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The Master of Chiropractic – Vision of the Future

Pam 1The influence of the Chiropractic Master upon the future will be evidenced by his creations in the domains of art, science, philosophy, education and morals.

He is setting the stage for a new form of awareness of health care in the minds of the populations of earth. Personality rightly believed to extend outside the physical continuum; its limits seem to be situated beyond the surface of the skin. The definiteness of the anatomical contours is partly illusion. Each one of us is certainly far larger and more diffuse than his body. The anatomical form is only one aspect of the individual. It does not enclose our mental, personality or spiritual powers.

Some would hardly extend beyond their anatomical limits. Others like D.D. Palmer, B.J. Palmer and Elbert Hubbard extended out in long tentacles attached to their family, to a group of friends, to their practices, to the sky, to the mountains of their native country. These Masters of Life look like fairy-tale giants spreading their multiple arms over a country, a continent, the entire world.

Each human being occupies a certain place in his group. He is shackled to it by mental chains. The Master breaks free of these physical, mental and spiritual bonds despite financial losses, persecution, scandal, or for that matter any opposition or obstacles. He has a feeling of closeness with each and every person despite their shortcomings. He knows innately if he can relieve these people from the pain and suffering, they too will rise up and become Masters in their own endeavors.

 The only downfall for the Master would be his unwillingness to help those who sincerely wish to be helped. The Master is capable of finding in the midst of a crowd the one person whom he must meet. Then he communicates to this person certain knowledge about their personal physical condition that will cause that person to want to be helped. The Master is fully aware at all times what he can do for the populace at large.

He extends out from himself, self-confidence that is observable by all. His courage drives him forward. A purpose of such intensity that is unmistakable. He exhibits no fear of failure, shyness, or stage fright. He takes command of a situation and acts. He has no doubts. His negative traits and decisions have long since been washed away. He strikes out into his community and defeats suffering and despair.

He will not ever go as low as to think he will not succeed. He succeeds at every step of his contact with people, their education on the truth about health. He perseveres despite his patient’s unwilling desire to quit their care before correction. He ensures they become healthy without concentrating on the limits of time and money. Overcoming these limits is his specialty.

He desires that a person in front of him to get well and see that they do. He knows that a miracle a day will keep the medical doctor at bay.

As an educator he knows that preconceived ideas about Chiropractic are what are stopping most people form charging into his office and demanding their health. He overcomes the bombardment of false ideas expressed in the media and press by extracting them on first contact. He invariably asks in a forthright manner, “What have you heard about Chiropractic?” He doesn’t flinch or shy away from their answers but addresses them with his self-confidence intact. He might simply say, “No, that is not true, especially in my office!” Thereby convincing this person that he is the Doctor for them.

People in general want to be cared for by the ideal doctor. They have their idea of the traits he should possess. Those traits are listed in the book, “The Graduate and the Master.” These are what the people want.

Read about them and live up to these and deliver what you know is the best form of health care, Chiropractic!

If you want an electronic copy of “The Graduate and the Master,” contact me at and I will send you a copy.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

President, EP Management, Inc.


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The Story of D.D. Palmer

photos-of-bj_page_02_image_0003Two years ago I was visiting my close friends Drs. Jane and Harvey Fish in Marietta, Georgia. It was September 17th and Dr. Harvey asked me if I was going to do anything for Chiropractic week that started the next day. I hadn’t given it a thought up to that point but overnight while I slept the Story of D.D. Palmer formulated in my mind. You know how that works, you set a task for your mind and then forget about it and a few days later the solution pops into your head and you either do something with it or you ignore it and it is lost forever.

I decided to do something and it possessed me to the point that I might have annoyed my hosts. However, Dr. Jane sat down with paper and pen on the deck and I dictated the story practically verbatim from all my studies and talks on the History of Chiropractic and having read some of the Green Books. All we had to do was correct a few grammatical errors and it was a finished product.

