Chiropractic Practice Management

19 Jun
There is no shortcut to becoming an executive. It entails study and practice, based on sound principles and knowledge. But how gratifying the achievement a well-organized practice is that helps sick people get well. For many years while attending college, Graduates have spent much time and energy wondering how they will build their practices to accommodate as many people as possible. They were so awed by the prospect of being in practice that they approached this all-important phase of their career in fear and trepidation.
Now they must drop their timidity and take up the study of the principles and procedures of running a successful practice with confidence and delight. While planned primarily for the Graduate, the book, “The Graduate and the Master” is of inestimable value to those who are, or have been stagnant in practice, or those who wish to break through a plateau to a new higher level.
Academically trained in the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic, these Graduates must now master the principles of management without which they will inevitably fail. The need for a more thorough knowledge of practice management is evident
in the requests for help I have received from many Chiropractors. In the days of D.D. Palmer it was imperative that Chiropractic be thrust forward into an ailing society. This they did! However, this thrust must be permanently etched in the mind of every Graduate and Master.
The great men of Chiropractic have already done the observing, thinking, discussing, listening on the subject of the Spirit, Mind and Body, and techniques have been developed to put the resultant principles into practice.

What has been missing from the curriculums is the art, science and practice of management.

This book is designed to get the Graduate and the Master into the right frame of mind to realize that they do not know all there is to know about being in business.

Why reinvent the wheel! Study this book, attend practice management seminars and receive personal consulting so that you truly excel in practice, minus the stress, aggravation and self-doubt so evident among the ranks of today’s practitioners.

May this be the greatest step you take in your life and the many lives of the others you will surely help.

Let Chiropractic be the number one health care choice.


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