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The Element by Ken Robinson, Ph.D

The ElementWhat most businesses need is a training program for their employees and executives so that they can reach their full potential. I’ve created such programs for every position in a modern business. Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite books on this subject. I would recommend that you read it and have your employees do so too. You’ll see a major change in yourself and them. Paul Turnbull, Purpose Consultant

The Element by Ken Robinson, Ph.D.

I use the term the Element to describe the place where the things we love to do and the things we are good at come together. I believe it is essential that each of us find his or her Element, not simply because it will make us more fulfilled but because, as the world evolves, the very future of our communities and institutions will depend on it.

We need to create environments—in our schools, in our workplaces, and in our public offices—where every person is inspired to grow creatively. We need to make sure that all people have the chance to do what they should be doing to discover the Element in themselves and in their own way.

Being in our Element depends on finding our own distinctive talents and passions. Why haven’t most people found this? One of the most important reasons is that most people have a very limited conception of their own natural capacities.

This is true in several ways. The first limitation is in our understanding of the range of our capacities. We are all born with extraordinary powers of imagination, intelligence, feeling, intuition, spirituality, and of physical and sensory awareness. For the most part, we use only a fraction of these powers, and some not at all. Many people have not found their Element because they don’t understand their own powers.

The second limitation is in our understanding of how all of these capacities relate to each other holistically. For the most part, we think that our minds, our bodies, and our feelings and relationships with others operate independent of each other, like separate systems. Many people have not found their Element because they don’t understand their true organic nature.

The third limitation is in our understanding of how much potential we have for growth and change. For the most part, people seem to think that life is linear, that our capacities decline as we grow older, and that opportunities we have missed are gone forever. Many people have not found their Element because they don’t understand their constant potential for renewal. This limited view of our own capacities can be compounded by our peer groups, by our culture, and by our own expectations of ourselves. A major factor for everyone, though, is education.”


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Patient Education

Why should you educate a patient in a fashion that allows them to fully understand what you are about to do? Simple, to solicit their help in the healing process. A patient who understands the process they are undergoing, assists with the process. A patient who doesn’t understand, misses appointments, drops out completely, doesn’t do their exercises or follow advice. Without the patient fully on board no sustained healing takes place.

Those patients that give you the most trouble are the ones that don’t understand how a chiropractor, physical therapist or nutritionist can in actual fact heal the person they are administering to. This is a proven fact, spiritual healing does take place between therapist and patient and the conduit is simple education and the application of a workable technique.


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What Industries would I invest in?

What industries do I think I should invest in? Rightfully, I should invest in those industries that create jobs for more people and hopefully those industries that also benefit rather than harm the general public. As an investor I have a choice in who I wish to invest in.

I for one would not invest in the pharmaceutical companies because of the number of side effects of their products that are increasing the ill-health of the general public rather than improving their health. I would not invest in the oil or auto industries because of the amount of pollutants they are putting into the air that again result in ill-health and the destruction of the environment that I so love. I would invest in the new electric vehicle industry because it is replacing the internal combustion engine and as far as I know it will decrease the number of pollutants in the air. Along with that would be the investment in solar energy that harvests energy from the sun. I would invest in the organic food industry and not support chemical companies that again pollute the air, water and earth. The beef, chicken, pig industry is not one to invest in because of the way they again use chemicals to force grow these animals and from the consumption of them increase the ill-health of those eating them. Meaning me as an investors as well as the general public. I would of course invest in naturally grown animals that contain no chemicals or hormones. Now the psychiatric and psychological industry is also suspect because of their use of chemicals in the form of mind-altering drugs. Who would invest in this industry if it meant that you or your family members might become the effect of those drugs? That leaves me with the industry of mass destruction also know as the war machine. Why would I invest in the destruction of other countries and the death of their peoples and my own? That leaves the educational industry, private schools etc. Should or would I invest in those? The answer is yes because I have. I chose to send my daughter to a private school that didn’t allow the drugging of our children and they feed those children well with food that was organically grown. Nor did this school allow psychological testing of our children because it was found that students on drugs couldn’t learn or retain what they were taught and nor could they produce products once they graduated. Oftentimes they became a burden on society.

What does that leave me to invest in? The largest borrowers of money are governments. Are there governments for the people or are they governments based on enhancing the wealth of the few to the determent of the many.

