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Raw Whole Food!

Fred at Army ExerciseI was reminded again last week why I eat a diet that contains mostly raw food. I was given a book by Traci Sellers called “Traci’s Traditional Health Principles. I read it from cover to cover and it confirmed that a person who eats a raw food diet can in most cases avoid the common diseases that are befalling the American public at an alarming rate.

Obesity in children and adults is skyrocketing! And I don’t know about you but several people I am close to have had major health conditions requiring surgery or in one case sudden death. Obviously they are responsible for the health of their own bodies but I obviously failed to truly inform them that the cause of their disease is in all likelihood coming from the food they eat.

I would enjoy receiving your comments on this subject and would like to hear your successes at weight loss or how you’ve maintained your health through diet, water and exercise.

My secret for the last three years is to eat a mostly raw food diet and stray from it only occasionally. My other secret is that I get my raw food from the WholeFood Farmacy( ), conveniently packaged and ready to eat.

Last year my friend Phil and I rode our motorcycles from Florida to Canada living on raw food and water that we carried in our saddlebags. We enjoyed the trip immensely and only went wrong out of boredom when we ate in restaurants once on the way up and once on the way back. Both times, even though we tried to eat healthy from the menu, we didn’t feel quite right afterwards and regretted eating commercially produced food.

I’ve maintained my weight for the last 3 years and I’ve had enough energy to keep me creative and active. My wife and I watched an old movie about “WoodStock” which happened in 1968 where a half million people attended this festival. What struck me while watching it was the fact that out of that many people, a cross section of American public, there wasn’t one fat or heavy person, in fact they were all skinny in comparison to today’s standards. And I’ve seen photos of classrooms from the 1800’s and every child and adult in the photos was skinny. That should tell you something about how our diet has changed in the last forty years.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

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Imagination, an underrated power

Bright BeginningsBusinessmen as a rule do not realize their indebtedness to imagination. That power is commonly thought of, not as a workhorse, but as a thoroughbred to be driven only by the poet, the artist, the story-writer. The imaginative man is thought of as a dreamer. This popular view of imagination is erroneous, because it rests upon an inadequate conception of the nature of the process and upon a superficial idea of business. No man of limited imagination ever achieved real success in business.

By imagination is meant the mind’s ability not only to recall past experiences, sensations, emotions, feelings, perceptions, and to cause these to reappear in the consciousness in combinations of infinite variety, but, more than that, to build out of various elements of experience new structures, some of them physical like an engine or a skyscraper, and some of them mental like a plan of organization or the means for expanding a local business to national scope.

All people possess the power of imagination, and in most people it is a very active power; yet often much of its activity is purposeless. A person who thinks clearly and feels strongly should have a strong will. A person of high purpose born of clear vision will have an aggressive will. Therefore, if we would strengthen our will power, we must cultivate our imagination and encourage it to build for us an ideal that will bring our whole being into action.

What is the basic concept that Chiropractic was founded upon? I believe from my studies of the Green Books that it is: “That man is spiritual in nature, if you remove nerve interference the body will heal itself naturally without drugs.”

Then what must be Chiropractic’s purpose knowing that the cause of disease is nerve interference? It would be to help as many people as possible reach optimum health by removing nerve interference.

Try to imagine what your community would be like if most of its inhabitants were under Chiropractic care and were in optimum health. That is your goal and to achieve it you must communicate to the public at large what your purpose is and what you envision their health could be like if they were receiving Chiropractic adjustments. Ask these people to imagine optimum health and then ask them to decide to work towards that goal. All else will follow.

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

Author of the Chiropractic book, “The Graduate and the Master” available at:

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Above Down Inside Out

blue sunshine 2a) Innate Intelligence WITHIN the body was an all-powerful force as the health source.

b) This life and health flowing force came from ABOVE DOWN, INSIDE OUT.

c) THE ONLY CAUSE of one single and simple dis-ease was an internal interference between internal Innate and physical function, FROM ABOVE DOWN, INSIDE OUT, between brain and body.

d) THE cause of dis-ease WAS WITHIN the body, instead of OUTSIDE as all methods and practices formerly supposed.

e) The correction of the INTERNAL vertebral subluxation cause was therefore INSIDE the body, and when THAT was realigned there was nothing more to be added or subtracted to get the sick well.

f) THE CURE came from ABOVE DOWN, FROM INSIDE OUT, from the abstract innate WITHIN, flowed FROM INTERNAL TO EXTERNAL, FROM brain TO body, thru its own naturally-constructed brain and nerve communication system, TO sick organs, beyond which no other additions could or would help the sick get well.

This was NEW, UNIQUE, DIFFERENT, A NEW PRINCIPLE, a NEW presentation of cause and cure, attaining a NEW result, therefore transcended ALL former limitations imposed by ALL old orthodox, approved medical theories, treatments, and failures.

By B. J. Palmer

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

President, EP Management, Inc.


