Right Adjustment by Elbert Hubbard – 1910

07 Jul

Elbert Hubbard and B.J. Palmer were the best of friends, here is Elbert’s tribute to Chiropractic:

“We live in the age of investigation. We are all citizens of Missouri – show me! Bluf has had its day, and the operations of both business and professional men are now conducted out in the open, and subjected to the X-rays of critical analysis and the acid test of truth and reason.”

“Science has now lost its academic significance; and instead of being almost wholly associated with the occult and the mysterious, it is recog­nized as being simply common sense classified and intelligently applied.”

“We are beginning to think for ourselves, to seek for causes, instead of evolving remedies or effects. On the other hand we see hoary ideas and antiquated methods discarded and old superstition and dogma decorating the junk -pile.”

“A natural result of this spirit of inquiry has been in the increasing ten­dency to make the body the temple of health – strong and efficient.”

“So in the scrap-heap the keen observer will see musty, dusty boxes and bottles, and ‘scraps of paper’ written in a dead language. They are drugs, dope and prescriptions representing well-meant but pathetic efforts to cure disease or correct its effects – medicine given to correct the evils of medication.”

“We are beginning to realize the futility of pills and potions.”

“They do not cure – they only temporize. And to reason from a diagnosis is illogical – as the post-mortem will show.”

“The only logical way to health is to remove the cause of the disease.” “And this Chiropractic does.”

“Chiropractic is the science which has brought the backbone to the front, so to speak. Incidentally, it is done much to give vim to the vimless, substituting health for disease.”

“Chiropractic is based upon the assumption that all diseases have their cause in subluxation – that is partial dislocation – of the spine, which exercises undue pressure on the spinal nerves.”

“This impingement, or pinch, restricts the flow of mental impulses at some point in their passage through the nerves, from their origin in the brain to the tissues which they supply with mental energy.”

“Their source of food-supply is cut of, and they give notice in their own way by abnormal expression – by giving us pain.”

“For pain is the cry of an injured nerve.”

“Man is a machine. And even as up-to-date machinery – well balanced and controlled, free from undue friction – is a prime necessity to the manufacturer if he must produce the goods, so is it equally imperative that man be healthy, sound in mind and body, free from dis-ease, if he would succeed. ”

“And the Chiropractor is the expert engineer whose practiced eye and skillful hands adjust the broken down human machine, restoring it to robust health and its wonted vigor.”

“Chiropractic goes direct to the cause, instead of shilly-shallying or dillydallying with effects. ”

“It removes the obstruction from the hose that carries the vital current, reestablishing its free flow.”

“It places the individual in rapport with himself and with nature, the great healer.”

“This is the chief object of the Chiropractor: to restore harmony – to adjust the short-circuited wires of the nervous system and keep open the lines of communication between “Central” and the various “branches” – in other words, to get the body into thorough working order. ”

“Hence the Chiropractor does not clog the human mechanism with dope or drugs, nor does he resort to saw and scalpel.”

“His practice is bloodless and drugless. Adjustments are practically painless and the work of but a moment. ”

“You have nothing to fear at the hands of a competent Chiropractor. He is kind, gentle, patient, skillful – he is your friend. Also he is your teacher. ”

“A GOOD Chiropractor not only knows the science of adjustment of the spine, but he knows also life in general, and so is the better fitted to practice the healing art.”

“He is always more interested in health than disease.”

“He ever keeps in mind the ideal of perfect health and ever works to that end. His plan always seems to be to open up the sluiceway, to clear a path through the woods, to remove the rocks from the channel. He moves towards the definite point of health and happiness. ”

“And we are only well and happy and able to think, to work and to suc­ceed, when the spinal column is able to do its perfect work.”

“‘We are bathed in an Ocean of Intelligence’ says Emerson. The world is Spirit. Spirit takes material forms and one of these is the human body. The soul seems to be a part of the Great Spirit, partially segregated, as it were, in the individual body. ”

“Our business is to allow this Spirit to play through us. So the happy, relaxed, generous mood is always the healthy mood. ”

“We are a part of Nature – in fact, we are Nature. Nature is our Mother; and the more we love Nature, the more we understand her, the more we move with Nature the happier and better we are. ”

“The penalties of life are for the disobedience of the laws of Nature. The blessings of life come from being one with the Universal Mother, and the approachable, kindly and able Chiropractor adds to our gladness, efficiency and length of days by his knowledge of, and belief in, ‘right adjustment. ’”

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