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Universal Peace and Happiness

Can you see anything in this title upon which all right thinking humans cannot agree? The Hindu, the Mohammendan, the Persian, the Catholic, Protestant and Jew can join in such a statement of Faith and not be in conflict with his specific religious conviction.

Lack of any great and inspired thought upon which Mankind, as a whole, can fix its attention, in general agreement, is largely responsible for present world discord and distrust.

If every human everywhere could daily declare, in his own native tongue and experience in his own consciousness the same faith in Man and in God–the universality of friendly feeling and power for good, so engendered, would truly remake the world!

Atomic and hydrogen bombs, guided missiles, bacteriological warfare–everything fiendish and destructive that Man can conceive will not do it.

THOUGHT is the only power in the universe that can bring men together or tear them apart. The fact, however, has been persistently overlooked or disregarded. Perhaps it is because thought, in itself, is so elusive, so unpredictable, so difficult to pin down or control. And yet, everywhere about us, we see the evidence and result of thought, good or bad.

You may not feel that your little contribution to this world scene amounts to much. But you are a human, possessed of strong likes and dislikes, deep hatreds, prejudices or resentments. You have feelings and these feelings are being expressed in your daily life toward all those with whom you come in contact. It is the sum total of these feelings which you and fellow humans are expressing toward one another which has brought on this chaotic world condition.

In the world of tomorrow, humans of all races and creeds are going to have to learn to live peacefully, cooperatively and happily together.

A child recognizes no difference in the choice of his playmates of any race or denomination, unless so taught by prejudiced elders. We cannot afford to let the consciousness of our younger generation be inflamed by rabble-rousers who make a business of such excitation, or by uninformed, intolerant individuals who should know better.

Every race has some objectionable features. None of us is perfect. But each race, without exception, possesses many splendid qualities.

Why not, in all fairness–“Judge the individual–and not the race!” When you hold the individual of any race responsible for right conduct and accept his association on this basis, you are demanding the best of him. If you, in turn, are giving your best, he can give you no less without forfeiting your good will, respect and regard. No worthwhile individual will surrender such human values without putting forth great effort in his own behalf.

Don’t wait for the other fellow to change his thinking–change yours!

Harold Sherman 1953.

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