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Asking for Referrals

Asking for referrals is one of the most difficult things to do in a Chiropractic office. It can cause you to sweat profusely and shake all over. You may have a tendency to stutter and cough in embarrassment. That’s why most doctors won’t do it theĀ embarrassmentĀ is too great and the benefits, they think are too little.

Now that I’ve gotten all the false data out on this subject, I want to tell you the truth. Asking for referrals is the easiest thing to do once you know how and the patient in most cases will help you out. Here’s how it goes:

You look on your schedule for the day and note 2 – 3 patients that are doing well. When they come in you ask them “How are you doing?” They’ll tell you that they are doing well and if you encourage them they will tell you of the miraculous results they’ve gotten while under your care. Simply ask them, “Did I help you?” They will say: “You’ve given me my life back,” or “I couldn’t even walk when I came in here and now I’m running the 5K next week” or something like that. Acknowledge them and tell them that this is the moment you enjoy the most, helping people. Now ask them: “Do you know of anyone who lives locally that has a health problem that I could help?” They usually say “no,” or “not off hand.”At that point tell them some of your other specialties like headaches or low back pain and ask them if they know anyone that has this type of condition. Get their name and phone number and ask the patient to call and get permission for the doctor to call. Then ask if they know anyone else and get their name and phone number. Call these new patient and give them a consultation over the phone and then schedule them for a full examination.

I hope this helps.

Paul Turnbull

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