That leaves me very few industries to invest in. So what am I to do? I would think that the sane thing to do would be to invest in businesses and industries that are in my local environment and my selection of those businesses would be based on the product they were producing and the effect it had on the environment and the people within that environment. Plus I would benefit directly from my investments as my environment would improve first and expand out into a greater sphere of influence.

I would invest in health care professionals that use no drugs and had a tendency to teach their patients how to eat natural foods that would result in a higher level of production for those patients. Industries like Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage and of course those industries that use natural remedies rather than drugs. I like these industries because they have a goal of getting their patients off their medication and drugs. I have known great medical doctors as well who have risen above the normal and have moved into the area of nutrition rather then drugs.

What industries would you invest in?

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Chiropractic Education

Today we have the “Pinched Nerve Model” which easily explains the idea of Subluxation. The model to get is the one that changes from a green fast pulsating light to a slow red pulsating light when subluxated.

When you’re out on the town and you don’t have your model with you, you could simply take a person’s finger and tell them to imagine it is a nerve going to their stomach. Pinch the finger at the middle joint with your fingers and ask the person “What is happening in your stomach because of this pinched nerve?” Get them to describe the symptoms that would be going on in their stomach if they had a pinched nerve, i.e. indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, ulcers, etc. Ask them, “What would I have to do to correct this condition?” They will say, “Remove your fingers!” Then tell them the same thing happens in the body wherever you have a “pinched nerve” or “Subluxation.”

Another way to get them to adopt your point of view is to palpate their neck and find a Subluxation. Ask them, “How did you injure this area?” or “How did you whack your head?” Have them give you all the injuries they can remember for that subluxation. Then palpate for the next one and ask the questions over again. By the time you reach the low back the person will be saying, “Boy I’m really messed up!” or “I didn’t realize how many times I’ve been injured!” or “I forgot about that roller skating accident, do you think

that is what’s causing my headaches?” This method should also be used on a new patient as part of your examination. Palpate first then confirm with any other test you may want to do. The purpose is to raise the awareness of the person or patient that they have been injured and they are subluxated.

Chiropractic Education


“Chiropractic was BORN a simple principle and practice. When ChiropracTIC  WAS simple and ChiropracTORS  WERE simple, Chiropractic and Chiropractors were getting sick people well.”

“Those who lived simple Chiropractic succeed.” “Those who lived complexed fail.” “Simple makes; Complex breaks!”

Excerpt from the book Up from Below The Bottom by B.J. Palmer pg. 704

Making anything really simple is difficult enough; but keeping it simple is just about three times as hard. Someone is eternally at it to add to, amplify, or in some fashion complicate any idea or product or service or plan. So-called “improvements” seem to attach themselves, like barnacles to the hull of a ship. A case in point is the simple Brain/Body/Diagram. It was designed by him to simply demonstrate to the patient how the body functions. Because of its simplicity, the patient would retain the information and when asked, could draw it back. This ensures that the patient will draw it for others and get them interested in Chiropractic. Any complication of this diagram defeats its purpose.

One Doctor when drawing the Brain/Body/Diagram would go into cell division. This caused his patients to go into a coma or shut off mentally.

“Simple makes; Complex breaks!”

Are you making your educational steps too complex? Do you show patients videos that do not define the terms that are used? Have you ever quizzed your patients to see if they actually understood the material you explained to them?


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Use Simple Language

bjold03smWere I a Chiropractor I would use the term “misplaced vertebra” for “subluxation;” “first bone in the neck” for “atlas; “second bone in the neck” for “axis;” “flow of life-giving energy” for “mental impulse,” in explaining Chiropractic to a new patient or to someone wishing to know Chiropractic.

And I know that it works, because only recently I explained the principles of Chiropractic to an insurance adjuster who was trying to get an explanation of it for his company. The Chiropractor whom he consulted was a number one man and knows his business. He rattled off from memory the definition found on the front inside cover of “The Chiropractor;” but he failed to give the adjuster a concept of what Chiropractic is, what it does or why it does it. I then volunteered to explain it and did so without technical terms, and the adjuster went out of the office with something definite to write his company.


I could make quick converts to Chiropractic, because people believe what they SEE AND LOOK AT more readily than what they are told.

