Enthusiasm is Selling

16 Jan

You must have enthusiasm for the service you are selling. If you have this, the prospect will feel and respond to it.


Enthusiasm is the mysterious electric current that flows from seller to buyer. It can’t be seen any more than electricity can, but it can be felt.

Enthusiasm is one quality that must appear in every step of the sales talk.

The history of selling is crowded with examples of men who sold for one primary reason – that they were enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm comes from the Greek and means: “Possessed by a God, inspired.” EN; in + THEOS, God. This means a flow of emotion, known as enthusiasm is poured into the body from a spiritual source, to inspirit.

This flowing of emotion is translated into enthusiasm in the body. A person who is enthusiastic is more alive, has more life in him. He has such an abundance of life energy that he can flow it out from himself to another person who receives it and in turn becomes enthusiastic.

The only difference from person to person is that one may need more inflow of enthusiasm than another before he in turn becomes enthusiastic. It’s not that the second person cannot become enthusiastic, he just needs more inflow of enthusiasm before he overcomes and rises above his present lack of enthusiasm.

I was consulting one Doctor on the west coast who had such a lack of enthusiasm that he was acting like a vacuum and sucking the energy from not only himself but also his three staff present in the room. This fellow was driving us all mad with his low energy level and moodiness.

However, we didn’t give up on him. We kept on creating enthusiasm about
Chiropractic and the results he was obtaining with his patients. Finally, he opened up and drank freely. He drank to the point of exuberance, started dancing in the room with his hands flailing in the air. The condition was obviously new to him because he had a funny look on his face. He was drunk with enthusiasm.

So enthusiasm is a created emotion which translates into energy in the body. The more enthusiasm, the more energy. The more energy created, the more that can be passed on to others. The more passed on to others, the more sales will soar.

How to raise sales? Create enthusiasm in the service you are selling and pass it on. The Doctor I spoke of above went back to his practice and the very next week went from 139 patient visits to 248; his collections went from $3,400 to $15,000. It could not have been possible for him to promote or advertise in seven days to cause that much of a rise. The only answer could be that he was more enthusiastic for himself, his profession and his ability to get sick people well, which inspired his patients to go out and enthuse others about Chiropractic.

Let’s give the opposite example so that this becomes real. Take a Doctor whose created emotion is anger. Anger is energy of a coarser nature than enthusiasm. This Doctor is filled with anger, so much so that he must discharge some of it in order to remain sane. He turns to his assistant who is pleasantly going about her business and discharges anger on her. Now she’s overcharged. She turns to the assistant next to her and dumps on her. Now she has to get rid of it. Where is she going to unload? Right! Onto the Doctor the next time she sees him. The Doctor having discharged earlier is now starting to pull out of it when he receives another load. It’s late in the day so he can’t fire it back. He goes home and throws it at his wife and thinks “Here, you handle it.” She turns and whacks little Bobby who’s quietly playing with his crayons on the wall. Result, one unhappy marriage and the world loses one up and coming artist.

Looking at this, the only solution would be to create enthusiasm rather than anger. Enthusiasm is constructive and anger is destructive.

Enthusiasm can be developed by anyone who is willing to follow a few simple rules – and to practice. You develop enthusiasm as you develop your muscles; by exercising them.

How can you become enthusiastic as a Chiropractor? It’s quite simple:


  1. Get testimonials from your patients and read them on a daily basis.
    1. Read the testimonials to your staff at least once a week.
    2. Concentrate on the 90 to 95% of the patients that you are getting well.
    3. Realize that the other 5 to 10% of your patients who are not responding to the adjustments need intensive care, i.e., adjusted every day until they do respond.
    4. Realize that there is nothing wrong with you or your technique if you are getting 90 to 95% improvement in your patients’ health in their own estimation.
    5. If the patient is not responding, look into their life to see what is going on. Perhaps their husband is brow-beating them twenty-four hours a day for wasting his hard earned money on Chiropractic. Or, the son was just arrested for drug dealing or the daughter is pregnant. There will be something that is stopping the patient from responding.
    6. Look outward, not inward.
    7. Drill your practice procedures until you are an expert.
    8. Do not spend too much time studying the science of salesmanship, but spend more time practicing the art of selling.

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One response to “Enthusiasm is Selling

  1. Harvey

    February 2, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Ahhh, so simple and yet so out of reach for so many. I recall many years ago an older, grizzled chiropractor was asked by a newly graduated one how to build his practice. The geezer looked over the lad and said to him that he should get excited about chiropractic and that that excitement would generate more people than he could manage. The student understood but still didn’t have the spark that could ignite his passion. The wise one asked him if there was anything in his life he was excited about. The response was underwhelming but the new DC was very excited about his new car and his impending marriage. The genial older man then said that for a start it would do and he was to go to his office and share his excitement with others. He was to tell everyone about his new wife to be and his new wheels: at check out lines, at lunch counters, pumping gas, in a word, everywhere. So the newbie did as he was told and his office got busier. Yeah, he was pleased and surprised and over time his enthusiasm for his car died, thankfully not for his wife, but interestingly enough, his enthusiasm and excitement for his practice and for chiropractic grew. And as it did so did his successes, his wealth and his happiness. So excitement at almost anything will generate expansion in almost anything.


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