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Food Poisoning

ImageThe hardest thing to realize when you get sick is that there may be something wrong with your diet. You take the family to the movies and your little one wants a cheeseburger so you buy her one. She doesn’t eat it all so you take a bite. The next thing you know you’re falling asleep during the movie and you think, “I must be really tired.” When in fact you just poisoned yourself with the cheeseburger, one little bite.

Your daughter wakes up the next day and she has a fever of 103 degrees and you have to stay home from work to nurse her. For the life of you, you can’t figure out why she is sick so often.

Well, the cheeseburger took overnight to get to her small intestine where the body soaks up the poisons in the food. The body now has to burn out the poison so a fever is started. This is a life saving response from the body. It knows it won’t last long with poison in it so it burns it off, while giving the patient a headache so that they will learn a lesson not to eat cheeseburgers.

However, we never learn that lesson. Even when we read articles on top of articles about how cheeseburgers are not really food but are a manufactured product that has no nutrients in it that the body can actually recognize as food and so rebels and tries to expel the poison.

The question is, “How many times do we have to learn that lesson.?” You eat bad food you’re going to get sick. Cause and effect in its purist form. Drink a sugar ladened soft drink and you’re going to feel worse not better. Eat a nutritious natural organic food and you will feel better.

Must I say more?

Paul Turnbull

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