What Industries would I invest in?

24 Nov

What industries do I think I should invest in? Rightfully, I should invest in those industries that create jobs for more people and hopefully those industries that also benefit rather than harm the general public. As an investor I have a choice in who I wish to invest in.

I for one would not invest in the pharmaceutical companies because of the number of side effects of their products that are increasing the ill-health of the general public rather than improving their health. I would not invest in the oil or auto industries because of the amount of pollutants they are putting into the air that again result in ill-health and the destruction of the environment that I so love. I would invest in the new electric vehicle industry because it is replacing the internal combustion engine and as far as I know it will decrease the number of pollutants in the air. Along with that would be the investment in solar energy that harvests energy from the sun. I would invest in the organic food industry and not support chemical companies that again pollute the air, water and earth. The beef, chicken, pig industry is not one to invest in because of the way they again use chemicals to force grow these animals and from the consumption of them increase the ill-health of those eating them. Meaning me as an investors as well as the general public. I would of course invest in naturally grown animals that contain no chemicals or hormones. Now the psychiatric and psychological industry is also suspect because of their use of chemicals in the form of mind-altering drugs. Who would invest in this industry if it meant that you or your family members might become the effect of those drugs? That leaves me with the industry of mass destruction also know as the war machine. Why would I invest in the destruction of other countries and the death of their peoples and my own? That leaves the educational industry, private schools etc. Should or would I invest in those? The answer is yes because I have. I chose to send my daughter to a private school that didn’t allow the drugging of our children and they feed those children well with food that was organically grown. Nor did this school allow psychological testing of our children because it was found that students on drugs couldn’t learn or retain what they were taught and nor could they produce products once they graduated. Oftentimes they became a burden on society.

What does that leave me to invest in? The largest borrowers of money are governments. Are there governments for the people or are they governments based on enhancing the wealth of the few to the determent of the many.

That leaves me very few industries to invest in. So what am I to do? I would think that the sane thing to do would be to invest in businesses and industries that are in my local environment and my selection of those businesses would be based on the product they were producing and the effect it had on the environment and the people within that environment. Plus I would benefit directly from my investments as my environment would improve first and expand out into a greater sphere of influence.

I would invest in health care professionals that use no drugs and had a tendency to teach their patients how to eat natural foods that would result in a higher level of production for those patients. Industries like Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage and of course those industries that use natural remedies rather than drugs. I like these industries because they have a goal of getting their patients off their medication and drugs. I have known great medical doctors as well who have risen above the normal and have moved into the area of nutrition rather then drugs.

What industries would you invest in?

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