During this same visit, Dr. Harvey gave me a collection of pristine copies of Chiropractic philosophy books and a small heavy box, packaged in original postage from around 1920. He told me I could do whatever I wished with these antiquities. That day I headed out to spend a few days with my family in Asheville, N.C.

Chiropractic week started September 18th and my brother-in-law and I decided to take a drive for what we thought was an uneventful cruise through the mountains. But this was not to be the case! While driving another idea formulated in my head, “Why don’t you go to Sherman College of Chiropractic and donate these materials to the museum so that all Chiropractors could benefit from this treasure trove of gifted information.” We headed out as we were within a hundred miles.

I gave the books to Dr. Hart and he was thoroughly thankful. I handed him the packaged postmarked box and was about to leave when my brother-in-law stopped me saying, “You have to open that box or it’s going to drive you nuts wondering what’s in there.”

Dr. Hart took a scalpel and surgically opened the box and inside was a stainless steel replica of the Palmer School of Chiropractic. Apparently B.J. Palmer had these crafted into a bank with a slot in the top so that alumni could donate to the school by placing money in the bank and sending it back to the school. It was absolutely untouched, in the original packaging, still shiny and the quality of craftsmanship was outstanding.

It is now on display in the museum at the Sherman School of Chiropractic along with the gifted books from Drs. Harvey and Jane Fish.

The moral of this story is to pose a problem to your mind and then paying attention to the answer when it arrives, noting it down and doing something with it. B.J. Palmer used to have a notebook and pen by his bed so that if he woke up at anytime with an answer formulated in his mind he could write it down and not lose it. He had an electric typewriter constructed that held a continuous role of paper and during the day he would simply type out his “thots” in individual paragraphs and his secretary would cut the paragraphs out and stick them onto 8 1/2 by 11 sheets and place them by his typewriter. Then he would come back to them later, sometimes even days later, read them again and more data with flow and he would type those up and the process would begin again. This is how he wrote all the books he did.

So it worked for B.J. and it has happened to others and I woke up this morning with the start of this article firmly fixed in my mind. I didn’t know where it was going but I just started typing. It could happen to you. Pose the problem, e.g. “What should I say in my Weight Loss Workshop coming up?” And if you listen the answer with come out sooner or later. When it does, listen and start writing until you can’t write anymore, leave it and come back later. Don’t toil at it. You’ll have a finished workshop before you know it.

Contact me at if you want me to send you a copy of “The Story of D.D. Palmer.” If you wish to speak to me directly and pose a problem for me to help you with, then call 727-445-7842 and I will do my best to solve that practice problem.

Paul Turnbull



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Brain-Body Diagram

Brain-Body Diagram FullIts important to fully educate your patients during your Report of Findings in such a way that they can educate others. The best way to do that is to draw out the Brain-Body Diagram for them, explaining it in simple terms and then asking the patient to draw it back as best they can. Help them when they stall but also give them time to work it out for themselves. Let them take the drawing home with them to show other family members. Doing your education this way will help your patients refer.

Paul Turnbull e-mail: Cell: (727) 643-8376 website:


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Caffeine does it pick you up or tear you down?

I had an addiction to coffee. I would get up in the morning and have a large cup. Then I would drink another one when I got to work, another at break, one or two at lunch, one at afternoon break, one for the ride home and then I always had a coffee with dinner and then a final one before I went to bed.

So how many cups a day was I drinking? Minimally 9 – 10 cups a day or 80 to 100 ounces and that was before Starbucks and the supersized double triple capacino with cream and sugar.

I was a physical wreck, overweight, exhausted and I didn’t sleep well at night and therefore didn’t recharge for the next day. I was hooked on the strongest coffee I could find.

Several times I decided to quit coffee cold turkey and I almost ended up on a stretcher on my way to the hospital. I’d get migraine headaches to start, the shakes, I’d feel sick to my stomach and I would crave coffee! But if I let it get to this stage drinking coffee in desperation wouldn’t reduce the headaches and I would have to suffer for a day or two.

