Treat or Trick?

07 Aug

cherry dessertWe have family visiting us this weekend and the question came up while my wife and I were shopping whether to serve apple pie and ice cream as a treat. I gave my answer a little abruptly and I feel obliged to express my views on what is healthy and what foods are not.

When I was growing up and I’m sure you’ve experienced this, your mother would say: “If you eat your vegetables you can have a treat!” Well I ate my vegetables and my treat was a huge piece of angel food cake with ice cream. Well I’ll tell you right now after eating the angel food cake I didn’t turn into an angel with all that sugar in me!

Is that really a treat? Or was I tricked into believing that vegatables are not what I should be eating but must eat inorder to get at the white floor and sugar, dairy dessert that my mother was baiting me with.

Well, I turned out to be a “husky kid” with tooth decay and a tendancy to gain weight after each meal. I would eat only as much of the nutritious food that allowed me to get at the dessert. Then I would eat two portions of the fake food and tell myself I was happpy and that I would grow up to be a tall, strong, healthy man. That never worked out.

food artThe truth is that fruits and vegetables are the treat, they are what your body needs to grow and to repair itself. Fruit is in fact a perfect food, it has vitamins, enzymes, pure water, protein and the nutrients to build a strong healthy body.

And the question I’m going to leave you with is: “Would there be so much disease and obesity if people would eat more fruits and vegetables and consider them as treats?”

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

President, EP Management, Inc.


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