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Shock Treatment of Child was Torture


The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center is a facility that provides services for children and adults with “severe developmental disabilities and emotional or behavior disorders”. In the past decades, the Center garnered negative criticism due to its use of aversives such as electric shock, the withholding of food, spanking with a spatula, pinching of the feet and forced inhaling of ammonia.


The recent release of disturbing footage from the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center – featuring a restrained teenager who gets electroshocked 31 times – brought the controversy to a whole other level. While the Center claimed that the use of electroshock was a form of “therapy” to change behavior, the footage shows an all-out torture session under the watchful eyes and laughs of Center employees.


I would not recommend watching the Fox News footage of his torture as it is so appalling that you may disbelieve that it actually took place. Unfortunately this type of heinous treatment of children and adults has been going on for years and is supported by the US government which pays this facility $250,000 a year per child.

Please check similar facilities in your city and have them investigated if you feel that there are any treatments that harm in the name of mental health.



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Autism – What you can do about it

Two plus two = 4. Processed food + sugar + pharmaceuticals + chemicals = Autism. Report came out yesterday that one out of eighty-eight children have been diagnosed with Autism, “Today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its estimate of autism prevalence in the United States to 1 in 88 children (1 in 54 boys and 1 in 252 girls). By comparison, this is more children than are affected by diabetes, AIDS, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy or Down syndrome – combined.”

These facts are alarming. The odds of having an autistic kid are one on every block. How can that be? What is the real cause of such an epidemic that started ten years ago. The experts are saying that “better testing” is revealing more autistic children. Are they saying they were always there and we just couldn’t see them until now! I highly doubt that. I believe that these children are turning out this way because of the food and drinks they are being fed, along with all the vaccinations a new born is given, 27 at my last count.

Let’s do an experiment. Take a vibrant healthy plant in your house and now pour a can of coke into it instead of water. Do this 4 times a day and let me know how long that plant lives. It becomes obvious when you do this. The experts are being paid $176,000,000 this  year to discover the cause of Autism.

Now you can say that a new born wouldn’t drink 4 cans of coke a day but did the mother while she was pregnant? Did she eat processed foods from a fast food restaurant, does she crave ice cream? Did she consume any water while pregnant or is her beverage of choice a double dose of caffeine four times a day? When was the last time she ate raw vegetables on a regular basis?  Then the child is born and is not breast fed, but given a chemical formula of imitation food.

I can’t say enough of how obvious it is that each generation of children are born physically worse than the one before. If you want to see the results of processed, cooked food on cats, search “Pottenger’s Cats” on YouTube and you will see the kittens didn’t live beyond the third generation. We’re there now with our children.

The good news is that a pregnant mother can change her diet, breast feed her child, and ensure that her children are fed wholesome food that isn’t contaminated with sugar or chemicals and this epidemic can be reversed in one generation.

So the formula for this is for the mother and father to change their diet and then the diet of their children and they’ll live happily ever after.


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