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Drugs and Weight Gain

Wouldn’t you know it??!!! A lot of prescription medications cause the body to put on more FAT. In the 2006 book “The miracle of bio-identical hormones” by Michael Platt M.D. he references some of the major problems created by today’s BIG PHARMA medicine approach. The following is my short list summary of some of the most frequent medications in use that are likely causing as much trouble or more than the problems they are trying to solve.


These are a major source of weight gain for people. ZOLOFT, PAXIL, EFFEXOR, CELEXA, LEXAPRO and PROZAC are particularly prone to causing weight gain.

ELAVIL, DESIPRAMINE and NORPRAMIN also cause weight gain. Now that is depressing. Talk about a vicious cycle!!!!

BETA-BLOCKERS to reduce the heart’s workload.

These will ultimately give the heart more work in the form of excess weight the patient will soon carry around.


Estrogen creates FAT. All the prescriptions that contain estrogen will tend to create weight gain. Women who take DEPOPROVERA shots are almost guaranteed a 20 pound weight gain.


These medications tend to raise blood sugar and this ultimately leads to an increase in insulin and insulin is the fat-creating hormone.


The weight gain caused by these drugs is probably a result of fluid retention.

CHOLESTEROL DRUGS: The statin-type drugs LIPITOR, ZOCOR, PRAVACHOL, MEVACOR, LESCOL, CRESTOR, and VYTORIN. All these drugs attempt to reduce cholesterol and all have the same side effects including weight gain. Keep in mind that most brain tissue is made up of cholesterol and special cells in the brain produce cholesterol. So take note that these drugs can cause brain damage and memory loss. They can also cause damage to the liver, nerves, muscles, and the heart.

LIPITOR (Pfizer) is the #1 selling drug followed by ZOCOR (Merck) in #2 position.

So we know that cholesterol-reducing drugs are big business and we also know that the pharmaceutical industry has absolutely no interest in educating the population on proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, as this would ultimately eat into the bottom line. There are at least a dozen to 15 known markers for proper cardiovascular health and 99% of the medical industry is focusing only on this one little area called cholesterol. We are living a lie perpetrated by a dishonest industry that is brainwashing the population to the tune of 1 out of every 2 to 3 television ads depending on what time of the day it is. During the National News hour it’s about 100% drug ads.


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