Discovering Your Purpose

04 Aug

Woman - reachingIf Life Coaching is a method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills, it really means that the coach is taking responsibility for the development of the intelligence level of the person or people he is coaching.

The real skill in Life Coaching is to ask questions of the person I’m coaching that directs them to the realization they need to have in order for them to change their mind, give up old ideas or to create an entirely new future.

Life changes when you change your mind. Oftentimes the person receiving the Life Coaching doesn’t know the barriers they have created for themselves. They believe what they’re doing is correct even when the results of what they are doing indicate that it is not going to lead them to succeed at the goal they set for themselves.

My father worked at the same steel company for twenty-five years as a machinist. So when I started High School I wanted to be a machinist just like my dad. I even convinced him to teach me machine shop outside of school so that I would have an edge and I did. When the school board came around to do a film on machine shop practice they chose me as the demonstrator of the machinery. When the local steel company representatives came to the school to interview and see the capabilities of the students for their Apprenticeship program, I was chosen by the two largest steel companies in Canada. I went to my father who worked for one of those companies, and asked if I could be his apprentice and he said, “No.” So I started with the other company and lasted only a year.

I took a short break from work and then went looking for another factory job. Why, because that was what you did in a factory town. You grew up, went to school and then got a job in the factory. I lasted three years at the next company and worked my way up in status until I was managing the production for the entire plant at the tender age of twenty-one. I was a success, had my own parking space inside the plant, my own office, a new sports car and a new Harley-Davidson.

Then one day I was standing watching a man on the line rivet a piece of metal and I said to myself, “I can’t wait till I retire!” Now that was the mentality of all the workers in the plant, work your forty years and retire with a good pension. It was like someone hit me in the back of my head with a shovel and I realized that there must be more to life than working in a factory. I went home and told my dad that I was quitting. He couldn’t believe it because I had a better job than him and my whole future ahead of me.

I did quit and went back to school and my life has been more successful and more rewarding than I could have imagined. Now, a lot of people do what I did and succeed. A lot don’t. Those that can’t change their mind need to be guided by someone who knows where the person should be headed by discovering that person’s purpose in life and working out a plan of action to live and achieve it.

So, the moral of the story is discovering what your purpose truly is and then doing it without regard to what will happen if you do or what may happen if you change your life totally.

You often hear it said of a man, “Everything he undertakes succeeds,” or “Everything he touches turns to gold.” By the force of his character and the creative power of his thought, such a man wrings success from the most adverse circumstances. Confidence begets confidence. A man who carries his very presence an air of victory, radiates assurance, and imparts to others confidence that he can do the thing he attempts. As time goes on, he is reinforced not only by the power of his own thought, but also by that of all who know him. His friends and acquaintances affirm and reaffirm his ability to succeed, and make each successive triumph easier of achievement than it predecessor.

His self-poise, assurance, confidence and ability increase in a direct ratio to the number of his achievements.

So, you need to discovery your purpose and set your mind toward the thing you would accomplish so resolutely, so definitely, and with such vigorous determination, and put so much grit into your resolution, that nothing on earth can turn you from your purpose until you attain it.

If you doubt your ability to do what you set out to do; if you think that others are better fitted to do it than you; if you fear to let yourself out and take chances; if you lack boldness; if you have a timid, shrinking nature; if the negatives fill your vocabulary; if you think that you lack positiveness, initiative, aggressiveness, ability; you can never win anything until you change your whole mental attitude and learn to have great faith in yourself.

Your purpose must first be discovered or it will never be a reality; and a strong, vigorous concept of the thing you want to do is a tremendous initial step. The very intensity of your confidence in your ability to do the thing you attempt is definitely related to the degree of your success.

Contact me when you want to discover your purpose.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842



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