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Patient Education

Why should you educate a patient in a fashion that allows them to fully understand what you are about to do? Simple, to solicit their help in the healing process. A patient who understands the process they are undergoing, assists with the process. A patient who doesn’t understand, misses appointments, drops out completely, doesn’t do their exercises or follow advice. Without the patient fully on board no sustained healing takes place.

Those patients that give you the most trouble are the ones that don’t understand how a chiropractor, physical therapist or nutritionist can in actual fact heal the person they are administering to. This is a proven fact, spiritual healing does take place between therapist and patient and the conduit is simple education and the application of a workable technique.


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Cash Practice

The insurance companies are raising their deductibles and the average could be as high as $5,000. The patient must meet this deductible amount before their insurance will cover them. If they don’t intend to use more than $5,000 in medical care in a year, it would be less expensive for them to simply pay cash.

They usually come into your office knowing that they have a high deductible and yet they seem surprised that their insurance won’t cover their care. It takes a lot of education of the patient to handle their misinformation about insurance and on why they should accept care from you.

I’ve educated patients on spinal decompression which is not covered by most insurances. The patient is told that they are not covered before they come into the office. When they arrive, they are shown the spinal decompression machine, allowed to talk to patients who are already receiving it and they are educated with a flip chart that clears up all the terms they probably already heard and misunderstood. They get a clear picture of the benefits of spinal decompression before the see the Chiropractor or Physical Therapist.

They are then asked questions on a thorough medical history so the patient can recall and rediscover all the ways in which they injured themselves. Then a physical examination is done so the patient becomes aware of the extent of their injury. They should at this point be fully aware of their condition and why spinal decompression is the answer. They are obviously there to avoid surgery and this is one of the ways to do so. They are shown their MRI which confirms the need of care.

The Chiropractor or Physical Therapist then tells the patient how many treatments they will need based on all the information gathered. Then the patient rep goes over the finances and possible ways of payment using different forms of financing like CareCredit etc. if necessary.

The patient then starts immediately on their care. A testimonial is gotten when the patients is out of pain and meets all the criteria set by the attending physician or therapist.


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