Public Speaking – B.J. Palmer

03 Jun

Public SpeakingB.J. Palmer was the greatest promoter of Chiropractic and took it from a small class in a small town to the second largest health care profession in the world. He got this recognition by lecturing ceaselessly on the subject of Chiropractic to small, medium, large and to gigantic audiences of thousands of people. It is well worth knowing what he had to say about a subject he was intimately familiar with. The following introduction is from the green book: “The Bigness of the Fellow Within” dated 1949:

“WHAT DOES HE KNOW about how to lecture? Yet he does lecture. Innate told him how.

If this chap (B.J. Palmer) had been obliged to attend a 4-years-of-9-months lecturing school on how to lecture, to secure a how to lecture education, to graduate, secure a diploma on how to lecture, and was compelled to appear before a how to lecture State Board, take an examination, secure a license before he could deliver his first public lecture before an audience—he wouldn’t lecture yet. Yet this man, without one hour’s schooling, has lectured before groups of all kinds—commercial, professional—thousands of times in every state in the United States, Canada, and many foreign countries. One talk, alone, he has given more than 5,000 times before civic bodies everywhere.

When he speaks, does he say something which awakens a greater desire in men to do greater things and to make more of themselves in a greater service to man? If so, then such talks are worth while, whether they are couched in proper or improper language.”

This is a small portion of what B.J. Palmer had to say about Public Speaking in his book “Conflicts Clarify 1951: The Story of Public Speaking”

“Public speaking is standing upon a public platform, before an audience, declaring oneself, trying to convince strangers as one would friends in his home. Public speaking always has one purpose—to convince the OTHER man. Before a Chiropractor gets a patient to realize he must be a patron, he must convince him. If Chiropractor isn’t convinced himself, he will not be able to convince others.

Public speaking is to transplant ideas, individuality, to another man’s mind and body. That there are three or four hundred, or three or four thousand people should not change attitude toward convincing OTHER MAN.

For instance, a patient approaches Chiropractor, stating “I am sick.” Chiropractor will analyze case, find subluxation, tell case about adjustment, and proceed to adjust. He will tell case about Innate, that Innate is law, etc. He will convince patient who will begin taking adjustments; he has his confidence, therefore a friend. In public speaking, only difference is larger audience—he must convince four hundred or more.

We might say two things go to make a public speaker, and they are most important: first, know WHAT to say—have a clear, concise, logically constructed line of thot in YOUR mind; second, present it as YOU see it. Speaker must first convince himself, then his audience.

Public speaking is hard for some, but you all have it in you—you are all artists in public speaking. Some of you have choked it down until it can’t flow; some have it more than others; but all have it. It is a question of unlocking the door and letting it flow.”

B.J. Palmer, D.C. Ph. C


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