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Employee Testing Center

pastedGraphicA major problem for many business owners is their inability to get and keep good staff. This of course starts with the hiring process. By providing accurate testing you will have greater insight into the people you want to hire or promote. Lack of testing can (and often does) cost clinics thousands of dollars through bad hires, not to mention the turmoil that some people cause in the workplace.

Simply click on the following link, watch the 3 minute video and then do the test yourself:

The Employee Testing Center delivers three tests:

Personnel Potential Analysis

This test delivers a wealth of vital information about each applicant. A very brief list includes:

• Can he make plans and carry them out?

• Can she reason logically?

• How tactful is he?

• Can she follow directions?

• Is he easily distracted?

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

This test measures problem solving skills and the capacity to learn. Applicants who score low on this test should not be in a position of supervising or managing others.


This measures the person’s ability to understand and follow instructions. Employees who can’t follow exact instructions or company policy are a potential liability to the company. A low Aptitude score also indicates an accident-prone individual.

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842 Cell: (727) 643-8376

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The Graduate and the Master

G & M Stat GraphAfter years of consulting Chiropractors, I decided to write a book of my experiences so that a Graduate from Chiropractic College wouldn’t fall prey to the common mistakes of opening a practice. I knew what mistakes they would make and how to avoid them. Once the book was written I realized that an old time Chiropractor, if he was struggling in practice, would also benefit from knowing the 21 Traits to Becoming a Master, and thus the title of the book. The other point I wanted to ensure was contained in the book was Chiropractic Philosophy because it seemed that over the years education in the History and Philosophy had dropped out from the curriculums or minimized.

T.F. Ratledge, D.C. said it best: “People live by their philosophies of life. Without a philosophy, no one has an adequate basis for arriving at conclusions as to what should be the procedure in the problems of life. The person who understands the philosophy of chiropractic has no limits at all upon what he may do, except in his ability to apply the principles of chiropractic to the circumstances. Without the philosophy of chiropractic, one would not come to the conclusion that vertebral adjustment is necessary. Few chiropractors ever reason out the science of chiropractic unless they get fundamental philosophy in their early study of the subject and, therefore, they cannot apply the principles in practice.”

The Graduate and the Master contains more than enough inspiration to bring you out of whatever is holding you back from succeeding in practice. You can go to my website at and click on the Products tab and then the Books tab for a fuller description and a look at the Table of Contents.

Paul Turnbull Cell: (727) 643-8376 Office: (727) 445-7842


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Sugar – Sweet Suicide

angry boyDr. Nancy Appleton ( has just released a DVD entitled “Sweet Suicide” that could be used in your clinic as an introduction to a Workshop on either Weight Loss, Hyperactive Children, Peak Performance, Heart Disease etc.

Dr. Appleton has included some of Doris Rapp’s original film on the effects sugar has on children. When your patients watch “Sweet Suicide” they will understand fully a major reason why they are having  physical problems.

You could build an entire Wellness practice on eliminating sugar from a person’s diet along with Chiropractic care and get tremendous results as well as referrals.

Standard Process has “Daily Food Intake” forms and all the nutrients needed for a Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle that is needed by over 66% of the population today.

Paul Turnbull 727-445-7842 Cell phone: 727-643-8376 website:


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Paul UploadAsk yourself: Won’t my friends look down on me if I appear to be too ambitious? Do I always have to be thinking about my practice?

Ambition is actively striving toward the attainment of some goal. You must be eager and active in the pursuit of that goal. It is one thing to have ambition, it’s another thing to put yourself down when you see someone else doing better than you are. You should succeed in your own estimation not in the estimation of others. You must push yourself to continue to improve. Ambition is actively striving toward the attainment of some goal.

Ambition may truly be said to be a permanent desire to rise to places of importance through a man’s own acknowledged abilities in an honorable manner and for an honorable purpose. The Chiropractic purpose is to help as many people as possible by educating them on the truth about their health; by ensuring that each person receives the care they need to achieve optimum health; and to encourage them to educate others so that they in turn can receive the care they need to become healthy.

