Heal Thy Self or Healthy Self

13 Nov

I came across this description of why the body stores fat while searching a new greens product that I’m trying. It makes total sense. 

“Life’s daily functions, such as digestion, stress, exercise, and the consumption of processed foods, coffee or alcohol all form acid. When your body’s pH is in the acidic range, it retains water to dilute the acidity and stores fat to protect the body’s organs from the acidity.” ref: Amazing Grass Raw Reserve.

I’ve been eating a lot more raw whole foods lately with a resultant loss of fat. I’m using a high powered bender that allows me to quickly extract all the nutrients out of the food. I’m using Stevia as a sweetener and couldn’t be happier. My wife even caught me singing in the shower, my workouts are more intense and I have much more energy. Plus there is the not so obvious benefit of not getting a disease somewhere down the line.



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