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Potentially Hazardous Substances

hot dog web“Nitrates, a common preservative found in processed meats such as hot dogs, cold cuts, baloney and jerky, have been linked with brain damage and learning disabilities in children. According to the US Environmental Agency, nitrates are converted to nitrites in the body and they inhibit the blood’s ability to carry oxygen to the brain (much like carbon monoxide poisoning). A brain long-starved of oxygen will result in damage, dysfunction and eventually death. Hot dog, anyone?” Source, book: Traci’s Transformational Health Principles by Traci J. Sellers.

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

President, EP Management, Inc.


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Is Nicotine a Stimulant or a Poison?

SurgeonNowadays we see advertising everyhere for cigarettes that talks about their having “less tar and nicotine.” Why are people concerned with how much there is in cigarettes or cigars?

People who smoke get a great deal of satisfaction from it. A certain amount of smoking has a calming effect on the nervous system. It also “hides” the  sensation of fatigue, so that it seems to make people feel less tired. It even stimulates the imagination to a certain extent, so that some people can work better when they smoke.

One of the chief constituents of tobacco is nicotine. Pure nicotene, if taken out of the tobacco, acts as a poison. But, of course, when people smoke they do not take pure nicotine into their body.

I heard a story yesterday about a woman who had cancer and had to have a portion of her tongue surgically removed. But she didn’t smoke! What caused her cancer. Her husband chews tobacco and the only conclusion that could be reached was that this caused her cancer. It sounds far fetched to me but I know that breathng in second hand smoke doubles the amount of nicotine a person absorbs. You make your own conclusions.

So can a Chiropractor cure cancer? No. Can a person predispose themselves to cancer by smoking or chewing tobacco? Yes. Does smoking affect the nervous system? Yes. Does the nervous system control every function in the body? Yes. So smoking and consumption of nicotine does have an adverse affect on the entire body. As a poison, nicotine is also hindering a person from getting well from Chiropractic adjustments.

Should a person smoke? No, not if he or she wants to get healthy and avoid disease.

Yours in Health,

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Chiropractic in the News

woman adjustingThe common misconception many chiropractors say they face is the notion that they are simply “back crackers.” Instead, the focus of today’s chiropractic care is on whole-body wellness. Whether an individual is recovering from an injury or simply suffering from general stressors on the body—like lack of movement, often caused by sitting at a computer all day—the restoration of good spinal health can have a positive impact on the nervous system, which can cause the body to heal and perform more effectively.

“Looking at it with the broadest brush stroke, the body has an innate ability to heal itself as long as it is not being impeded in some way,” says Timothy Fargo, D.C., of Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center, PA in Edina.

While there are many methods chiropractors use to treat patients, the ultimate goal is health. “We want to educate people about wellness,” Fargo says, “whether that’s nutrition, flexibility, exercise and fitness, or simply a positive mental outlook. We want people to move well, eat well and think well.”

According to Fargo, chiropractic care is the “largest non-drug and non-surgical profession on the planet.” Interest has grown in recent years, he says, as rising rates of disease such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes continue to attract attention, leaving people to want to “treat their bodies correctly on the front end” rather than eventually dealing with the consequences of a serious illness.

Stress, which has increased as a result of the country’s current economic state, also can overwhelm the body and result in sleep problems, digestive issues, hormonal difficulties and high blood pressure.

“Let’s think about the body as being able to manage stress as if it were a five-gallon bucket. It can only handle so much and if you can’t drain it fast enough, it will overflow and affect your body in many ways,” Fargo says. “And no, while we don’t ‘crack backs,’ we do use the spine as a tool to free the nervous system from interference, which can reduce stress on the body and help it to be better functioning.”

There are many chiropractic care centers in Edina and all locations treat patients for a wide variety of conditions. Here are a few local clinics—and their specialties—that’ll help you get started.

This article was in the Twin Cities Metro newspaper.

Yours in Health,

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Girl sitting reading book looking surprised.Every now and then we hear about someone in school who is considered a genius. Exactly what is a genius, and what does it take to be one? The word “genius” is used to describe someone who possesses extraordinary intelligence. The way the world can recognize a genius is by knowing what he has accomplished. There may be geniuses who have never accomplished anything extraordinary and who never became famous, but their I.Q’s are, nevertheless, on par with those who have.

Genius is not the same as talent. To have talent, a person has to be able to do some special type of work especially well. It means he is able to acquire a certain skill very quickly and easily. For instance, a person may have a talent for playing the piano, or ice-skating, or painting.

But genius is more than talent. A genius usually contributes something to the world which we would not have without them.

Now, it’s true that men and women of genius have usually specialized in some field such as chemistry, literature, music or art. But unless the general intelligence of such a person is exceptional, too, he would merely have talent.

Training, practice and dedication bring out genius, but true geniuses usually has tremendous drive which enables them to work hard and long and to overcome obstacles that would stop ordinary people.

In order to discover a genius or a potential genius in prospective employees,  you should have them do a Personnel Potential Analysis, IQ and Aptitude tests before you hire them.

If you are an employer you can do a free on-line Personnel Potential Analysis and evaluation by clicking on this link:

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