A man is not truly ambitious who merely desires to acquire possessions, place and power, but he is truly ambitious if he desires to acquire these through his own abilities and his own efforts without causing harm to other people in the process. A Chiropractor who is true to his purpose will automatically benefit others. Knowing his purpose and being aware of the results he is capable of achieving will give the Chiropractor the necessary ambition to drive his practice forward.

It is quite true that ambition is to some large extent associated with the acquiring of money and possessions, especially in the beginning of a man’s struggles, but it is also true that the really ambitious man merely thinks of these possessions and this money as a means to an end and not the end itself. Do you know your own Purpose? Does it include helping as many people as possible? Do you want a healthy community?

When a Chiropractor knows his purpose and the results he is capable of achieving this will allow him to acquire all the money and possessions the community is willing to contribute to his purpose. A Chiropractor with unlimited funds and unlimited space would, when following his purpose, help as many people as possible while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle for himself in order to ensure that he can follow and achieve his purpose.

A case in point is the late Jean Paul Getty who at one time was the wealthiest billionaire in the world. He went into business for himself after the stock market crash in 1929 which started the depression. His stated purpose at that time and throughout his business career was:

“My primary concern and main interest lie in making certain that these companies continue to grow so that they can provide more employment and produce more goods and services for the benefit of all. ”

 So at a time when jobs were scarce, Jean Paul Getty took it upon himself to provide as many jobs as possible and to produce more goods and services for the benefit of all! He went on to say:

“Most of my wealth is invested in the businesses I own and control; I make no claims about the extent of my wealth and I really don’t care how rich I am. Today, the companies are thriving, and they’re carrying out ambitious programs for further expansion. ”

A Chiropractor should look at generating wealth so that he can improve the health of the people of his community, state and country. The healthier the population the better the quality and quantity of the products and services produced by those people.

A Chiropractor who refuses to accept money for his services or gives away too much of those services is denying his community his services in an every expanding sphere. Jean Paul Getty stated that:

“The successful businessman knows that wealth which serves no con­structive purpose has no real justification for its existence. It might be said that he views business as a creative art. He uses his money as capital, investing and reinvesting it to create business and jobs and produce goods and services. ”

 “Money can do things for people – and it can also do many things to them. What money does for or to a particular individual is largely dependent on his moral and intellectual standards, his outlooks and his attitudes toward life. ”

“If he’s a businessman, the important consideration is what he does with his money. As I have said earlier, the best use he can make of it is to invest it in enterprises which produce more and better goods and services for more people at lower cost. His aim should be to create and operate businesses which contribute their share to the progressive upward movement of the world’s economy, and which thus work to make life better for all. ”

“Thus my wealth is continuing to perform useful, creative work. These are the worthwhile ends to which wealth is a means, and which give money its real value. I do not measure my success in terms of dollars and cents. I measure it in terms of the jobs and the productivity my labors and my wealth – invested and reinvested as capital in my various business enterprises – have made possible. ”

“I’ve found that, to establish his identity, to feel that he is a fully participating member of society, an individual must have purpose and feel that what he does has some enduring value well beyond the limits of his own personal interests.”

 A Chiropractor in fulfilling his purpose should accept money from his community so that he can further expand his practice and help more people of that community. His first step would be to accept money from those individual patients he is presently servicing.


1. Decide on what your purpose is as a Chiropractor.

2. Write it down.

3. Start telling people your purpose.

4. Lecture to patients.

5. Focus on the good that you do, the people you help.

6. Decide that your purpose should be supported financially.

 7. Go over your billing procedure and find out what percentage of your services you are giving away. If it is more than 5% then you have to seri­ously look at your purpose as a Chiropractor in asking for and receiving money.

8.  Establish firm policy in writing that all services delivered will be paid for in full at the time of the service.

9.  Establish a prepay plan for those patients who accept corrective care and who are committed to getting well. These patients are the only ones who should be given any type of incentive. If for example a patient needs sixty visits of corrective care, you could give them ten visits at no-charge as an incentive for paying in full. They would get 60 visits for the price of 50. Work out your own prepayment plans, put them in writing and stick to them. EP Management, Inc. (800) 789-9931 offers the Two Day Report of FindingsSM which helps Doctors learn how to educate their patients properly so that they agree to receive the care they need. Patients who are educated properly, stay for the care that they need and prepay.

