Use Simple Language

18 Aug

bjold03smWere I a Chiropractor I would use the term “misplaced vertebra” for “subluxation;” “first bone in the neck” for “atlas; “second bone in the neck” for “axis;” “flow of life-giving energy” for “mental impulse,” in explaining Chiropractic to a new patient or to someone wishing to know Chiropractic.

And I know that it works, because only recently I explained the principles of Chiropractic to an insurance adjuster who was trying to get an explanation of it for his company. The Chiropractor whom he consulted was a number one man and knows his business. He rattled off from memory the definition found on the front inside cover of “The Chiropractor;” but he failed to give the adjuster a concept of what Chiropractic is, what it does or why it does it. I then volunteered to explain it and did so without technical terms, and the adjuster went out of the office with something definite to write his company.


I could make quick converts to Chiropractic, because people believe what they SEE AND LOOK AT more readily than what they are told.

By B. J. Palmer, D.C., Ph. C – Book: Up from Below the Bottom


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