Tesla Motors – Analysis of Success

04 May

Analysis of Tesla Motors – Elon Musk

purpose-actionA recent article was published stating that Tesla Motors was bound to fail like all the other electric car companies of the past. I stopped reading the article part way through because it is not what is really happening. Those car startup companies that failed couldn’t mass produce enough cars fast enough. Elon has done this practically overnight in car years. Plus he is moving into the battery business which is going to take off like his rocket business because now people are willing to trust all things electric. The stranglehold from the auto industry has been broken and electric is being adopted by Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Audi, etc. All thanks to Tesla. GM is doing a great job of playing catchup and might just prove to be competitive which is what Elon wants. That’s why he made all his patents public. He’s now done the same with his home and industrial battery pack.

Elon is such a genius, the average man thinks he’s being fooled. And if the investors abandon Tesla it’s only because they think they can make money elsewhere. But Tesla now has the ability to finance itself as evidenced by the gov’t debt load of 450 million that was paid off two years ago. 

To say that Tesla hasn’t turned a profit is totally false. Elon did the right thing by paying off his debts when he had an abundance of cash coming in and that cash was actually profit, meaning he was producing electric cars for more than the cost of making one.

Now I want Elon to get into natural construction materials made out of plant fiber like hempcrete so that the homes and industries are more efficient and let the power companies fall by the wayside.

Paul Turnbull

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  1. heberm310

    May 5, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    Interesting read!
    -Thanks for sharing


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