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Pam & MichaelDr. Pam Manning: Chiropractor, Markham, Ontario Canada

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Easy Weight Loss

basket of fruitDr. Harvey Fish, D.C. gave me a great health book entitled “Traci’s Transformational Health Principles” by Traci J. Sellers.

I followed just the one principle about fruit and lost 8 pounds in two months without even breaking a sweat! And the weight is staying off.

           “In some recent fad diets, fruit has had a lot of negative press, mostly because of its sugar/carbohydrate content or acidity. I would just like to confirm your suspicion that fruit is in fact good-for-you, and was all along.”
           “Advertising for new beverages now claim to have “less sugar than juice” Don’t be taken in… not all ‘sugars’ were created equal.”
              “The sugars found in fruit are in the form of sucrose and fructose and by the magic of the enzymes fruit contains, the moment you begin to chew it, these sugars are converted to glucose. This puts the sugars from fruit into a whole different category from other sugars. The #1 fuel for our bodies is glucose, and any other fuel we consume will be converted to glucose before the body uses it.”
“When we consume fruit, and get glucose that is bound up together with the minerals and vitamins, water, fiber and enzymes all together, then the glucose is used synergistically to nourish our cells, and doesn’t contribute to weight issues nor does it feed yeasts or Candida, nor does it acidify the bloodstream. When ripe, raw fruit is eaten, the enzymes in the fruit get those fruit sugars into the cells within a few minutes and there is no danger of any blood-sugar troubles.”
“In addition, even though a lot of fruits contain acid, as they are assimilated into the cells in their whole form, they actually have an overall alkalizing effect on the body, because they aid in the elimination of wastes that can cause an acidic condition.”
      “If you juice oranges, pasteurize the juice and drink the result, it will send your blood sugar levels soaring, will feed yeasts and Candida, and will acidify the bloodstream because the enzymes are not present.”

“So, the best kind of fruit to eat is: FRESH! Use it in its original state, as it came off the tree.”

 “No-Fruit Diets:I have had students who were on a specialty diet that prohibited fruit, to where the student felt unable to eat fruit without severe consequences. After learning how to consume fruit prudently, my students report having fabulous success with including fruit in their diet with no negative consequences, only benefits! Read on to learn about the prudent use of fruit.”


 Eat Your Fruit First

        “I have found reason enough to believe that this isn’t just a good suggestion, it is in fact vital to taking advantage of all fruit has to offer. The reason is because of some unique qualities of fruit.”

“Fruit not only eliminates itself, it digests itself! Of all the foods we have to use, fruit is the easiest to digest because it comes with everything it needs to break itself down. With no effort or energy from our body, raw fruit will break itself down completely.”
      Fruit Digests Itself When Consumed Prudently

      “It takes only about 20 minutes for fruit to pass through the stomach when it is consumed prudently, whereas other foods can take anywhere from 2 – 8 hours (depending on what is eaten). This is the trick to consuming fruit prudently: It needs to be eaten by itself on an empty stomach. Here’s why: heavier proteins and starches churning around in the stomach will most certainly interfere with the digestion of fruits that want to pass right through. The prolonged contact of the fruit with complex proteins causes them to begin to rot instead of digest, and prolonged contact with starches causes them to ferment. Marilu Henner, a favorite health author of mine, calls it turning your stomach into a cheap brewery. Kal and I joke sometimes about it because occasionally he likes to drink fruit juices after a meal. I accuse him of attempting to create his own micro-brewery. He’ll even feel the deleterious effects of doing so, reactions that are similar to drinking alcoholic beverages. The combination of fruit and starches or proteins can get bad enough to cause bloating and gas. Most people mistakenly blame it on the fruit, and claim that it doesn’t agree with them and gives them indigestion.”


         “I always cringe when I see people who are dieting and they use fruit as a dessert. It is not going to help the weight loss process, it will hamper it! When fruit is allowed to ferment the starches and rot the proteins in the stomach, the body often stores the undigested matter in the form of fat cells until it can deal with it later. One of the reasons the low carbohydrate diets are so successful for weight loss is that they keep people from eating fruit with other foods by removing it from the diet altogether. On the flip side, when fruit is consumed before other foods, the mild cleansing action it has will aid in the elimination of extra weight.”

         “I am of the opinion that fruit was created specifically for people, and that we need all of its benefits in order to move toward truly vibrant health. And, in order to take full advantage of all our fruit has to offer, it must be consumed by itself, on an empty stomach. I like to start my day with fresh fruit because I know my stomach is empty.”

       Traci J. Sellers, M.H.


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