Imagination, an underrated power

22 Jul

Bright BeginningsBusinessmen as a rule do not realize their indebtedness to imagination. That power is commonly thought of, not as a workhorse, but as a thoroughbred to be driven only by the poet, the artist, the story-writer. The imaginative man is thought of as a dreamer. This popular view of imagination is erroneous, because it rests upon an inadequate conception of the nature of the process and upon a superficial idea of business. No man of limited imagination ever achieved real success in business.

By imagination is meant the mind’s ability not only to recall past experiences, sensations, emotions, feelings, perceptions, and to cause these to reappear in the consciousness in combinations of infinite variety, but, more than that, to build out of various elements of experience new structures, some of them physical like an engine or a skyscraper, and some of them mental like a plan of organization or the means for expanding a local business to national scope.

All people possess the power of imagination, and in most people it is a very active power; yet often much of its activity is purposeless. A person who thinks clearly and feels strongly should have a strong will. A person of high purpose born of clear vision will have an aggressive will. Therefore, if we would strengthen our will power, we must cultivate our imagination and encourage it to build for us an ideal that will bring our whole being into action.

What is the basic concept that Chiropractic was founded upon? I believe from my studies of the Green Books that it is: “That man is spiritual in nature, if you remove nerve interference the body will heal itself naturally without drugs.”

Then what must be Chiropractic’s purpose knowing that the cause of disease is nerve interference? It would be to help as many people as possible reach optimum health by removing nerve interference.

Try to imagine what your community would be like if most of its inhabitants were under Chiropractic care and were in optimum health. That is your goal and to achieve it you must communicate to the public at large what your purpose is and what you envision their health could be like if they were receiving Chiropractic adjustments. Ask these people to imagine optimum health and then ask them to decide to work towards that goal. All else will follow.

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