Salesmanship in Chiropractic

09 Jul

Graduate & MasterSalesmanship in Chiropractic could be defined as:

“The transferring of a conviction by the Chiropractor to the patient by means of education. It implies a definite effort in educating the patient to adopt the Chiropractor’s point of view of the value of Chiropractic care; it aims to create in the patient’s mind a sense of value equal to, or greater than, the money price of the service for sale. The essence of salesmanship is the transferring of an idea or conviction from his own mind to the mind of a patient or prospective patient and having that person adopt it as his or her own. This conviction in the other person would cause them to tell others and thus Chiropractic would grow.”

From the book “The Graduate and the Master.”

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

EP Management, Inc.


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