Employee Testing Center

26 Jun

pastedGraphicA major problem for many business owners is their inability to get and keep good staff. This of course starts with the hiring process. By providing accurate testing you will have greater insight into the people you want to hire or promote. Lack of testing can (and often does) cost clinics thousands of dollars through bad hires, not to mention the turmoil that some people cause in the workplace.

Simply click on the following link, watch the 3 minute video and then do the test yourself:

The Employee Testing Center delivers three tests:

Personnel Potential Analysis

This test delivers a wealth of vital information about each applicant. A very brief list includes:

• Can he make plans and carry them out?

• Can she reason logically?

• How tactful is he?

• Can she follow directions?

• Is he easily distracted?

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

This test measures problem solving skills and the capacity to learn. Applicants who score low on this test should not be in a position of supervising or managing others.


This measures the person’s ability to understand and follow instructions. Employees who can’t follow exact instructions or company policy are a potential liability to the company. A low Aptitude score also indicates an accident-prone individual.

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