Sugar – Sweet Suicide

23 Jun

angry boyDr. Nancy Appleton ( has just released a DVD entitled “Sweet Suicide” that could be used in your clinic as an introduction to a Workshop on either Weight Loss, Hyperactive Children, Peak Performance, Heart Disease etc.

Dr. Appleton has included some of Doris Rapp’s original film on the effects sugar has on children. When your patients watch “Sweet Suicide” they will understand fully a major reason why they are having  physical problems.

You could build an entire Wellness practice on eliminating sugar from a person’s diet along with Chiropractic care and get tremendous results as well as referrals.

Standard Process has “Daily Food Intake” forms and all the nutrients needed for a Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle that is needed by over 66% of the population today.

Paul Turnbull 727-445-7842 Cell phone: 727-643-8376 website:


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