Life, Death, Health and Disease

22 Aug

Where there is life there is action. Where there is action, known as function in the body, there is health. When the functions of the body deteriorate, there is disease. Death is caused by disease or an absence of life. Life can only correct the functions of the body with outside help. The chiropractor examines the body to isolate areas that are not functioning properly and then by way of adjustment, restores the function and allows life to flow freely through the body, thereby restoring health. A bone can be out of place putting pressure on a nerve limiting its ability to function. This state persisting causes malfunction. Then a disease process starts and the last thing to show up are the symptoms. A patient usually goes to a chiropractor after they have experienced symptoms. This means the injury that caused the bone to move out of place could have been years earlier. A thorough consultation and examination by a chiropractor will discover those moments where your body was injured causing the bone to put pressure on a nerve.

Of course it would be faster and easier if the patient would go to a chiropractor on a regular basis for checkups before they experience symptoms.


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