But the cravings would come back and I wouldn’t be able to resist the smell of coffee, I just had to have it or I would go nuts. Then I would drink it and go nuts. Then coffee shops started to appear on every corner and I didn’t have a chance.

Then I became a Chiropractic patient and my chiropractor suggested that I read up about coffee and find out for myself what the effects really were on my body and the weight I wanted to shed.

It took me fully understanding the effects and changing my mind. No one else was going to get me off coffee. Here are the facts:

“One cup of coffee per day is not likely to cause a significant risk, but drinking more than this one-cup maximum can interfere with your health and even your weight-loss goals.”

“Besides the increased risk of heart disease, there are two other problems. first, caffeine is a stimulant that allows you to get by with less sleep and reduces the depth of sleep. Such sleep deprivation results in higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol and interferes with glucose metabolism, leading to insulin resistance. This insulin resistance, and subsequent higher baseline glucose level, further promotes heart disease and other problems.”

The second issue is that eating more frequently and eating more food suppresses caffeine-withdrawal headaches and other withdrawal symptoms. When you are finally finished digesting the meal, the body more effectively cleasns house; at this time people experience a drive to eat more to suppress caffeine -withdrawal symptoms. You are proded to eat again, eating more food than you woulod if you were not a caffeine addict.” Joel Fuhrman, M.D. author of  “Eat to Live.”

So this is how I got off coffee. I drank one less cup per day for 9 days and then on the 10th day I drank 3/4 of a cup, next day a 1/2 cup and then a 1/4 cup and now I don’t drink any. During this time I did feel out of sorts but I ate more fruit to help my body cleanse itself of the caffeine in my body. It also took several months of resisting drinking coffee to finally bring my cravings to an end.

And with proper eating and exercise and 100 ounces of water instead of 100 ounces of coffee per day I am within 5 pounds of the weight of when I was twenty years old.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842 Cell: (727) 643-8376

President, EP Management, Inc.



Doubt Fear WorryA large, generous success is impossible to many people, because every avenue to their minds is closed by doubt, worry, fear. They have shut out the possibility of prosperity.

Abundance cannot come to a mind that is pinched, shrivelled, skeptical, and pessimistic.

Prosperity is a product of the creative mind. The mind that fears, doubts, depreciates its powers is a negative, non-creative mind, one that repels prosperity, repels supply. It has nothing in common with abundance, hence it cannot attract it.

Of course, men do not mean to drive opportunity, prosperity, or abundance away from them; but they hold a mental attitude filled with doubts and fears and lack of faith and self-confidence, which virtually does this very thing without their knowing it.

No mind, no intellect is powerful or great enough to attract wealth while the mental attitude is turned away from it, facing in the other direction.

If this is happening to you and you can’t seem to shake it, call me at (727) 445-7842 so we can discuss this situation that you’ve created for yourself and see if we can’t work out a way to lessen your doubts, worry and fear and while we’re at it why don’t we rekindle your failed purpose!

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842 Cell: (727) 643-8376

President, EP Management, Inc. E-Mail:



office 1Every child should be taught to expect prosperity, to believe that the good things of the world were intended for him. This conviction would be a powerful factor in the adult life if the child were so trained.

Wealth is created mentally first; it is thought out before it becomes a reality.

When a youth decides to become a doctor, he puts himself in a medical atmosphere just as much as possible. He talks medicine, reads medicine, studies medicine, thinks medicine until he becomes saturated with it. He does not decide to become a physician and then put himself in a legal atmosphere, read law, talk law, think law. 

So if you want success, abundance, you must think success, you must think abundance.

Now if that youth comes into your Chiropractic office and shows interest in what you are doing as a physician, take the time to tell him the benefits of Chiropractic, Nutrition and exercise and encourage him to look into the profession of Chiropractic and have him weigh the pros and cons of both professions. We need a lot more Chiropractors if we are going to help all the sick people whose number seems to multipy each year.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842 Cell: (727) 643-8376

President, EP Management, Inc.


