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Diet and Disease by Dr. Mercola

Two years ago I was introduced to Dr. Mercola and his work on diet and disease. I feel that his research and articles are the best way to get the necessary information to transition to a healthy lifestyle. Go ahead and discover he truth.



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Death by Food

I’ve written several posts on obesity and children. It seems that this plaque is getting worse. The results of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) is having a wide range of effects on our children. Once they get a taste for fatty foods it becomes an uphill battle to get them to convert to a healthy lifestyle. My advice is to not let them get a taste in the first place. A great book for this is “Dr. Attwood’s Low-Fat Prescription for Kids” available on There are numerous recipes that are really appealing to the young ones.

Two other books are worth mentioning: “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell and “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” by Caldwll B. Esselstyn, Jr. M.D.

A study of these three books will give you all the information you need on nutrition and help you not only change your life but the lives of all those that follow you.


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How to Become a Diabetic

An editor in a local newspaper stated that fat people are happier than other people. How does he know? Did he ever have to leave the top buttons of his shirt unfastened on account of his extra chins? Has the pressure from within against the waistband where the cell phone is located ever been so great in his case that he had to partially undress himself to make a call? Does he have to take the tailor’s word for it that his trousers need pressing? He does not. And that sort of a remark is only what might be expected from any person upward of seven feet tall and weighing about ninety-eight pounds with his heavy underwear on. I shall freely take his statements on the joys and ills of the thin. But when he undertakes to tell me that fat people are happier than thin people, it is only hearsay evidence with him and I decline to accept his statements unchallenged. He is going outside of his experience. He is, as you might say, no more than an innocent bystander. Whereas, I am a qualified authority.

I will admit that at one stage of my life, I regarded fleshiness as a desirable asset. The incident came about in this way. There was a circus showing in our town and a number of us proposed to attend it. It was one of those one-ring, one dollar circuses that used to go about over the country, and it is my present recollection that all of us had funds laid by sufficient to buy tickets; but if we could procure admission in the regular way we felt it would be a sinful waste of money to pay our way in.

With this idea in mind we went scouting round back of the main tent to a comparatively secluded spot, and there we found a place where the canvas side-wall lifted clear of the earth for a matter of four or five inches. We held an informal caucus to decide who should go first. The honor lay between two of us–between the present writer, who was reasonably skinny, and another boy, named Thompson, who was even skinnier. He won, as the saying is, on form. It was decided by practically a unanimous vote, he alone dissenting, that he should crawl under and see how the land lay inside. If everything was all right he would make it known by certain signals and we would then follow, one by one.

Two of us lifted the canvas very gently and this Thompson boy started to wriggle under. He was about halfway in when–zip!–like a flash he bodily vanished. He was gone, leaving only the marks where his toes had gouged the soil. Startled, we looked at one another. There was something peculiar about this. Here was a boy who had started into a circus tent in a highly cautious manner, and then finished the trip with undue and sudden reckless haste. It was more than peculiar–it bordered upon the uncanny. It was sinister. Without a word having been spoken we decided to go away from there.

Wearing expressions of intense unconcern and sterling innocence upon our young faces we did go away from there and drifted back in the general direction of the main entrance. We arrived just in time to meet our young friend coming out. He came hurriedly, using his hands and his feet both, his feet for traveling and his hands for rubbing purposes. Immediately behind him was a large, coarse man using language that stamped him as a man who had outgrown the spirit of youth and was preeminently out of touch with the ideals and aims of boyhood.

At that period it seemed to me and to the Thompson boy, who was moved to speak feelingly on the subject, and in fact to all of us, that excessive slimness might have its drawbacks. Since that time several of us have had occasion to change our minds. With the passage of years we have fleshed out, and now we know better. The last time I saw the Thompson boy he was known as Excess-Baggage Thompson. His figure in profile suggested a man carrying a roll-top desk in his arms and his face looked like a face that had refused to jell and was about to run down on his clothes. He spoke longingly of the days of his youth and wondered if the shape of his knees had changed much since the last time he saw them.

