Standard American Diet (SAD)

23 Sep

Love Me! Don’t Drug Me!

A child is born, at the time of birth the fetus becomes an independent unit. A certain something takes possession of that body at birth. What is that something! In the Universe we call that something Universal Intelligence and in the unit we call that something, Innate Intelligence.

This child is named Jonathan and he was born in AverageTown, USA. His parents love him as if he was the only child in the world. They want him to grow up to be an upstanding citizen who is moral, ethical and willing to change things to his and others advantage. They don’t expect that he will be hyperactive, or have ADHD as he seems quite normal at birth.

Where did Jonathan go wrong? Was he not born with the right stuff? Did he have a chemical imbalance at birth? Was he destined to be crazy or was he driven crazy?

Let’s look at Jonathan’s life to see if he was born defective or whether he was systematically changed into the monster he became.

By the time Jonathan was 9 years old his parents had given up trying to reason with him. He was taught all the proper ways of dealing with other children and he knew his manners. What he was taught and what he acted out were two different things. When other children came to play he always started out right, was polite and then he would turn into a demon and not only ruin the games being played but would destroy the other children until they were in tears and demanded to go home.

How did Jonathan turn into this sort of person that all other children despised and hated? When we look at his diet we find out that he craved sweets of all kind, sugar on his cereal, candy bars, coke, chocolate, ice cream, cake and candy. Today this is a normal diet for a young child. Although it is a form of addiction that turns a child insane as if he were on some sort of medical prescription. But in actual fact this is a diet that causes hypertension, anxiety, fits, and dramatizations, all of which make him appear abnormal.

So his parents in desperation take him to a professional who confirms by diagnosis that he is bi-polar or some such nonsense. So, poor Jonathan is drugged. They can still see the rage in his eyes but he doesn’t act out and appears to behave himself. What a tortured life he will now lead.

His parents could spend some time in the health food store finding substitutes for his addictive foods, like carob instead of chocolate, sugarless candies, perhaps even good tasting chewable multivitamins or natural drinks like almond milk. His parents would have to keep and eye on him but after awhile without sugar and caffeine he would turn into a normal boy, with normal dreams and goals.


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