10. Read the book “The Graduate and the Master” available at

11. Read the book: How to be Rich, by J. Paul Getty, H.M.H Publishing Co., Inc.

Paul Turnbull (727) 445-7842 Cell phone: (727) 643-8376 Call for a Purpose evaluation. e-mail:

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with the subtle substance of the soul.

We release the prisoned impulse,

the tiny rivulet of force

that emanates from the spirit

and flows over the nerves and the cells

and stirs them into life.

We deal with the magic power

that transforms common food into living, loving, thinking clay;

that robes the earth with beauty,

and hues and scents the flowers

with the glory of the air.

In the dim, dark, distant long ago,

when the sun first bowed to the morning star,

this power spoke and there was life;

it quickened the slime of the sea

and the dust of the earth

and drove the cell to union

with its fellows in countless living forms.

Through eons of time it finned the fish

and winged the bird

and fanged the beast.

Endlessly it worked,

evolving its forms

until it produced the crowning glory of them all.

With tireless energy

it blows the bubble of each individual life

and then silently, relentlessly dissolves the form,

and absorbs the spirit into itself again.

And yet you ask,

“Can Chiropractic cure appendicitis or the ‘flu’?”

Have you more faith in a knife or a spoonful of medicine

than in the Innate Power

that animates the internal living world?


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Multi-photo - Thank You“The miraculous-inspiration myth would have you believe that creative ideas are flashes of brilliance that suddenly appear out of the blue to a fortunate few. One only has to be in the right place at the right time and presto! Instant creativity and success descends on the lucky recipient. The problem with this myth is if you believe it, nothing will happen. Flashes of brilliance come to those who work for them.

“Any successful artist, writer, inventor or creative professional can attest to the absurdity of waiting to be inspired. First you begin and then the insights appear. Magical insights and solutions to problems are sometimes stumbled on, but they are almost without exception stumbled on by people who happen to be studying the problem.

“There is a term used to describe the behavior of those who waited to be inspired – procrastination.” Michael LeBoeuf, from the book “Imagineering.”

Each client I’ve consulted over the years has been unique. They each lived a different life, had different experiences, losses and wins. The one common thread that went through all of them is that despite or because of their experiences they were willing to help their fellow man to live a better life. They also knew when they couldn’t solve their own practice problems and reached for help from an outside source. Which means they didn’t give up even though they were facing what they thought were insurmountable problems.

Now the desire to seek help can also suffer from procrastination. A Chiropractor can want help but is unwilling to reach out and ask for it. It’s a personal thing. They each have different reasons why they just can’t seem to ask another Chiropractor or consultant to assist them in something they can’t seem to overcome. This of course makes the problem worse because it goes unsolved, collects other problems too it until it all looks like a deep dark hole with the doctor at the bottom of this well looking up.

All it would take is the asking of a question of another, “What can I do to get and keep more new patients?” Getting the correct answer, implementing that answer and observing if the problem resolved. If it did then it would be time to ask another question and another until all your practice problems were resolved to your satisfaction.

I might be that person to ask the question of. Call me at 1-800-789-9931 or my direct line at (727) 445-7842 and find out.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull, Senior Consultant

EP Management, Inc.

E-mail: either or


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chiropractic logoI’ve been sending out a weekly Newsletter from my website at for the past two years and I would like to add you to my list of subscribers and share my wealth of experience. Ideally what I would like you to do is write to me at and give me permission to contact you by phone (leave your phone number) so that I can ask you some questions about your practice and determine if I can help you solve some of the problems you are facing.

If you simply want to talk about Chiropractic philosophy that’s fine too.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull 1-800-789-9931 Direct line (727) 445-7842 Cell: 727-643-8376

Senior Consultant

EP Management, Inc.


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Public Speaking – B.J. Palmer

Public SpeakingB.J. Palmer was the greatest promoter of Chiropractic and took it from a small class in a small town to the second largest health care profession in the world. He got this recognition by lecturing ceaselessly on the subject of Chiropractic to small, medium, large and to gigantic audiences of thousands of people. It is well worth knowing what he had to say about a subject he was intimately familiar with. The following introduction is from the green book: “The Bigness of the Fellow Within” dated 1949:

“WHAT DOES HE KNOW about how to lecture? Yet he does lecture. Innate told him how.

