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Health Care – The Biggest Growth Industry in the Next Decade!

drink-waterGerald Celente of the The Trends Research Institute  recently published an article on future trends. In one fascinating segment called TREND: HEALTHYSELF he indicated:
“With 47 million Americans uninsured and health-care costs still rising, hi-tech diagnostic testing and drug and surgical intervention are unaffordable for many. This, combined with persistent reports of prescription drug risks, will lead to a revolt against our drug-dependent and invasive medical culture.
Look for Americans to start taking much more responsibility for their own health and attaining health benefits through the integration of diverse therapies and better lifestyle choices. Opportunities: Practitioners of the healing arts-such as chiropractors, naturopaths, and anyone who can teach people how to get and stay healthy-will enjoy booming business.
Entrepreneurs who provide simple but effective remedies or high-quality ingredients for these remedies will gain the greatest share of the expanding “Heal Yourself Health Care” market, perhaps the biggest growth industry of the next decade. Even people who have never considered a career in health care might consider this field.”
The boom on nutrition and the demand for it, has already begun. Did you know that Newsweek magazine devoted some 35 pages to nutrition in a feature they did almost a year ago. Did they see it coming? Of course. And we hear it every day from our clients…patients becoming more and more aware of the value of nutrition and the demand increases daily.
Now more than ever is the time for you to get on board!

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Human and Spiritual Phenomena

“Chiropractic science, its art and philosophy, deal with human and spiritual phenomena.”


“There is the moral and religious science of Chiropractic, the moral and religious philosophy of Chiropractic, the moral and religious responsibility attached to the practice of Chiropractic, the moral and religious liberty granted to Chiropractors by the Constitution of the United States; also, the moral theology of Chiropractic, known in the California Medical Act as religion.”


“Morally, Chiropractors are in duty bound to help humanity physically. Religiously, they are required to render spiritual service to God, the Universal Intelligence, by relieving mankind of their fetters, adjusting the tension frame of the nervous system, the physical lines of communication to and from the spirit. By correcting the skeletal frame the spirit is permitted to assume normal control, and produce normal expression.”


D.D. Palmer – 1910


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