The Master of Health

18 Mar

Pam 1The Master of Health is setting the stage for a new form of awareness of health care in the minds of the populations of earth. Each human being occupies a certain place in his group. He is shackled to it by mental chains. The Master of Health breaks free of these physical, mental and spiritual bonds despite financial strain, persecution or perhaps, even scandal among his ranks. He doesn’t believe there is any opposition or obstacles to his forward progress. He has a feeling of closeness with each and every person he meets despite their shortcomings. He knows innately, if he can relieve these people from their pain and suffering, they too will rise up and become Masters in their own endeavors.

The only downfall for the Master would be his unwillingness to help those who sincerely wish to be helped.

The Master of Health is capable of finding in the midst of a crowd the person whom he must meet. He knows his message is too important to keep within. He communicates to this person certain knowledge about their personal physical condition that will cause that person to want to be helped by him.

The Master is fully aware at all times, what he can do for the populace at large. He extends out from himself, self-confidence that is observable by all. His courage drives him forward. A purpose exists within him of such intensity that it is unmistakable. He exhibits no fear of failure, shyness or stage fright. He takes command of a situation and acts. He has no doubts. His negative traits and decisions have long since been washed away.

He strikes out into his community and defeats suffering and despair. He will not ever go as low as to think he will not succeed. He succeeds at every step of his contact with people and their education on the truth about health.

He perseveres despite his patient’s unwitting desire to quit their care before correction is obtained. He ensures they become healthy without concentrating on the limits of time and money. Overcoming these limits is his specialty.

He desires that the person in front of him will get well and he sees that they do. He knows that a miracle a day will keep the medical doctor at bay.

As an educator he knows that preconceived ideas about health care are what are stopping most people from charging into his office and demanding their health. He overcomes the bombardment of false ideas expressed in the text books and media by extracting them on first contact. He invariably asks in a forthright manner, “What have you heard about my type of health care?” He doesn’t flinch or shy away from their answers but addresses them with his self-confidence intact.

He might simply say, “No, that is not true, especially in my office!” thereby convincing this person that he is the therapist for them.

People in general want to be cared for by the ideal therapist. They have their idea of the traits he should possess. You should use the traits mentioned above to help as many people as possible reach their optimum state of health!


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