By B. J. Palmer, D.C., Ph. C – Book: Up from Below the Bottom


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Brain-Body Diagram

Brain-Body Diagram FullIts important to fully educate your patients during your Report of Findings in such a way that they can educate others. The best way to do that is to draw out the Brain-Body Diagram for them, explaining it in simple terms and then asking the patient to draw it back as best they can. Help them when they stall but also give them time to work it out for themselves. Let them take the drawing home with them to show other family members. Doing your education this way will help your patients refer.

Paul Turnbull e-mail: Cell: (727) 643-8376 website:


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I’m Looking for Ideal Clients

Love me don't drug meI’ve started to take on more consulting clients and I’m looking for a particular type of client.

I want clients who make me feel more energized and excited after working with them.

I want to know that they will take me seriously and follow my instructions so that they actually expand their practices and help more people.

I want clients with a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to implement the procedures they feel are workable in their clinic.

When you read this it almost seems like I’m looking for clients that don’t need a consultant. Well, that is true in part as I want to only consult them to a level where they will follow their own advice and stop depending on me to come up with all the solutions to their practice problems. At that point the consulting ends and our friendship begins. We all know that you can’t charge friends for your advice or for helping them. That is my total philosophy. I will help a person succeed up to a point where they can help themselves. That means that they must be willing to accept my help, not fight me tooth and nail, disagree with me or my advice and then say that the consulting they received from me didn’t work or wasn’t of value. I believe you know these two types of clients, one good one not.

I’m not looking for clients who have totally given up, who are absolutely on their last legs and who are refusing to be helped. There has to be that spark of faith, that willingness to do whatever it takes, that drive that will ignite them to success once the flame has been fanned.

How am I different than the other consultants? First I’ll tell you what I am not. I am not a Chiropractor nor am I a mentor, meaning a leader in the field of Chiropractic who tells you how to avoid pitfalls and to avoid making the same mistakes I did.

I am a consultant that has the uncanny ability to ask the right questions so that you can find the answers within yourself. In my study of Chiropractic philosophy and history I have come to realize that when you went to Chiropractic College you were mentored and given ideas, procedures and advice that were not workable in the real world. I’m sure you’ve experienced that already and probably discovered that in the first year of practice. Now you’re looking for the right answers and you don’t know where to look. Those answers can be uncovered in you.

A three hour session of this type of consulting in a round table format could change your entire outlook on how to manage your practice, get in more new patients and educate those patients so they stay, and refer others.

I’d like to set up one of these round table sessions in your area with 8 – 10 of your colleagues. Give me a call at 727-643-8376 or e-mail me at so I can confirm you and establish a time and place.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull

Senior Consultant

EP Management, Inc.


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“If one educationally labors long and no satisfactory solution appears, he will experience frustration. Creative people, writers, artists, composers, research scientists, Chiropractors often feel completely blocked off. If you have this experience, forget the whole business for time being, turn to something remote and entirely unrelated. Your education will continue to operate because Innate knows you seek an answer. This diversion period will help remove mental and emotional blocks that kept Innate from giving you the answer. From diversion comes illumination. You may be riding on a train, sitting on a park bench, walking down a country road, when suddenly comes that most exciting and rewarding of all human thrills—insight! It is one of those so-called “mystic” glimpses into the secret hiding place of all knowledge—a clear and sudden understanding that has always baffled mankind. And when it comes, grab it quickly, make a note of it at once. Don’t let THAT answer get away. Shakespeare called it the moment “when imagination boldly comes forth in forms of things hitherto unknown.” It came to Isaac Newton when the apple fell and he saw the law of gravitation.”


B.J. Palmer, D.C. Ph.C.

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Living Man Is?

Book: Evolution or Revolution by B.J. Palmer 

Chapter 2: Living Man Is?


LIVING MAN—is the original and first internal, automatic, autonomous, auto-mobile.

—has a spiritual, mental generator and batteries (brain), wire system (nerves), spark plugs (peripheral ends of nerves), trillions of motors (muscles).

—is a chemical laboratory, mixing proper and right quantities and qualities of ingredients, acids, and alkalis, at proper places, at correct times, to meet every necessity, to produce its own internal gasoline-gas.

—is the original internal combustion engine, producing a liquid and gaseous heating and cooling systemic system for all its parts;

—from which there is a carbon-dioxide exhaust, which is transported thru tubes to mufflers (lungs), which silently convey it to outer space.