This thing of acquiring a tummy steals on one insidiously, like a thief in the night. You notice that you are plumping out a trifle and for the time being you feel a sort of small personal satisfaction in it. Your shirts fit you better. You love the slight strain upon the buttonholes. You admire the pleasant plunking sound suggestive of ripe watermelons when you pat yourself. Then a day comes when the autumn arrives and evening is at hand you take the dress-suit, which fit you so well, out of the closet where it has been hanging and undertake to back yourself into it. You are pained to learn that it is about three sizes too small. At first you are inclined to blame the suit for shrinking, but second thought convinces you that the fault lies elsewhere. It is you that have swollen, not the suit that has shrunk. The buttons that should adorn the front of the coat are now plainly visible from the rear.

You buy another dress-suit and next fall you have out-grown that one too. You pant like a lizard when you run to catch a car. You cross your legs and have to hold the crossed one on with both hands to keep your stomach from shoving it off in space. After a while you quit crossing them and are content with dawdling yourself on your own lap. You are fat! Dog-gone it–you are fat!

Of course you might diet in the same way that a woman diets. You know how a woman diets. She begins the day very resolutely, and if you are her husband you want to avoid irritating her or upsetting her, because hell hath no fury like a woman dieting. For breakfast she takes a swallow of coffee and half of a soda cracker. For luncheon she takes the other half of the cracker and leaves off the coffee. For dinner she orders everything on the menu except the date and the name of the proprietor. She does this in order to give her strength to go on with the treatment.

In summary here’s a fat man’s analysis of a fat man’s diet. What you eat is what you’ll wear. If you eat too many greasy foods, you’ll sweat grease. If you eat a lot of potatoes, you’ll look like Mr. Potato Head. Attending fast food restaurants means you will have fast fat accumulation. Drinking soda pop will kill you faster than cigarettes and if you have a soda and a cig five times a day to keep your energy up, you will die a slow death by consumption.

Diabetes for some is only a meal away. Foods do have a cumulative effect and then one day you can’t believe your eyes, you’ve gained 30 lbs. in three months, you’re short of breath and the breath you have is foul.

There is only one way to reverse this ever growing fat problem and that is to go on a totally raw diet for as long as it takes to reduce to a safe healthy weight. There’s a great video out on this entire subject at

Paul Turnbull




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Certain Foods are Driving Children Crazy!

Love me don't drug meWhen I was growing up, I played a lot of sports; weight lifted and generally was very outgoing. I don’t know how I did it. My breakfast consisted of a bowl of sugar-frosted flakes and milk. Lunch was two jam and peanut butter sandwiches on white bread. Supper was meat, potatoes and green beans with tea or coffee. I don’t remember drinking a glass of water unless my mother made me do it. After a couple hours of hard tackle football, all of us would go to the corner store and down one or two bottles of soda and eat a bag of donuts between us. How in the world did I even grow with that kind of diet? Was I a troubled child, of course I was. Did I get into trouble in school, of course I did. Was I labeled as a difficult student that needed the extra help and placed in the same class as all the misfits, yes I was. Did I turn out OK? Not really. At 21 years of age I was 30 lbs overweight and had to buy jeans that had “husky” on the label. I’m talking about the years from 1955 – 1970. A child today who acted in the same way I did during those years would be placed on mind altering stimulant medication and labeled for life.

Ice CreamChildren today are not as healthy as they were just 30 years ago. This morning I asked a 6-year-old boy what he had eaten for breakfast? He told me French toast and a Popsicle. When I spoke to his mother I found out that the French toast was frozen and on a stick, that she put it in the microwave to heat it up and then poured maple syrup on it before he would eat it. Her reasoning was that she was in a hurry and this was a “fast fix.”  The decreasing nutritional value of food, coupled with its increased consumption, is creating serious health problems in our children.

