Salesmanship by B.J. Palmer

13 Jan

Ask yourself: Must I learn how to sell? The Doctor should never talk money with the patients; it’s unprofessional! Wouldn’t it be better for my assistant to ask for money?

The idea of not accepting money directly for your services goes back hun­dreds of years to the legal system in England. The legal system in England is divided into two classes of lawyer, the Barrister, who attends court and argues the case, and the Solicitor who acts as a clerk, managing the finances, doing legal research, interviewing clients, etc. It was the custom at that time that the Barrister could not accept money directly for his services. It was below his station to be seen accepting money. “Not proper, you know!” However, it was the Barrister who was out and about in the public. So he had on the back of his gown a pouch. If you wanted the services of a particular Barrister, you would come up behind him and place a few gold coins in his pouch. Then you could come around front and address him. To this day in America, Canada and Great Britain you will see a patch on the back of the lawyer’s gowns signifying the “pouch of old.” It has only been recently in Canada that lawyers were allowed to advertise their services in the media. Chiropractors are still limited to what they can say in their advertisements.

This point of view has obviously crept into the profession of Chiropractic. The truth is, that if the Doctor intends for his patients to get corrective care, he must be an expert salesman. Life itself is a matter of salesmanship. Everybody is a salesman to some degree.

The Chiropractor is selling something all the time, his talent, knowledge, ability and health.

Hand in hand with the ability to accept money is the willingness and ability to sell. In our modern times this word has taken on a derogatory meaning. Chiropractors do not want to be viewed as “salesmen.” I would prefer to call them “Educators,” for this is what they truly do. A patient who adopts the point of view of the Chiropractor as to the value of Chiropractic care would immediately be sold on the idea of receiving care.

Therefore, salesmanship in Chiropractic could be defined as:

“The transferring of a conviction by the Chiropractor to the patient by means of education. It implies a definite effort in educating the patient to adopt the Chiropractor’s point of view of the value of Chiropractic care; it aims to create in the patient’s mind a sense of value equal to, or greater than, the money price of the service for sale. The essence of salesmanship is the transferring of an idea or conviction from his own mind to the mind of a patient or prospective patient and having that person adopt it as his or her own. This conviction in the other person would cause them to tell others and thus Chiropractic would grow.”

In the book Up from Below the Bottom by B.J. Palmer on pages 839 and 840, the section entitled Must Sell Chiropractic tells you how to educate a person so that he adopts your point of view of Chiropractic:

“However, it is not sufficient to study Chiropractic in the world’s best school, to know it thoroughly and to go back to your hometown with a diploma in your trunk. You must SELL Chiropractic! And how can this be done? First and foremost, you must be sold on it yourselves…”

“To be sold on Chiropractic yourselves and to be able to sell it to others, you must thoroughly UNDERSTAND ITS PRINCIPLES and not merely

words in which its principles are couched. You have to sell IDEAS, not words. Consequently, learn ideas and grasp them. The mere words “mental impulse,” “innate intelligence” and other Chiropractic expressions will not get you to first base unless you grasp and thoroughly master the IDEAS that those words convey.”

“And this brings us to the matter of explaining Chiropractic to prospective patients. By all means, explain it so people can UNDERSTAND what it is all about. Remember that your patients are not Chiropractic students. Therefore, if you speak to them in Chiropractic terms without TRANSLATING those terms for them, you are wasting your breath, for they will not understand you. If you speak to them of a “subluxation, ” an “axis,” or “mental impulse” without explanation, you are talking over their heads. Technical terms are proper when you are speaking to technical men. But when you are talking to ordinary people you have to use ordinary language. Get the

IDEA across in THEIR terminology, and then you can begin to apply the technical names; but always careful to translate them into ordinary language.”

Use Simple Language

“Were I a Chiropractor I would use the term “misplaced vertebra” for “subluxation; ” “first bone in the neck” for “atlas; “second bone in the neck” for “axis;” “flow of life-giving energy” for “mental impulse,” in explaining Chiropractic to a new patient or to someone wishing to know Chiropractic. And I know that it works, because only recently I explained the principles of Chiropractic to an insurance adjuster who was trying to get an explanation of it for his company. The Chiropractor whom he consulted was a number one man and knows his business. He rattled off from memory the definition found on the front inside cover of “The Chiropractor;” but he failed to give the adjuster a concept of what Chiropractic is, what it does or why it does it. I then volunteered to explain it and did so without technical terms, and the adjuster went out of the office with something definite to write his company.”

“While it is an excellent idea to have a human spine in the office to help in your explanations, I am convinced that you also need an “occiput­atlas-axis” matched set to convey an adequate idea of the “hole-in-one” technique…”

“I wish that I had a Neurocalometer to carry around with me also, for I feel that, with the occiput-atlas-axis set of bones and the Neurocalometer, I could make quick converts to Chiropractic, because people believe what they SEE AND LOOK AT more readily than what they are told.”

Exerpted from Up From Below the Bottom by B.J. Palmer


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  1. Chiropractor Buford

    March 10, 2010 at 1:28 am

    Chiropractic care is generally safe if it can be applied skillfully and appropriately. I have to like this natural method because it has no side effect as traditional treatment methods.

  2. Chiropractor Buford ga

    March 10, 2010 at 9:33 am

    Yeah, Chiropractic treatment is the most powerful natural curing method. I also like this natural method because it, the most viable treatment method than any other treatment method.


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