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Vaccinations by Elbert Hubbard

Elbert Hubbard 3SHORT time ago I spent a week in Saint Louis. During that week there were three deaths of children from tetanus (lock-jaw), all the direct result of vaccination. The Board of Health had been very busy, and all children that could not show a scar were vaccinated, this without consent of the parents or of the child. For each vaccination the city paid the kind doctors delegated to do the work, the sum of fifty cents. That is to say, these physicians operated on healthy children, introducing a poison into their systems, thus giving them a disease, in order to prevent them from having one—all for half a dollar per child. The three children that died netted the doctors a dollar and a half.

As before stated, these children died, and scores of others were made seriously ill. How many were poisoned for life no one knows. Children know all that the parents know, and the report that vaccination had killed several struck panic to the hearts of those not yet vaccinated. Many children refused to go to school for fear of the doctors. And such was the alarm through non-attendance that the School Board called a meeting and passed a resolution asking the Board of Health to desist from these fifty-cent operations until the question of the quality of the virus used could be passed upon.

Now, there is no such thing as a “pure virus.” Vaccine virus is a poison in itself. And vaccination, if it “takes,” always reduces the resiliency or resisting-power of the patient, laying him open to any germ that may be flying around that way.

The President of the Board of Health took refuge behind the law, which required him to vaccinate the school-children. But personally he said he thought the whole system was founded on a superstition, and on a very barren assumption.

Said the physician: “Many people who are vaccinated never have smallpox. A few who are vaccinated have smallpox. To assume that those who are vaccinated would have smallpox if they were not vaccinated is childish reasoning, fit only for those who are willing to accept a tainted plea, because they are already convinced. I must admit that the logic of vaccination is no reason at all, and could only appeal to prejudiced, ignorant and unthinking people. I wish we were rid of the whole thing, but I am not strong enough to stem the tide. Doctors get paid for vaccination, the books and colleges uphold it, and this thing will go on until the people revolt, which I hope they will do soon.”

Here we get the expression of an honest man—an Allopath physician—caught in the toils of Custom. Physicians are instructed from books, in colleges, and by professors who were taught from books in colleges. This is not knowledge: it is the memorizing of things evolved many years ago by men who knew much less than we do. Very few physicians know how to live.

Everywhere you find doctors who are soaked in tobacco, booze and dope, breathing foul air, thinking vile thoughts, resorting to stimulants as a pick-me-up. These are the men that uphold vaccination—these are the men who assaulted the school-children of Saint Louis, and forced a poison into their healthy bodies for fifty cents a body. Oh, the shame of it!

Immunity from disease comes from fresh air, pure water, clean surroundings, an active, useful life, and kind thoughts.

The fear wrought in a school by one of these bewhiskered rogues, with his outfit of scalpels, scarifiers and poison, is a cause of disease in itself. The plan of vaccinating the mind with the virus of fear is in itself a crime, and a most common cause of disease.

[Elbert Green Hubbard (June 19, 1856 – May 7, 1915) was an American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher. He was an influential exponent of the Arts and Crafts movement and is, perhaps, most famous for his essay A Message to Garcia.]

Paul Turnbull (727) 643-8376



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Raw Whole Food!

Fred at Army ExerciseI was reminded again last week why I eat a diet that contains mostly raw food. I was given a book by Traci Sellers called “Traci’s Traditional Health Principles. I read it from cover to cover and it confirmed that a person who eats a raw food diet can in most cases avoid the common diseases that are befalling the American public at an alarming rate.

Obesity in children and adults is skyrocketing! And I don’t know about you but several people I am close to have had major health conditions requiring surgery or in one case sudden death. Obviously they are responsible for the health of their own bodies but I obviously failed to truly inform them that the cause of their disease is in all likelihood coming from the food they eat.

I would enjoy receiving your comments on this subject and would like to hear your successes at weight loss or how you’ve maintained your health through diet, water and exercise.

My secret for the last three years is to eat a mostly raw food diet and stray from it only occasionally. My other secret is that I get my raw food from the WholeFood Farmacy( ), conveniently packaged and ready to eat.

