It’s the “ity” “bity” things that make the difference!

01 Jun

QuadsMy clients all agree that every clinic needs a constant flow of creative ideas in order to stay ahead of the competition. But, unfortunately, creative people are in short supply.

Over the past twenty years I’ve helped my clients realize that we are all born with the ability to be creative! I’ve also stressed that the creative process is only the beginning of the adventure in expanding their businesses. After creativity, comes activity in implementing procedures that when applied actually work. All delivered with obvious sincerity. In other words you can’t deliver a script to new patients and expect them to jump on board. You have to know the material so well that it becomes the natural thing to say at the exact moment it should be delivered.

“The fact that you have creative talent and ability means nothing if you don’t do something with it and one sure way to ensure wasting your talents is to wait to be discovered.” Michael LeBoeuf, book entitled “Imagineering.”

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers.

At seminars you are told the scripts you need to use and you probably bought notes, lectures and manuals that tell you how to use the script but when you got back to the office and the creative moment passes then these materials go on your shelf, some of them in the original shrink wrap. What a waste! Had your creative moment been developed to the point where you knew how to apply the script you would be more likely to use that script.

That is what my upcoming “Round Table” will be all about; developing your creativity while giving you the time to use your new found skills so that you are ready to implement naturally when you return to your office.

Each attendee will leave the Round Table with the tools necessary to be more spontaneous, innovative, and creative.

My Round Tables are limited to 10 attendees. On sign-up, each attendee will get an electronic version of my book, “The Graduate and The Master” a $29.00 value.

Price of the Round Table is $149.00 per attendee. Please call 1-800-789-9931 to register.

Place: Most of the Round Tables are held in Clearwater, Florida but they can be done elsewhere when enough clients pre-register.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull – Direct Phone: 727-643-8376


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