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By my old friend and mentor, Harvey Fish, DC: Ahhh, so simple and yet so out of reach for so many. I recall many years ago an older, grizzled chiropractor was asked by a newly graduated one how to build his practice. The geezer looked over the lad and said to him that he should get excited about chiropractic and that that excitement would generate more people than he could manage. The student understood but still didn’t have the spark that could ignite his passion. The wise one asked him if there was anything in his life he was excited about. The response was underwhelming but the new DC was very excited about his new car and his impending marriage. The genial older man then said that for a start it would do and he was to go to his office and share his excitement with others. He was to tell everyone about his new wife to be and his new wheels: at check out lines, at lunch counters, pumping gas, in a word, everywhere. So the newbie did as he was told and his office got busier. Yeah, he was pleased and surprised and over time his enthusiasm for his car died, thankfully not for his wife, but interestingly enough, his enthusiasm and excitement for his practice and for chiropractic grew. And as it did so did his successes, his wealth and his happiness. So excitement at almost anything will generate expansion in almost anything.

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