If this chap (B.J. Palmer) had been obliged to attend a 4-years-of-9-months lecturing school on how to lecture, to secure a how to lecture education, to graduate, secure a diploma on how to lecture, and was compelled to appear before a how to lecture State Board, take an examination, secure a license before he could deliver his first public lecture before an audience—he wouldn’t lecture yet. Yet this man, without one hour’s schooling, has lectured before groups of all kinds—commercial, professional—thousands of times in every state in the United States, Canada, and many foreign countries. One talk, alone, he has given more than 5,000 times before civic bodies everywhere.

When he speaks, does he say something which awakens a greater desire in men to do greater things and to make more of themselves in a greater service to man? If so, then such talks are worth while, whether they are couched in proper or improper language.”

This is a small portion of what B.J. Palmer had to say about Public Speaking in his book “Conflicts Clarify 1951: The Story of Public Speaking”

“Public speaking is standing upon a public platform, before an audience, declaring oneself, trying to convince strangers as one would friends in his home. Public speaking always has one purpose—to convince the OTHER man. Before a Chiropractor gets a patient to realize he must be a patron, he must convince him. If Chiropractor isn’t convinced himself, he will not be able to convince others.

Public speaking is to transplant ideas, individuality, to another man’s mind and body. That there are three or four hundred, or three or four thousand people should not change attitude toward convincing OTHER MAN.

For instance, a patient approaches Chiropractor, stating “I am sick.” Chiropractor will analyze case, find subluxation, tell case about adjustment, and proceed to adjust. He will tell case about Innate, that Innate is law, etc. He will convince patient who will begin taking adjustments; he has his confidence, therefore a friend. In public speaking, only difference is larger audience—he must convince four hundred or more.

We might say two things go to make a public speaker, and they are most important: first, know WHAT to say—have a clear, concise, logically constructed line of thot in YOUR mind; second, present it as YOU see it. Speaker must first convince himself, then his audience.

Public speaking is hard for some, but you all have it in you—you are all artists in public speaking. Some of you have choked it down until it can’t flow; some have it more than others; but all have it. It is a question of unlocking the door and letting it flow.”

B.J. Palmer, D.C. Ph. C


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It’s the “ity” “bity” things that make the difference!

QuadsMy clients all agree that every clinic needs a constant flow of creative ideas in order to stay ahead of the competition. But, unfortunately, creative people are in short supply.

Over the past twenty years I’ve helped my clients realize that we are all born with the ability to be creative! I’ve also stressed that the creative process is only the beginning of the adventure in expanding their businesses. After creativity, comes activity in implementing procedures that when applied actually work. All delivered with obvious sincerity. In other words you can’t deliver a script to new patients and expect them to jump on board. You have to know the material so well that it becomes the natural thing to say at the exact moment it should be delivered.

“The fact that you have creative talent and ability means nothing if you don’t do something with it and one sure way to ensure wasting your talents is to wait to be discovered.” Michael LeBoeuf, book entitled “Imagineering.”

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers.

At seminars you are told the scripts you need to use and you probably bought notes, lectures and manuals that tell you how to use the script but when you got back to the office and the creative moment passes then these materials go on your shelf, some of them in the original shrink wrap. What a waste! Had your creative moment been developed to the point where you knew how to apply the script you would be more likely to use that script.

That is what my upcoming “Round Table” will be all about; developing your creativity while giving you the time to use your new found skills so that you are ready to implement naturally when you return to your office.

Each attendee will leave the Round Table with the tools necessary to be more spontaneous, innovative, and creative.

My Round Tables are limited to 10 attendees. On sign-up, each attendee will get an electronic version of my book, “The Graduate and The Master” a $29.00 value.

Price of the Round Table is $149.00 per attendee. Please call 1-800-789-9931 to register.

Place: Most of the Round Tables are held in Clearwater, Florida but they can be done elsewhere when enough clients pre-register.

Yours in Health,

Paul Turnbull – Direct Phone: 727-643-8376


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