You Have Nothing to Fear

15 May

Elbert Hubbard“You have nothing to fear at the hands of a competent Chiropractor. He is kind, gentle, patient, skillful — he is your friend.  Also he is your teacher.  A good Chiropractor not only knows the science of adjustment of the spine, but he knows also life in general, ans so is better fitted to practice the healing art.

“He is always more interested in health than disease.

“He ever keeps in mind the ideal of perfect health and ever works to that end. His plan always seems to be to open up the sluiceway, to clear a path through the woods, to remove the rocks from the channel. He moves towards the definite point of health and happiness. And we are only well and happy and able to think, to work, and to succeed, when the spinal column is able to do its perfect work.”

Elbert Hubbard


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