—has a complete series of individually independent and inter-dependent muscular sets of movements producing internal locomotion automation.

—has a complete inter-communication system notifying all parts when, where, how, and why to inter-relate their activities;

—all of which have been tried, tested, developed, constructed and reconstructed many times, many ways;

—all of which have been in the making and working in unity millions of years in millions of duplications;

—produced in the largest, finest, and longest continuous working assembly line of any production factory, assembling millions of duplicated models, all alike, season after season.

—is a spiritual, mental, electrical, chemical, mechanical inter-related, inter-locking, integrated system, into one harmonious whole, without conflict, each part of which works at proper place, at right time, in normal quantities, with natural directions, both efferent and afferent, all of which works under one consistent guiding intelligent factor, all of which works as one total unit producing a movable healthy living man.

—has perfect locomotion as the ONE most perfected machine conceived and never duplicated by education in any part, the sum total of which makes a movable automobile.

Every intellectual, mental, electrical, mechanical, chemical factor known to science is first found in and working in living man,

—there being but 310 known mechanical movements in man-made devices, all of which are first found in living man, which educated man tries to artificially duplicate.


SUPPOSE—one such complete unit had some one or more parts that weren’t working at par; paralyzed

—had some one or more chemicals unbalanced, solid or liquid, acid or alkali

—had “cold feet” or “fevered body”

—and some part or parts refused to be automobile,

COULD YOU, by education gathered and garnered in school, college, or university

—from here or there,

—from birth to adult life,

—direct any or all of this coordinated locomotion —to restore any absent inactivity?


IF all this is internally independent of, and is not under the direction, control, or regulation of external medical science (?) or medication, of what use is IT when sickness appears and medical education (sic) thinks IT ALONE has EXTERNAL wisdom and power as great or greater, to pursue its arbitrary programs to modify, change, and can prescribe some compound or inject some deleterious injection into the machine which hopes to bring cosmos out of chaos, increasing or decreasing these internal functions which are solely under the intelligent, self-sustaining, self-perpetuating INSIDE SOMETHING within, which originated them?


Educated man primitively and durably lives a divided exis­tence between the top Innate above and immaterialistic function in the materialistic body below. He knows there IS a source greater than his education and he does see the manifested expression. He knows, educationally, he cannot know the Innate in its infinity, yet in spite of this he thinks he can educationally do something, somewhere, some way, to aid, help, direct, and improve upon ITS physical products in that body.


He knows the Innate is at all times, in all ways, normal and natural. At the same time, he educationally sees, studies, diagnoses the inferior physical abnormal, unnatural sicknesses and diseases. Without making allowances for the controlling source—factor of Innate, he educationally tries to patch, change, modify, and correct the abnormal TO normal, the unnatural TO natural, by ignoring source above, hoping to improve the finite physical diseases. He hopes to increase normal quantity OF SOURCE above, of abnormal quantity of physical expression below, by stimulating or inhibiting abnormal quantity below.


Obviously, education, being an abstract of a lower semi­source order, cannot observe or sense the infinite Innate itself as an abstract of a higher and unreachable order. This kind of incorrective thinking is equivalent to trying to whip a rundown, tired old horse at the bottom of the hill, hoping to FORCE the sick horse to pull an impossible load to the top of the hill. Medical education senses the sick horse, does NOT know WHY the horse is tired; nor does he know the difference between “able” and “tired.” Not knowing any difference, he proceeds to WHIP THE SUBSTANCE, MATTER, BONES, and MUSCLES of the horse. He knows no other way of trying to increase the ability of THE PHYSICAL horse.


Because medical abstract EDUCATION cannot see, direct, modify, or change the INVISIBLE source; and because medical abstract EDUCATION CAN see, modify, and change the VISIBLE matter, they proceed to try to do so in multiple ways, thinking that IS THE WAY to improve the invisible IN the visible.


E-mail me at and I will send you a copy of this article.

Call me at (727) 643-8376 if you want a purpose revitalization telephone consultation.

Paul Turnbull



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Chiropractic Education



Chiropractic was BORN a simple principle and practice. When ChiropracTIC was simple and ChiropracTORS WERE simple, Chiropractic and Chiropractors were getting sick people well.

Those that lived simple Chiropractic succeed.

Those that lived complexed fail.

Simple makes; Complex breaks!

(Up From Below The Bottom by B.J. Palmer)


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