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Cells of the Body

Every cell has an intelligence, giving it personality and purpose. The overriding intelligence which influences the cellular personality obviously comes from the mental and physical health of a person. Cells need to be divided into two main classes; those which are concerned with purely physical needs and those which are activated by thought processes of the person and it is these which are prone to cancer.

It was stated that there are three known causes of cancer; namely, by virus, by chemical means and through radiation. It was said that there is no uniformity in the structure of the nucleus within cancer cells and that they vary with each individual. It is important to keep this fact in mind. The scientists have not found the answer as to why this is so.

Another fact to be noted was that when the chromosomes are subjected to radiation, such as an electrical charge, they become distorted and the cell dies.

We need to remember, that we influence the genes within the chromosomes by the manner in which we conduct our lives and outlooks. Also there exists a kind of intellectual link-up between our minds and the mind of a cell. Human evolution, physically, mentally and spiritually is dependant upon this.  The function of the chromosomes is to contain the genes, so that on reproduction the purpose and personality of the cell is duplicated. The reproduction thus carries with it whatever influencing it receives from life’s experience.

With the insane cell, when it reproduces itself, it brings into being, another insane cell. This is a common denominator with all forms of cancer.

This leads to the conclusion that the primary cause of cancer is psychosomatic. It is not a product of virus infection. Is it that cancer has not a physical origin at all? Is it that the cause of cancer is psychosomatic? If it is, then all the equipments and microscopes are useless for this special purpose. One cannot put emotion and frustration under the microscope.

Harry Edwards 1965


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Spiritual Healing and Cancer

The relentless search for the causes and cure of cancer has now led medical scientists to a new and dramatic frontier; that of the human emotions. Surprising clues are being found which may, some day, answer such provocative questions as:

Can continued fear, worry and disappointment be an important cause of cancer?

Does cancer race through a patient’s body or slow down to a snail’s pace depending on his attitude to life?

Do the cancer cells deliberately choose a specific organ to attack, the choice based on the particular kind of emotional problem plaguing the patient?

Do we all carry around cancer cells and do they only run wild when triggered off by some mysterious process in which the emotions play a part?

A few years ago doctors felt that the emotions were influential chiefly in producing such conditions as asthma, peptic ulcer, hypertension, backaches and headaches. Cancer they felt was an exception. It was purely an organic disease. If the condition were untreated or untreatable the cells multiplied furiously, spread through the body, and death followed inevitably.

But doctors have lately been puzzled by cases where this did not happen. The patient either recovered completely from an alleged “fatal” disease or went on to enjoy good health for several years. Furthermore, two patients with the same degree of illness, given exactly the same treatment would respond differently. Such cases led to speculation that somehow the personality of the patient governed the course of cancer. This theory was then tested in various clinics and hospitals with some rather surprising results.

Thus there is building up a weight of medical testimony in support of our contention that cancer is a result of inner mind disharmony and this leads us to the natural conclusion that the prevention and cure of cancer comes naturally with the province of spiritual healing.

Harry Edwards, 1955

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Who’s in the Room with the Patient?

headacheI had the opportunity to consult a husband and wife team this weekend. He is a Chiropractor and she is a Physical Therapist. Both believe that man is spiritual in nature and that if you remove nerve interference the body will heal itself naturally without drugs. They both have their own techniques and these techniques complement each other. Both receive patients only after they have gone the full medical route without results. The majority of their patients, these medical failures, see an allieviation of their symptoms in a short period of time under the technical expertise of both the Chiropractor and Physical Therapist. Continued care results in the correction of the cause of their disease.

If this is the case, why do some Chiropractors and some Physical Therapists malign each others ability to get sick people well. Isn’t that the purpose, the technique being secondary? I believe that both professions can and do get sick people well and do create miracles in their practices on a daily basis and to the surprise and joy of their patients.

Personally, I have never attended a medical lecture or read a medical book. I have studied anatomy in an elementary way and what knowledge I possess has been gleamed during my years of consulting.

It is said that a mind that is free from fixations is often able to assess a problem more clearly, and it may be that, my mind being unemcumbered with medical data, I have been able to form the conclusion advanced in this article which I hope you will consider on its merits and without prejudice.

The whole purpose is to get sick people well. How you do it should be secondary. All understanding should come from the results produced in the patient and to what the patient thinks has happened. If the patient states that she has had headaches for 18 years, tried every form of medical care and the headaches continued to worsen then you have to believe that. And, if she then states that the headaches vanished while under your care, then you have to believe that you were the cause.

The next time you’re in the room with a patient, ask yourself, “Who’s in the room with this patient?” Who palpated the patient? Who found the nerve interference? Who applied the right technique to that interference? Who removed the nerve interference? What then happened in the patient? If the patient improved or got well, it must have been you! If you don’t believe that ask yourself again, “Who was in the room this the patient?” Eventually you will realize you are a healer.


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Drugging our Children

Here’s a photo video I did about Drugging our Children.

Paul Turnbull


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