Is Nicotine a Stimulant or a Poison?

17 Jul

SurgeonNowadays we see advertising everyhere for cigarettes that talks about their having “less tar and nicotine.” Why are people concerned with how much there is in cigarettes or cigars?

People who smoke get a great deal of satisfaction from it. A certain amount of smoking has a calming effect on the nervous system. It also “hides” the  sensation of fatigue, so that it seems to make people feel less tired. It even stimulates the imagination to a certain extent, so that some people can work better when they smoke.

One of the chief constituents of tobacco is nicotine. Pure nicotene, if taken out of the tobacco, acts as a poison. But, of course, when people smoke they do not take pure nicotine into their body.

I heard a story yesterday about a woman who had cancer and had to have a portion of her tongue surgically removed. But she didn’t smoke! What caused her cancer. Her husband chews tobacco and the only conclusion that could be reached was that this caused her cancer. It sounds far fetched to me but I know that breathng in second hand smoke doubles the amount of nicotine a person absorbs. You make your own conclusions.

So can a Chiropractor cure cancer? No. Can a person predispose themselves to cancer by smoking or chewing tobacco? Yes. Does smoking affect the nervous system? Yes. Does the nervous system control every function in the body? Yes. So smoking and consumption of nicotine does have an adverse affect on the entire body. As a poison, nicotine is also hindering a person from getting well from Chiropractic adjustments.

Should a person smoke? No, not if he or she wants to get healthy and avoid disease.

Yours in Health,

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