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What Chiropractic Does!

So what Chiropractic does, is that it simply “takes the handcuffs off Nature”, as it were. By finding the particular vertebra that had shifted and restoring it to its natural position, the adjustment thus releases the natural flow of nerve impulse. When the maze of nerves, or Nature’s communication system, supplies the body with the energy it needs for well being, you have health.

The office of chiropractic is to assist Nature where Nature cannot assist itself. This is done either by removing hindrances to transmission of energy, or restoring the channel to its original and normal condition. This restoration is achieved by chiropractic adjustments.

Book: Up From Below the Bottom by B.J. Palmer


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True Chiropractic Philosophy

“Is there a true chiropractic philosophy? Most certainly, and this is it. Diseases is not an entity, a thing of enmity ready to strike out at you at any opportunity. It exists first as disturbed function. The disturbed function then sets the stage for pathology and for the opportunistic vectors of disease to step in and wreak havoc. But disturbed function has its causes and center most on the stage as the cause of functional aberration in the human body is the vertebral subluxation. Certainly chiropractic recognizes other causes, but center stage in the practice of chiropractic by the chiropractor is the detection, location, analysis, control, reduction and correction of the vertebral subluxation.
Dr. Fred Barge, DC Book: Life Without Fear.

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