Electro-Convulsive Therapy and Pregnancy

31 Jan

Please pinch me because I think I’m in the middle of a nightmare! I thought I was up on all the crazy ideas that psychiatrists have to make money by swindling their patients. Then someone told me that psychiatrists are giving electro-convulsive therapy to pregnant women. So I did a google search for “ect and pregnancy” and found a blog written by a psychiatrist giving all the whys and wherefores of how and when you should shock babies and women. One of the main topics was whether or not it was proper procedure to sedate the fetus before the atrocity was performed! Then he goes on to state that out of 339 patients of which there exists 25 reports, 11 of the fetuses died! To avoid these death the proper protocol would be to raise the right hip of the pregnant woman to avoid the deaths.

This is for real, I couldn’t have made this up. And to top it all off his blog title is “Dr. Shock, MD, Phd.”  Look him up at and be prepared to scream at the top of your lungs as I am doing now.

What will they do next? They are already drugging our children and now they are going after the unborn babies!


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