Above Down Inside Out

20 Jul

blue sunshine 2a) Innate Intelligence WITHIN the body was an all-powerful force as the health source.

b) This life and health flowing force came from ABOVE DOWN, INSIDE OUT.

c) THE ONLY CAUSE of one single and simple dis-ease was an internal interference between internal Innate and physical function, FROM ABOVE DOWN, INSIDE OUT, between brain and body.

d) THE cause of dis-ease WAS WITHIN the body, instead of OUTSIDE as all methods and practices formerly supposed.

e) The correction of the INTERNAL vertebral subluxation cause was therefore INSIDE the body, and when THAT was realigned there was nothing more to be added or subtracted to get the sick well.

f) THE CURE came from ABOVE DOWN, FROM INSIDE OUT, from the abstract innate WITHIN, flowed FROM INTERNAL TO EXTERNAL, FROM brain TO body, thru its own naturally-constructed brain and nerve communication system, TO sick organs, beyond which no other additions could or would help the sick get well.

This was NEW, UNIQUE, DIFFERENT, A NEW PRINCIPLE, a NEW presentation of cause and cure, attaining a NEW result, therefore transcended ALL former limitations imposed by ALL old orthodox, approved medical theories, treatments, and failures.

By B. J. Palmer

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

President, EP Management, Inc.


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