Last year my friend Phil and I rode our motorcycles from Florida to Canada living on raw food and water that we carried in our saddlebags. We enjoyed the trip immensely and only went wrong out of boredom when we ate in restaurants once on the way up and once on the way back. Both times, even though we tried to eat healthy from the menu, we didn’t feel quite right afterwards and regretted eating commercially produced food.

I’ve maintained my weight for the last 3 years and I’ve had enough energy to keep me creative and active. My wife and I watched an old movie about “WoodStock” which happened in 1968 where a half million people attended this festival. What struck me while watching it was the fact that out of that many people, a cross section of American public, there wasn’t one fat or heavy person, in fact they were all skinny in comparison to today’s standards. And I’ve seen photos of classrooms from the 1800’s and every child and adult in the photos was skinny. That should tell you something about how our diet has changed in the last forty years.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

President, EP Management, Inc.

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Imagination, an underrated power

Bright BeginningsBusinessmen as a rule do not realize their indebtedness to imagination. That power is commonly thought of, not as a workhorse, but as a thoroughbred to be driven only by the poet, the artist, the story-writer. The imaginative man is thought of as a dreamer. This popular view of imagination is erroneous, because it rests upon an inadequate conception of the nature of the process and upon a superficial idea of business. No man of limited imagination ever achieved real success in business.

By imagination is meant the mind’s ability not only to recall past experiences, sensations, emotions, feelings, perceptions, and to cause these to reappear in the consciousness in combinations of infinite variety, but, more than that, to build out of various elements of experience new structures, some of them physical like an engine or a skyscraper, and some of them mental like a plan of organization or the means for expanding a local business to national scope.

All people possess the power of imagination, and in most people it is a very active power; yet often much of its activity is purposeless. A person who thinks clearly and feels strongly should have a strong will. A person of high purpose born of clear vision will have an aggressive will. Therefore, if we would strengthen our will power, we must cultivate our imagination and encourage it to build for us an ideal that will bring our whole being into action.

What is the basic concept that Chiropractic was founded upon? I believe from my studies of the Green Books that it is: “That man is spiritual in nature, if you remove nerve interference the body will heal itself naturally without drugs.”

Then what must be Chiropractic’s purpose knowing that the cause of disease is nerve interference? It would be to help as many people as possible reach optimum health by removing nerve interference.

Try to imagine what your community would be like if most of its inhabitants were under Chiropractic care and were in optimum health. That is your goal and to achieve it you must communicate to the public at large what your purpose is and what you envision their health could be like if they were receiving Chiropractic adjustments. Ask these people to imagine optimum health and then ask them to decide to work towards that goal. All else will follow.

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

Author of the Chiropractic book, “The Graduate and the Master” available at:

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Above Down Inside Out

blue sunshine 2a) Innate Intelligence WITHIN the body was an all-powerful force as the health source.

b) This life and health flowing force came from ABOVE DOWN, INSIDE OUT.

c) THE ONLY CAUSE of one single and simple dis-ease was an internal interference between internal Innate and physical function, FROM ABOVE DOWN, INSIDE OUT, between brain and body.

d) THE cause of dis-ease WAS WITHIN the body, instead of OUTSIDE as all methods and practices formerly supposed.

e) The correction of the INTERNAL vertebral subluxation cause was therefore INSIDE the body, and when THAT was realigned there was nothing more to be added or subtracted to get the sick well.

f) THE CURE came from ABOVE DOWN, FROM INSIDE OUT, from the abstract innate WITHIN, flowed FROM INTERNAL TO EXTERNAL, FROM brain TO body, thru its own naturally-constructed brain and nerve communication system, TO sick organs, beyond which no other additions could or would help the sick get well.

This was NEW, UNIQUE, DIFFERENT, A NEW PRINCIPLE, a NEW presentation of cause and cure, attaining a NEW result, therefore transcended ALL former limitations imposed by ALL old orthodox, approved medical theories, treatments, and failures.

By B. J. Palmer

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842

President, EP Management, Inc.


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