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Earl Hits a High NoteAnd this brings us to the idea of miracles.

Have you had any miracles lately?

The definition of miracle is: “An event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws.”

In the 20th century the “known scientific law” is medicine.

When interviewing your patients you have found out that they have been everywhere else before they came to you. If the patient has headaches and her Doctor could not find the cause then the patient is told that nothing can be done and that she must learn to live with it. This is known scientific law. Or she will be given medication to deaden her nerves so that the pain will be masked although the condition she has continues to worsen as in arthritis. This again, is the law in medicine! Someone in terrible physical pain who then exhibits mental instability must be hospitalized, strapped to a bed and given electro-convulsive-therapy (yes, they still do this and it is on the rise); this is psychiatric medicine at its finest.

Or they are given a mental straight j acket with the use of Prozac, Xanac, Zoloff and for children they use Prozac, Ritalin etc., for drug addicts they use Methadone.

In some states, it is the law that if you do not submit your child for psychiatric examination when ordered then you can be charged with abuse!

Now, how many patients have you adjusted that have had signs of mental instability who after awhile were normal without the use of electroshock, drugs and incarceration?

How many children have you helped who were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or hyperactivity, who then, with your help have lived a normal productive life?

What about the patient with daily migraine headaches for fourteen years who hasn’t had a headache for the last month?

These are all miracles! They contradict known scientific law. In actual fact, all of known scientific law has been applied to your patients before they come to you and the patient still has the condition they are complaining about. Then you adjust them and they no longer have that condition. This is a miracle!

Well, what about this headache patient who loses her headaches but doesn’t attribute it to Chiropractic? You and I know that when she came to your office she suffered from headaches for fourteen years, that she had been everywhere else and known scientific law had failed her and that you found and removed the subluxations that were causing the condition and now she no longer has headaches. At least we know this, so you should put it down in your book of testimonials and chalk up another miracle.

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