs), which silently convey it to outer space.

—has a complete series of individually independent and inter-dependent muscular sets of movements producing internal locomotion automation.

—has a complete inter-communication system notifying all parts when, where, how, and why to inter-relate their activities;

—all of which have been tried, tested, developed, constructed and reconstructed many times, many ways;

—all of which have been in the making and working in unity millions of years in millions of duplications;

—produced in the largest, finest, and longest continuous working assembly line of any production factory, assembling millions of duplicated models, all alike, season after season.

—is a spiritual, mental, electrical, chemical, mechanical inter-related, inter-locking, integrated system, into one harmonious whole, without conflict, each part of which works at proper place, at right time, in normal quantities, with natural directions, both efferent and afferent, all of which works under one consistent guiding intelligent factor, all of which works as one total unit producing a movable healthy living man.

—has perfect locomotion as the ONE most perfected machine conceived and never duplicated by education in any part, the sum total of which makes a movable automobile.

Every intellectual, mental, electrical, mechanical, chemical factor known to science is first found in and working in living man,

—there being but 310 known mechanical movements in man-made devices, all of which are first found in living man, which educated man tries to artificially duplicate.


SUPPOSE—one such complete unit had some one or more parts that weren’t working at par; paralyzed

—had some one or more chemicals unbalanced, solid or liquid, acid or alkali

—had “cold feet” or “fevered body”

—and some part or parts refused to be automobile,

COULD YOU, by education gathered and garnered in school, college, or university

—from here or there,

—from birth to adult life,

—direct any or all of this coordinated locomotion —to restore any absent inactivity?


IF all this is internally independent of, and is not under the direction, control, or regulation of external medical science (?) or medication, of what use is IT when sickness appears and medical education (sic) thinks IT ALONE has EXTERNAL wisdom and power as great or greater, to pursue its arbitrary programs to modify, change, and can prescribe some compound or inject some deleterious injection into the machine which hopes to bring cosmos out of chaos, increasing or decreasing these internal functions which are solely under the intelligent, self-sustaining, self-perpetuating INSIDE SOMETHING within, which originated them?


Educated man primitively and durably lives a divided exis­tence between the top Innate above and immaterialistic function in the materialistic body below. He knows there IS a source greater than his education and he does see the manifested expression. He knows, educationally, he cannot know the Innate in its infinity, yet in spite of this he thinks he can educationally do something, somewhere, some way, to aid, help, direct, and improve upon ITS physical products in that body.


He knows the Innate is at all times, in all ways, normal and natural. At the same time, he educationally sees, studies, diagnoses the inferior physical abnormal, unnatural sicknesses and diseases. Without making allowances for the controlling source—factor of Innate, he educationally tries to patch, change, modify, and correct the abnormal TO normal, the unnatural TO natural, by ignoring source above, hoping to improve the finite physical diseases. He hopes to increase normal quantity OF SOURCE above, of abnormal quantity of physical expression below, by stimulating or inhibiting abnormal quantity below.


Obviously, education, being an abstract of a lower semi­source order, cannot observe or sense the infinite Innate itself as an abstract of a higher and unreachable order. This kind of incorrective thinking is equivalent to trying to whip a rundown, tired old horse at the bottom of the hill, hoping to FORCE the sick horse to pull an impossible load to the top of the hill. Medical education senses the sick horse, does NOT know WHY the horse is tired; nor does he know the difference between “able” and “tired.” Not knowing any difference, he proceeds to WHIP THE SUBSTANCE, MATTER, BONES, and MUSCLES of the horse. He knows no other way of trying to increase the ability of THE PHYSICAL horse.


Because medical abstract EDUCATION cannot see, direct, modify, or change the INVISIBLE source; and because medical abstract EDUCATION CAN see, modify, and change the VISIBLE matter, they proceed to try to do so in multiple ways, thinking that IS THE WAY to improve the invisible IN the visible.


E-mail me at and I will send you a copy of this article.

Call me at (727) 643-8376 if you want a purpose revitalization telephone consultation.

Paul Turnbull



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Un-Brainwash the Chiropractor

The world is indoctrinated in medicine. People are conceived and born in a medicine cabinet. They grow up in a drug store. Their priests and their tin gods are the AMA. They have been brain-washed, hypnotized, mesmerized and drugged to believe their life-force comes from Outside-in.
Chiropractic must unbrainwash the public and demonstrate that health comes from Inside-Out. But first we must un-brainwash the Chiropractor, too many of whom have themselves not caught the idea that the vertebral adjustment releases Innate, works in harmony with Innate, becomes a partner with Innate in effecting the cure.
By B. J. Palmer, D.C., Ph. C

You can watch 4 Chiropractic Philosophy videos at Report Master – Business Builders TV:

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Time is of the Essence!

Time always has and always will perpetuate those methods which better serve mankind. Chiropractic is no exception to that rule. My illustrious father placed this trust in my keeping, to keep pure and unsullied or defamed. I pass it on to you unstained, to protect as he would have you do.
As he passed on , so will I. We admonish you to keep this principle and practice unadulterated and unmixed. Humanity needed then what he gave us. You need now what I give you. Out there in those great open spaces are multitudes seeking what you posses.
The burdens are heavy; responsibilities are many; obligations are providential; but the satisfaction of traveling the populated highways and byways, relieving suffering and adding millions of years to lives of millions of suffering people. will bring forth satisfaction and glories with greater blessings than you think. Time is of the essence.
May God flow from above-down His bounteous strengths, courage and understanding to carry on; and may your Innates receive and act on that free flow of Wisdom from above-down; inside-out…for you have in your possession a Sacred Trust. Guard it well.
By B. J. Palmer
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