Memorial Day for our Children

29 May

You would think the following stories were coming out of Russia or China but they are not, they are coming out of America. This is all within the last month

1.  A mother doesn’t want to have her 13 year old daughter drugged with psychiatric psychotic medication. She refuses to allow this but the school persists and calls Child Protective Services to take the child from the mother and drug her. The mother again refuses and locks the doors of her house to protect her daughter. A swat team is called who then surround the house and smashed down the door, take the daughter and arrests the mother. Who has this kind of power, it appears that the school psychiatrist does, the school does, Child Protective Services does, the police do, the court system does but the mother doesn’t. She wanted to treat her daughter holistically. Welcome to the New Health Care Police State.

2. Mental Screening of College students in Florida is getting a lot of TV coverage. Psychologists and Psychiatrists believe that all college students should be screen for stress and then drug them. I know first hand that they do this in Clearwater, Florida because I went with a protest group all the way to Tallahassee to get them to stop screening and drugging our children. I heard the testimony of a 13 year old girl who completed a screening questionnaire, and the police were called, she was handcuffed, placed in a police cruiser, incarcerated in the psychiatric ward of Morton Plant hospital and drugged without an attending physician. Her parents were denied access to her while this was going on. She was released after 24 hours and because of intervention by The Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

3. An expose was in the paper last week revealing the fact that the doctors of the Juvenile Justice System have systematically drugging underage detainees with psychiatric drugs without the consent of their parents or even their parent’s knowledge that this was going on. Over 400,000 doses in the last year alone.

There are three constants in the above data, psychiatrists, government officials and psychiatric medication manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

If you are brave enough or mad enough to do something, the first step would be to find out what is being done to your own children. Then how about your neighbor’s children, and then look into the juvenile system and find out what the government is doing to those children either in your local schools or jails. Yes, they have children locked up like criminals and drugged into a stupor so that they are easier to look after.

I’ve said enough. Do something before they come for you and yours.


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