Youth obesity has doubled, juvenile diabetes is on the rise, over 10 million children are on mind altering prescription medication and serious diseases once reserved for adults – such as heart disease and high blood pressure – are taking root during childhood years.

Not surprisingly, the Surgeon General reports that 70% of disease in the United States is diet-related. The good news is that the solution is contained within the cause – food. By reducing the consumption of unhealthy food, and bringing food of high nutritional value back into the diets of children, we can turn this situation around.

Ongoing research has demonstrated that some childhood ailments can be eased through the use of nutritional supplements. Many ailments have a food-related cause. Often allergies stem from food sensitivity. Sugar, white flour, and fast foods can be the cause of hyperactivity. Symptoms from ailments and allergies can be eased through adding nutritional supplements into the diet. For example, eczema and allergy symptoms are eased with a nondairy diet and the inclusion of fish oils. Muscle cramps and trouble sleeping can be improved by adding a calcium-magnesium supplement to the diet because it relaxes muscles and nerves.

Nutritional supplements are showing positive results in the treatment of so called “hyperactivity” (ADD and ADHD), now very commonly labelled in children. Studies in Canada, the United States, Britain and South Africa report that 68% of the hyperactive children given Gamma-linolenic Acid (GLA) showed improvement in their behavior. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is an essential fatty acid (EFA) in the omega-6 family that is found primarily in plant-based oils. EFAs are essential to human health but cannot be made in the body. For this reason, they must be obtained from food. EFAs are needed for normal brain function, growth and development, bone health, stimulation of skin and hair growth, and regulation of metabolism.

Other findings report that 67% of hyperactive children had abnormal thirst, a symptom of an essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency. Zinc deficiencies are also common among hyperactive children. A simple supplement can eliminate these deficiencies. Also, calcium magnesium calms the nervous system.

icecream babyAs parents, many of us have allowed our children to fall into unhealthy eating habits. Many parents do not stop to consider the caloric or fat intake of their children’s meals. For example, the recommended caloric intake for a child is about 1,500 calories per day, with an allowance of only 17 grams of fat from less-than-desirable sources. However, a typical child’s restaurant meal consisting of a cheeseburger, fries, soda and a sundae has 1,700 calories with 58 grams of saturated and trans fat. This single meal contains three days worth of harmful, artery-clogging fat!

Changing the eating habits of our children requires substituting nutritious food. It is important to consider the type and amount of foods consumed by a child. To do this requires creativity in finding healthier “taste-alikes” and other ways to get your children to make better food choices. Health food stores offer a wide variety of foods that children eat every day, so it is not difficult to create a healthy menu. Supplements are absolutely necessary to the welfare of your children so they will grow into healthy adults.

One such food offered at nutritional clinics is called “Greens First” which I consume daily on rising. I’ve replaced the sugar-frosted flakes with an energy drink that consists of a scoop of “Greens First” and a scoop of “Dream Protein.” What makes this drink the number one choice in Super Food drink mixes is the guaranteed refreshing great taste when mixed with plain water. Children love the taste while getting the antioxidant power of over 10 servings of fruits and vegetables in every scoop. The “Dream Protein” gives 20g of Whey protein along with all the essential amino acids to help build strong bodies. This is the fastest way to give your children the daily nutrition they need!

At these clinics they combine Nutrition Response Testing, organ detoxification techniques, enzyme therapy along with proper nutrition to ensure that patients are moving in the right direction toward optimum health.

As parents we must take responsibility for providing proper nutrition for our children. Start slowly. Give your children a “Greens First” protein shake in the morning and watch how they love the taste and how their overall outlook on life improves. Improve dinners, add water and cut out empty calories. In time, your children will adjust to the changes and even like them. Your children will feel better. And you will feel better knowing that you are giving them the tools to live a healthier life.

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

President, EP Management, Inc.


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