Boulder on your shoulder!

11 Feb

ImageIf you’re like most physical therapists you feel like you have a boulder on your shoulders when you attempt to grow your practice. We can help but not the kind of help you think. We won’t be doing it for you (the old way) we’re going to educate you so that you can throw it off yourself. A monumental feat, I know, but we’ve done it time and time again with our clients. Here’s a link to their testimonials. Have a look, you might know one of them.

So here’s the story. You go to College and get whatever degree you wish, open your own practice, start to promote the best you can and little or nothing happens. There are only two reasons, your education has failed you or you haven’t been educated effectively in workable solutions that produce results.
We’re going to assume both things have happened to you as this is the norm. Interviews of new clients proves this to be the fact. To now go on hoping that you will figure it out on your own would be adventurous to say the least. Time being the most relevant factor, you don’t have the time to work it out before your practice gets to the point where it is insolvent. Bail outs by family members might help at that point but don’t give you the education needed to succeed, so the boulder reappears.
Now, contacting us is going to take some self control on your part. First you would have to realize you need help. Then you would have to assume that we are company with a long record of success helping your profession in particular.
How would you know if you made the right choice? You take us for a test drive in the comfort of your own office and see if those you communicate with have the smarts to help someone like you. 
Now, how do you communicate without getting fully involved? You look on our website and see if we have anything you can do for free and take us for a spin. The whole idea is to get your interest up on our company and whether or not it will fit your needs.
Measurable Solutions, Inc. allows you to attend a free one-on-one webinar that gives enough information to jump start your business. It will be totally tailored to your needs and of course we are trying to build up your interest in us as both a consulting-training company and education source. We also have inexpensive online courses where you will get even more practical business solutions plus contact with one of our consultants through our system of management education.
Do as many as you want and then call us when you feel we are the right match for you. Then we’ll introduce you to some of our top clients in your profession so that you can get a second or even third opinion. Some of their successes might startle you and make you believe that they are miracle workers but they started out right where you are now. I’m sure they will be able to answer any other doubts you might have.
Go ahead, browse our website at, watch our videos, read our successesand then call for your free webinar or do an online course. 
Looking forward to helping you!
Paul Turnbull
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